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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Is there a Message between the Lines?

It is just me, or did CCP Unifex open-hand slap The Mittani?
"During December we had an incredibly productive summit with the CSM. Thankfully, we have not had too many dramas during 2012 and so our time has been spent on constructive evolution of the CCP / CSM relationship rather than damage control. I feel that we are really getting to grips with what the CSM as a stakeholder really means and that through the lessons of 2012 the CSM really is adding a huge amount of value to what we are doing at CCP."
I mean, I don't want to put words into Mr. Lander's mouth, but comments like "not had too many dramas" and "so our time has been spent on constructive evolution" looks like it refers to the one CSM drama of 2012 of which I am aware. That is the infamous Mittani Fanfest incident. That being the only incident I know about, the entire paragraph seems to contrast the before-that-incident environment with the after-that-incident environment. As there was only one change to the CSM as a result, is it not logical to conclude the environment improved because of that one change?

The Dev blog goes on to say that they are "getting to grips with what the CSM as a stakeholder really means." This seems to imply previous CSMs didn't understand what they were supposed to be doing. As pointed out before, if the only change between then and now is the leaership, one might conclude a leadership problem was the cause of the CSM not "getting to grips" in the first place. If that's the implication, it's ugly stuff for sure.

CCP Unifex ends this paragraph with, "through the lessons of 2012 the CSM really is adding a huge amount of value." Does he mean to imply the CSM before these lessons did not? There are a lot of the same CSM members on the team still. Why didn't they figure this out before and, if they were in the process of figuring it out, why is it noteworthy now?

It's possible this one paragraph says a lot more than the 82 words printed. It certainly raises more questions with me than it provides reassurances. The Executive producer of EVE Online seems to have more to say than political correctness allows. I could also be completely out to lunch. Does anyone else see this message between the lines?

Fly Careful


  1. I'm not sure about that interpretation. I'll have to go back and read it again (once I've finished with the first pass, so probably some time in February).

    I took it as a reference to events echoing from the 2011 Summer of Incarnage (Unifex's "drama"), which led to the entire culture-shift and direction change which resulted in a development cycle focused on "constructive evolution". CSM6 and The Mittani were primarily focused on "damage control" as a result of the mismanagement of Incarna, rather than being able to deal with more progressive issues.

    Personally, I don't think Unifex was referring to the Fanfest incident at all, but I can see where it might be open to that interpretation.

    Seismic Stan

    1. Ha ha posted the same reply at the same moment!

    2. I just read your three articles on skinny. It is very clear now how mistaken I was. Thanks!

      For anyone else stumbling onto this comment, read this:

  2. To be honest looks to me more like he's referring to Monoclegate and the Summer of Rage which put the CSM and CCP into full damage control in 2011.

    Of course Mittani did a fair amount there to turn the mild annoyance of something you don't want being overpriced into A SLAP IN THE FACE (tm) to all True Eve Loyal Players (tm).

  3. Echoing the others, I read that as not having to do damage control from Incarnage and MonocleGate.

  4. I would be utterly shocked if that statement by Unifex was intended, in any way, to be a slap on The Mittani. It is entirely unlike the man. Sorry, you're way off the mark here.

  5. Yeah I think all he is saying is that there hasn't been any major player rages to qwell and so they've been busy getting to work rather than fighting fires.

    Unfortunately the fires are what makes EVE look interesting to the wider gaming world but while general fixing of things is boring its also nessesary for the future growth.

    I think the next CSM will need to light a few more fires up CCP's collective arse to inject some passion back into the game as the summit notes pretty much spell out that CCP aren't really sure of what to do anymore because they haven't got any fires to put out.

  6. Yup. You're reading WAAAAYYYY too much into this. Unifex was clearly speaking of the summer of rage when he speaks of past dramas. I doubt it ever occurred to him to link the CSM to that.

  7. I am honestly glad that I am too paranoid and am reading too much into the paragraph. This has been a hell of a vouching party for CCP Unifex. I shall not doubt him again. It is also quite a relief to see such well known and respected names within the community jump to his defense, not that he needed defending it turns out. This is much different than 18 months ago. The community has come full circle it seems. This is as it should be. It is most welcomed. Thanks everyone!


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