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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Vendetta - It's a Natural Reaction

James 315 - even in Anoikis space I've heard that name. He's the self-proclaimed savior of high-sec, right? I read somewhere he is even running for a CSM position. Well, it takes all types. My only advice on that is he shouldn't attend any panels drunk. No one likes a copy cat.

For laughs, I went over to his web site and read The New Halaima Code of Conduct. I figured since I have a personal code of conduct, I may as well have a look at that one. Perhaps there really is something refreshingly emergent there.

I couldn't even finish it all. What a colossal waste of bad grammar. It was all so "done already" I couldn't believe anyone except a noob would think it was original.

Still, there are a few things in this Code of Conduct that I'd like to comment on. Fortunately, I have a blog of my own on which to do so. James 315, I hope you read this. I've a message for you at the end of it all. So, onto my first comment.

Paying any amount of ISK to you or your cronies would eat into my profit margin unacceptably. I'll mine where I want; when I want. Come bump me if you like. Suicide gank me if you can. It's all part of being a miner. I've been around long enough to remember when auto-destruct had no countdown. I remember when jerks like you would auto-destruct in belts and blow up dozens of mining barges and drones at one time. Now that's a real suicide gank. (FYI, suicide by cop isn't.) I never got caught back then. I doubt you could catch me now.

As for respecting suicide gankers, I only treat with respect those that have earned my respect. Suicide gankers will never do so. I respect capsuleers who do difficult tasks with aplomb. Suicide ganking is neither difficult nor demanding. Aplomb is not possible. Neither is earning my respect.

I also don't talk with suicide gankers. It's like correcting other people's ill behaved children. It's not my responsibility. I have more important things on which to spend my time. If they want attention, they can run for CSM - though there are a plethora of candidates far more qualified.

There is one concept you especially seem weak on understanding James. To earn respect, one must first be worthy of respect. It is sad but true, the originality-challenged often do not understand respect is not an entitlement. So many people feel they are entitled to things which they simply never will live up to. You should re-size your goals because you're in for a very long road of self-disappointment otherwise.

And about lists in drawers, I do not need crayon and paper to keep track of jerks. James 315, you are a jerk. I'd like to hunt you down and kill you, but I'm just to damn busy with really important stuff. However, please cross my path some day. I really don't care that you are hiding in an NPC corporation. I tell you and everyone else right here and now, I will pod you if given the chance - unless I have something more important to do - which is very likely. Nevertheless, I, Mabrick, declare vendetta on James 315 for the offense of banal discourse.

You are the only exception to my personal code of conduct against podding James 315. You can feel all special about that if you like. It only speaks to your level of banality. Nothing irritates me more than wasted words and you have wasted far to many on meaningless blather. Vendetta is your punishment for publishing trite. Now don't get me wrong. I really won't spend time hunting you, harassing you, or extorting you. I won't go out of my way to find you - you're just not worth it. I'll just kill you if I see you and then I'll pod you. 

I encourage anyone else reading this who feels the urge to declare vendetta as well. If you see this self-appointed cretin of high-sec, shoot him. It's not personal, it's just a natural reaction to imbecilic behavior.  Vendetta will allow you to cleanse yourself of it. But by all means, do it only in your spare time. I think we've wasted enough time on this already.

Fly Careful

PS: If any of these words are too big for you James, try this link.


  1. What I don't like about these people is they claim to be "The High Sec candidate." I'm sure they'll pick up a lot of votes from casual carebear players who don't read past the byline.

    Dishonest. But also very Eve.

  2. James 315 is not in a NPC corp.

    1. "I really don't care that you are hiding in an NPC corporation."

      Clarification - if the word "that" confuses you, please feel free to substitute the word "if." When writing from the personal point of view, it is not unheard of for the writer to write as if a possible future act has already happened. To the writer, it seems a forgone conclusion. So present tense is used to convey certainty. You can tell the difference by the context of the paragraph. If the rest of the paragraph is future tense, the one sentence written in present is a statement of certainty the event will happen. I think he will go to an NPC corp if enough people start shooting at him. It's inevitable. That's where gankers (as an aside, notice how there is only one letter difference there from wankers - interesting...) go to hide. However, since you didn't leave a name I'm assuming you are one of his sycophants and it does not surprise me you don't know this.

  3. Well said Mabrick.


  4. Just another example of a skin bag with a heartbeat that Eve is so deft at attracting. A poster boy for why CCP's little sociology ant farm has pretty much peaked in its ability to attract more of the millions and millions of fairly normal people with adjusted mentalities and no chip on their shoulder. L'il James' interview on Crossing Zebras was pretty graphic evidence on just how clueless he really is. Maybe he's trying to be a clever version of Mittens but completely lacking in any kind of talent.

