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Friday, February 8, 2013

Wipe Out!

Last night was another quiet night in the wormhole. Earlier there had been a bit of a fracas but I was not involved. We had a good pipe too. It dropped out much closer to where I still had ships needing brought in than the last pipe. So I jumped in another shuttle and headed downstream.

I popped out in an empty low-sec system one jump from high-sec. It was the perfect setup. Low-sec access holes have far fewer tourists than high-sec access holes. However, when someone does take an interest in your hole they are quite often far more earnest about it. I didn't wait to draw attention to myself.

At HQ, I grabbed the next ship on my list. This was my trusty Venture. I love the Venture. It is fast. It is nimble. I hauls a goodly about of ore. You can fit it for any sort of mining except ice. It will even do gas. But most of all, it is a blast to fly.

Fitted and loaded, I headed back up the pipe. The only issue being I was naked again. However, the align and warp time is about two seconds and I was very soon back home. What was even better, all the connections were still good. Not a single one of them were end of life or verge of collapse. I decided I had time to go get another industrial necessity: command centers. I headed back down the pipe in my Viator to get a couple since an alliance mate had many on hand (and he was willing to give me them for naught!) but no Lava command centers.

I landed at a major trade hub and bought the last two on hand. Since I had more than a few thousand cubic meters of cargo space remaining, I filled the rest of my hold with fuel blocks for the POS. You can never have too much fuel. On an aside, whoever thought it was cute or business savvy to setup sell orders more then 500 ISK less than the nearest competition, but only in lots of 42 blocks at a time... I HATE YOU.

But I slogged through buying 42 blocks at a time because I'm a cheap bastard. Just as I was finishing, something happened and traffic down our pipe suddenly surged tremendously. It really wasn't pertinent to my plans so I mostly ignored comms. The holes were big and fat and unstressed so no worries. I left dock and headed home.

But there is one thing I realized about a week ago, about the time I understood how deep into Anoikis space I really was, and I assumed other's had realized it as well. Our pipe goes through all manner of wormhole systems. Tonight it terminated through a class 1. Any wormhole denizen should know nothing larger than a battle cruiser can squeeze through that static exit. Guess what someone decided to run down the pipe for this fracas? That's right, a big, fat, juicy battleship. And to make matters worse, it was armor fit with big, fat, MASSIVE plates.

It cleared all the intervening connects, hit the C1 static and bounced. And, the pilot sounded surprised on comms! Really? Really!? WTF over! And to compound the error, said capsuleer then turned around and headed back up the pipe. Oh yeah, you know where this is going don't you? He left one of the connection wormholes on the verge of collapse because his big fat battleship is a MASSIVE pig of a ship. By the time I got to the BM, the pipe had collapsed.

I had no choice but to turn around and dock up in high-sec again. So far this has been a professional recounting. Hopefully there is a lesson in it for anyone thinking about living in a wormhole. It's easy. Check the systems in your pipe. Each BM has the system designation listed in the right-click menu. Look them up. Know your size AND mass limitations. It's not that hard. But on an unprofessional note, there is one personal comment I'd like to make about this whole sad event...
Fly Careful


  1. If there are lots of small sell orders, you can buy them all out at once:

    Imagine that there are single sales for

    If you make one buy order for 10 items at 9.99, you buy them all at once. Of course this case you have to pay broker fee.

    1. Do true! And normally I'd do this. But this chap had it setup so that the new sell order would only generate after the first sell was complete. There was no way to know there was more at the price unless you bought them at that price and waited for the refresh. SO, had I known that would be the case, I would have but in a but order for the amount needed to fill my hold at the price he was selling them. But that's hindsight, which is always 20/20. 8-)

  2. It's possible to encode the class of w-space system in the bookmark text itself, which I think helps with knowing where you're going and what systems you'll pass through.

    for example: wh opw c3a<-c5a out


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