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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Using D-scan to Avoid Detection

As promised in Monday's post, here is a short video that explains how to locate hostile ships without using Combat Scanner Probes. There are three things I would like you to think about as you watch this video.
  1. This video is in real time. The text goes by somewhat fast, but I want you to understand how long it really takes to track someone down - and as a caveat thought to ponder - I am not an expert at this... yet.
  2. It took me under two (2) minutes to locate the hostile fleet and warp to their location - including the annoying WH bug with the system map. Including the time to isolate the planet they were at and warp to a nearby safe, it would have been about 90 seconds!
  3. Penny Ibramavic is MUCH, MUCH better at this than I am and far more dangerous.
So, without further verbiage, here's how you do it.

Fly Careful


  1. In order to eliminate the intermediary step of converting AU to km (or if there are two or more anomalies at the same distance away), just use the directional part of dscan within the system map itself. Since the solar system map is centered on your ship every time you open it, simply rotate the map until the green beacon icon for the anomaly you're trying to scan is lined up and do a 15- or 5-degree scan. I find this route much quicker to check multiple areas of the system.

    1. I actually consider this a more advanced version of what I did here. With the "this anom" or "that anom" choice in this instance It was just as fast to split the distance difference and eliminate one. This method is slower the more anoms you have to eliminate. I did, in fact, do exactly as you suggested to find them in an earlier anomaly. However, I botched that attempt and got the wrong anomaly the first time so did not make a training video out of it. *LOL* Maybe next time I will not botch the scan down and can make a sister video to this one. Thanks for bringing this up!

  2. Well as ever in eve you never stop learning, i didnt know you can get around the map bug with f10 f10, thanks mabrick :)

    The range thing has its obvious advantages, if you try to find a pos/ship at moons and there are many moons and the planet system is small, its easier to sort with range.
    But since retribution you can use the track with dscan and overview setup to scan moons even faster.

    I love all this scanning :) its like a treasure hunt!

  3. A free tip; did you know you can enable the tactical overview in map view mabrick and get au distances from center of your ship?

    1. No! For real? Hot damn, imma gonna try that tonight. Thanks!


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