  5. Mabrick.....bra-fricking-vo.

    James reminds me of the 13 year old who cant figure out how to PVP but figured out that he can gank and *tee hee*....He can do it!. So he along with Greedy Goblin are showing us how its done.

    By shooting mining barges....

    Walking into a retirement home with a hammer and beating the elderly doesn't make you a warrior son....

    I do enjoy how he only plays in high sec...says it all right there.

  6. I think you should just warn anyone who lives in highsec that if they try to kill James 315 he gets kill rights on them which he can give away/sell for 30days or something. Everyone probably knows this but... he certainly likes exploiting certain mechanics of the game.

    1. In tonight's news, Bobbins has declared that the use of kill rights is now an exploit! More at 11.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I agree, no idiot claiming that he is the "savior" of anything is worthy of my respect, nor should he worthy of yours. you sir, are a person i respect for your code of conduct, and for your willingness to write interesting things for others to read.

  9. I wouldn't get too put off by James 315 Mabrick. His organization is providing some great content if you read his blog. He's just some guy that's putting a roleplaying dress around the career of suicide ganking, its certainly nothing more than that.

    Taking James's comments about the game and what he wants to do with it is not something we're supposed to be taking as serious, especially since if it comes to fruition (which it won't because it flys in the face of game balance) it will kill the very play style he's engaging in and making so interesting.

    Before James 315 I couldn't care less about suicide ganking, it was completely uninteresting. After James 315 its very interesting episodic content even for people who aren't directly participating in it.

    James 315 is a caricature of an evil mustachioed villan wrapped in religious zealotry. And the bottom line is that he's providing interesting game content for everyone, we need more of that in the game.

  10. Well said, kind sir. James is an idiot.

  11. It's the attempted rationalization that makes my skin crawl... that or the appearance of a total lack of empathy.

    One poster did make me smile though. The quotation was something along the lines of "like the sociopath blaming society for the problem".

  12. Personally I've been unable to decide if the whole thing is an elaborate troll couched in antagonistic RP terms designed to highlight the authors issues with hi-sec, if the capsuleer is a content generating RP arse, or if the player is an arse in real life. I hope the most former because unlike Mabrick and however much I may disagree with the New Order I see the glimmerings of method in the madness, of intelligence in the inanity.

    He has certainly convinced me of the need to somehow nerf disposable corps and gank alts! ;)

    Then again, maybe it's an elaborate device to get a couple of free trips to Iceland. People will follow anything.

    1. Hi Cheradenine. I'd just like to reassure you that your first possibility is by far the closest to the truth.

  13. Mabrick,

    Thanks for bringing information about James 315 and the New Order of Highsec to your blog. Its good for it to appear in as many places as possible no matter how obscure or how few readers a particular site has.

    You did leave out a few things that might be of interest to your reader.

    The New Halaima Code of Conduct and the stories of the adventures of the Agents and Knights of the New Order can be found at along with information about James 315's CSM candidacy. He writes about it there instead of in the Eve-O forum because he has a much higher number of readers then the CSM forum sees.

    The Code itself applies throughout highsec but not in worm hole space. Therefore, you are unlikely to run into James 315 in whichever hole you have gone to. So if you mean you will mine where you want, when you want, in a wormhole, you will be unmolested by the New Order. Highsec of course is a different matter. But be warned. James flies an invincible Stabber Fleet Issue so any attempt to gank him will be unsuccessful as have all past attempts. An earlier poster was right though, it will generate a kill right. These have been relentlessly activated by New Order Agents and most attempted ganks have been shortly followed by an additional ship loss for the attemptee.

    I realize you are speaking for yourself and don't intend to start a resistance movement per se. This is wise as each previous attempt, and there have been several, have been spectacular failures. From the "Proveldariat" to the "Collective Front" each attempt has ended with either the public surrender or just plain disappearance of its leaders (and in a recent case, an entire corp disbanding). I know you say you cannot be bothered to actually do anything about it but if you were interested in shooting at James I have heard that Kamio or Halaima are an excellent place to start looking. Just sayin'

    As of today, 73 members of the New Order reside in the CODE. alliance. A quick look at the CODE. Eve Kill board shows 1668 ships and capsules killed for a total of 178 billion ISK damage. In February. So far. Not surprisingly this kind of carnage has attracted numerous war decs. Total war dec losses for CODE., zero. So you can put that NPC corporation lie to bed. The New Order isn't hiding from anyone.

    We in the New Order are fighting to save highsec. To us, this means stopping the relentless nerfing of possible danger that has led to the botting and afking so prevalent today. Things like the Exhumer EHP buff, the new ore hold capacities, CRIMEWATCH II have all led to players believing they could take their 200 million ISK ship to an ice field or asteroid belt, turn on their lasers, and then go do the laundry. And then expect to return in a half hour to not only find their ship intact, but themselves richer by a cargo hold of ice or ore. This is what they think Eve is.

