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Saturday, January 26, 2013

My question is answered!

Yesterday I expressed dismay that Goonswarm negotiated their way out of a spat with TEST. It just didn't seem very Goonswarm to me. It seemed like something I am very familiar with: the carebear attitude. I wondered what the hell had happened to Goonswarm. Today I got my answer.

NOTHING happened to Goonswarm. 
THIS is what I think about when I think of Goonswarm. These ships are most definitely in harms way. This is what ships are built to do.

At 4:30 AM Janury 27, 2013 New Eden Central time this is what New Eden looked like.

As I type this my friend in FA is in his battle Maelstrom along with a hundred other Fatal Ascension pilots on their way to bolster Goonswarm. He was told by his FC that CFC is opposed by PL, Black Legion, TEST (they sent 400 ships I was told,) N3 and what's left of -A-. God's speed my friend. I'm glad you got insurance and into a combat clone before you left.

This fight is New Eden wide. I've been warned to stay out of industrials as even neutrals are being scanned and targeted if they might be running ships and ammo. That big red splat is Poinen. According to Dotlan 30,000 ships have been lost there in the last 24 hours.  That's a high-sec system. That's the scope of this battle.

Though I've no dog in this fight, I wish all participants the funnest of times. You are part of EVE History tonight. Capsuleers will talk about this day for years to come. Remember that as you DIAF gloriously.

UPDATE 06:44 EVE time: From my friend in FA - "The Mittani just posted that the FC made a mistake and then made it worse repeatedly. He lost A titan, and a couple of supers and dreads himself - the FC did. The Mittani banned him from flying caps forevermore." This makes me very, very sad - the banning, not the compounded mistake.

Fly Careful


  1. Mab, hate to break it to you, but Poinen often has RvB going at it (and other nearby systems for that matter). Looks like it's them going hammer and tongs.

    Which is not to say there haven't been other fights going on though.

    1. Yeah, they were having an FFA. It's all good.

  2. Goonswarm never negotiated their way out of a spat with the HBC. They managed to discredit Montolio and were lucky enough that PL and Shadoo didn't want to join in on an HBC sov war versus Goons. Effectively, we just reset standings with each other and this combat now is just people from both sides having fun shooting the new targets. We're still not allowed to shoot any Goon structures, and probably won't be for a long time.

  3. Pretty funny, though - confusing RvB and Goonswarm.

    Guess it really tells you which one is a *real* PVP alliance, and which one has now become a carebear (moon) mining alliance.


  4. You're confusing two different things here. The capital brawl with Goonswarm happened in Asakai, a low sec system.

    Poinen is where RvB are having a massive FFA battle royale.

    1. Uh, yeah, I know. See response to first comment. As I said, it's all good.


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