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Monday, February 4, 2013

Stop being a carebear?

(Graphic contributed by Pell Helix)
Saturday I finally got back into wormhole space. Damn it felt good to be back in a hole. I've got no industry setup yet, but all good things in due time.

The action never ends in this hole as I learned waiting for a safe pipe in which to travel upstream. This phase of my capsuleer life will certainly keep me on my toes.

First, we had some insane wormholers come through our static with some T1 ships and just hang about 150 km above it. It was... weird. It wasn't like they were bait. The alliance had things too well scouted. So someone engaged them. They went running through the static, tails stowed between their ion exhausts.

That operation was followed by a hole closing party. There was a K162 from a C4 that needed to go away. The fleet had it collapsed within minutes. Once our hole was secure, the party started.

And as much fun as this was, I really don't think I'll ever stop being a carebear... but that doesn't mean I always have to act like one does it? And I must say, dangerous space is the place for that sort of behavior. Time will tell.

Fly Careful


  1. There is often a pattern of carebear > carebear with teeth > pvper > bitter vet that a lot of people follow.

  2. For clarification, that static was our home system. We don't have a large gang of T3 so small fast frig can usually do the trick :)

  3. Hey Mabrick. How did you get the letters to appear by the targets? I've read about some kind of tagging like that used in Incursions. Thanks!

    1. Well, actually that wasn't me but our FC. Just want to be upfront on that. As for how it's done, I'm going to call on our resident blogging expert for that answer. None other than Jester! His guide is far better than I could write (in fact, it's his guide I've always followed. *wink*)

      As for how to get the tag there in the first place just remember - right click is your friend.

  4. Thanks, Mabrick. I thought that was what I was viewing. Didn't know the letters show up on the main screen as well. Thought they were only visible on the overview. Fly well.


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