    Well, not while we are around.

    315 4 CSM8

    Highsec is worth fighting for.

    Bing Bangboom
    Agent of the New Order of Highsec
    Belligerent Undesirable

  14. Bing Bangboom left a rather lengthy defense of James 315 and his followers which might have appeared here if I really gave a rat's ass about what he had to say.

  15. Well, at least I know what kind of blog you run. James 315 doesn't censor his commenters. All your talk of having a Code and being ethical. And none of it can stand any criticism. You and I are then not deceived about you and your Code.

    You really believe the quality of my comments doesn't rise to the level of your syncophants? Wouldn't have generated a dozen more comments, most of them on your side? You should add another requirement for your posters, "Don't write anything that I can't stand to have others read because it makes me look bad".

    Your blog, your rules, your "Code".

    Heh heh... code.


  16. Bing Bangboom just sent a short rant about my not posting his proselytizing first comment. I still don't give a rat's ass.

  17. Hello, me again.

    Since you have decided to not allow me to comment here I have reposted my comments on where they will be seen by a much wider population than on your blog. In fact, most of the commenters who's posts you did allow today came here because your blog was mentioned on today. Not favorably mentioned.

    So jump on over and see for yourself. Its a bit buried but its in the comments of James' post "The New CSM, Part 1".

    I know, you don't give a rat's ass. But you do, don't you? Else why the ranting blog posting you put up about us?

    Yeah, you mad.


  18. Mabrick, I've followed your blog for like 8 months now, since I started playing EVE, and I always thought you were a balanced individual who was willing to stand up to people you didn't agree with without providing tears in the process (see The Mittani earlier last year). You seem to have forgotten that in this post, though; this is pretty much exactly the kind of crying that James and the New Order elicit from every afk miner they gank.

    I'm also slightly disappointed that you feel the need to censor Bing Bangboom when he tries to present the other side of the argument. I had the impression that you liked to foster discussion here, but it seems that I was mistaken in that as well.

    Overall, this was not a very good post.

    1. I actually respect The Mittani and Goonswarm even though we disagree on just about everything. Though they may gank, they are in the end a fairly class act. And frankly, they were original - they started the emergent game play that James 315 now tries to claim... well, them and Helicity Boson. Perhaps James is a Grima Wormtongue for Goonswarm or Helicity, but I rather doubt it.

      And as for "fair and balanced," I'll leave that up to that particular cable news network - you know the one I mean. But since you actually took the time and strummed up the virve to say something, I'll release Bing Bangboom's comments from moderation. You see, I didn't delete them. I just didn't give a rat's ass, and I still don't. But since you sorta-kinda asked, you can read them now. It's nothing earth shattering. He insults me and then sings the virtues of James 315 and their movement. It just more banality but if that's what you want who am I to say no?

    2. Since you've released my comments I will take back my negative comments about how you run your blog. I'm glad to see you are willing to consider the other side. Discussion of the New Order tends to light up local chat, the Eve-O forums and could do so here although I suppose you think that you get plenty of visitors and commentary without it.

      I do stand by my remarks concerning your vendetta and your opinion of James 315 and the New Order. I am sure you are unaware of it but you're posting was basically a repeat of many we've seen since we emerged a few months ago. But if you talk about the New Order, you get New Order attention to your writings and of course, counter commentary.

      In the end, you do both of us a favor. You write about an interesting subject for your viewers and more players become aware of and go visit and see for themselves.

      Again, thanks for letting me comment on your blog.

      315 4 CSM8


    3. LOL as it turns out Mabrick really is a care bear after all. He posses all the main traits: like becoming really emotional when it comes to stories of miners killed, losing all his coolness and rationality and starting to insult when getting into a dispute with a so called pirate or ganker... He even shares with us in one of his latest posts the story of his first trip to 0.0?! wtf? after 4 years??

      And you Kainotomiu Ronuken, silly you, here you are thinking he was just acting the part. hahaha

  19. Well said sir and kudos to you.
    One of my favourite topics is the whinings of these pathetic little life forms, seeing you give little Jamesy boy the middle finger has brightened my day no end.
    The main thing these kids fail to discern is the obvious fact that CCP is not EVER going to make it easier for them to gank in high sec, as CCP are not stupid enough to allow the wants of a few teenagers to upset the very large mature player base who call high sec home.
    Indeed, the fact that CCP have recently made changes to make high sec ganking more difficult seems to have eluded the secondary school playground set.
    However, I would love to see James elected to CSM, seeing the little turd tilt against windmills for a year might be fun ...

  20. I always considered James315 one of the many griefers who spin elaborate tales to justify why they are not out with us where the real fights are. While I have nothing but uncaring contempt for this sort of playstyle, I always granted him that he was prepared to spend a lot of time and - admittedly very eloquent - words to justify himself and the existence of his squad of schoolyard menaces.

