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Monday, January 21, 2013

Space Trucking

Yesterday I spent more time in my pod than I have ever logged in a single day. It was grueling. It was butt numbing. Not a single ship was exploded either, though one tried. Why did I numb my butt you ask? Because you just have to do some things as no one will do them for you - or they will do you for them if you catch my drift. Still confused? Here's a video I hope explains.

Space Trucking performed by Deep Purple

So why you now ask? Because we have moved out. Yeah, you read the right. HBHI has moved out of our C3. PI is shut down. Our ships are flown out. We collapsed one Static and took the next to 50%. The POS is packed up and hauled away. We are gone and a For Sale sign hung on the U210.

I can hear the anguished cries of, "Why!?" vibrating through local as I sit at my current R&R spot. It's a lovely station built just for miners. It over looks a beautiful storm planet. Here's a picture of it. It's quite relaxing.

I still haven't answered the why have I? Well, you'll just have to wait for that. However, I'll give you a hint because I'm not a callous pirate. Perhaps this bone will mollify you while I take some much needed rest in high-sec.

Fly Careful


  1. Sorry to see the end of your wh adventures for now. I'm sure high sec will be interesting.

  2. WTF! Sad to see the end of that, looking forward to what happens next. If you hit your old hi sec stomping grounds then drop by and say hello.

  3. hmm so wh industry+pvp life is not viable? Is it mainly due to logi problem? Really hope you can give out another try man.

  4. Sorry to see you go. Rest up and give it another try. I loved the SB videos.

  5. I once tryed to engage a Trucking Fleet, in low-sec. unfortunately, they had security warp in and take care of me pretty easilly


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