    Where it really became weird was his interview on Crossing Zebras. I have previously heard two interviews with Paul Clavet. A - by now - inactive ninja griefer of fame. That man at least managed to make a separation between his in-game persona and his real-life self. James315 takes it a step further and either refuses or is unable to make that distinction, even now that he is running for CSM.

    I consider it very likely that he will actually gain a seat on CSM8. If he does, he will either drop his mask and finally show that he can be a sane person, or he will be outed for all time as a crackpot if he doesn't.

    There is a difference between being a murderous sick bastard in an online game where that is part of the narrative, and actually thinking that such attitudes are valuable and acceptable IRL.

    There are people who steadfastly defend him saying he is only trolling and RPing. I sincerely hope so, because if he isn't, he is the kind of person who makes the most sick and depraved decadence of the somethingawful/goonswarm community look like family entertainment.

    That being said, I think you should not care about him in-game Mabrick. If you want to wage that war, you would have a life-long mission because the number of highsec griefers is legion. James315 is just the most outspoken of them now that Paul Clavet is gone.

    But who cares for what happens highsec anyway?

  21. I hate to say it Mabrick but I feel like you've fallen for James's trap.

    In many ways I think his 'code' is 80% troll, 10% role play and 10% gameplay.

    Most of it consists of "If we don't like you were going to gank you and you should THANK us for that because we're so much better than you" - the rules themselves are obviously vague so that they can be bent and broke at will and give the victim little or no recourse if they attempted to use the code as defense (ie, how much is 'sufficiant' ore?)

    I find myself a little ambivalent with James 315 and his 'new order' - I find I tend to agree with some of his ideals (ie reduce AFK mining, increase value of low & null, increase income from 'active' sources while reducing passive income to increase conflict) while at the same time abhoring his methods (ie nerf highsec into a useless wasteland, make mining something only a lepper with aids would want to be seen doing, promote himself and his cause the 'saviour of highsec' and fighting against the 'themepark' when there is zero evidence to support the game is moving in this direction)

    In many ways I think that James is going to be a 'bad' Mittens - he loves the bad guy persona and loves the attention he gets from it, but its only for show to draw attention to himself - as long as the ends justify the means (and others can at least water down some of his ideas until they are useful) then I can see him being at least an 'interesting' member of CSM8.

    1. "I hate to say it Mabrick but I feel like you've fallen for James's trap."

      *cheesy grin*

    2. The thing is, to be a valuable CSM member you have to check your weird personal in-game quirks at the door. James either doesn't get that or refuses to openly acknowledge it.

      All the trolling and griefing is fair enough in-game, but on the CSM there should be people who mean serious business, not some attention-grabbing narcissistic clown.

      His whole platform is completely unrealistic and - if it were implemented, which it wont - potentially very destructive to the game as a whole as I have outlined in a post of my own on the subject.

  22. If James 315 is content to use proxies to make his arguments, I'm content to ignore him.

  23. Were you able to find any of their proposals for how to - ah - adjust hisec? The last time I went to their site, my blood pressure spiked rather badly, and my doctor's warned me to be careful about stuff like that.

    1. No, I didn't get that far myself. Maybe if they moved all that stuff to the front of the post and pared out all that other junk...

    2. James' CSM Platform is at:

      His justification for his platform goals and methods is:

      His views on how his CSM platform would effect new players:

      and finally, so far, his views on the role of the CSM:

      Hope your readers find this information useful.

      Bing Bangboom

  24. Listen to his interview on Crossing Zebra's.
    The man is a loon.

    Oh, and supposedly ex-goon.
    I expect he is still goon, and will most definitely get a seat of the 10-12 that null will place on this CSM, with the help of the HBC plant Dolan and the PL plant Fozzie.

  25. "Suicide ganking is neither difficult nor demanding."

    If you haven't tried it, you're speaking from a position of ignorance. I encourage Mabrick to stop spewing wasted words and meaningless blather.

    1. If you are going to sling mud, have the courage to use your real name. It is neither difficult nor demanding to hide behind a curtain of anonymity. When I post, I proudly use my name so boobs like you can sling mud at me. But like the typical suicide ganker, you have no balls.

  26. You guys do not understand.

    People like James and his posse are like Lord Voldamort in Harry Potter.

    The more you talk about them and funnel your hate, the more power they have.

    What if no one gave them chat logs? What if folks refused to get in TS3 with them so they would record? What if folks just left whatever area they were in? What if folks just ignored them and if they were ganked kept silent and moved elsewhere?

    Without a constant suppy of attention and tears to post up in the blogs and forums, the majority of the organization would shrivel into a footnote in Eve history.


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