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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How to DIAF

This is a tutorial post on how to die in a fire. Or, as it applies to this carebear, how to do it and fail.

Life in the wormhole has been tough for the past two weeks. It began on January 2nd unbeknownst to me or anyone in HBHI.
That day a destroyer, cruiser and battleship were destroyed in our hole. They did not belong to HBHI. I didn't really pay them any attention. This happens all the time in WH space. That was a mistake.

Had I taken the time to investigate, I would have discovered the aggressing pilots are members of the WH mercenary alliance Surely You're Joking [HAHA.] Had I discovered that fact, I would have worried much, much sooner. These folks are good. I've learned in the two weeks since these kills they are VERY good.

In the beginning, there was random harassment. If we left the POS alone, we became a target. I lost a Talos in this way. We thought we had one of them pointed. It turns out they had us just where they wanted us. It was all over when the three Loki's uncloaked.

After a few days of this, they escalated. Warp disruption bubbles went up on all our POCOs and other warp-in locations: six large bubbles and a plethora of small and medium bubbles. We spent an evening last week taking the bubbles out with our carrier and T3s flying cover. Our adversaries did not make an appearance. I don't blame them.

What they did do after we destroyed the bubbles was attack our POCOs directly. They put one into reinforced in the middle of the night. When it came out of reinforced, most of the corp was logged in and willing. The timer came and went and the POCO was not assaulted. They waited until most of our east coast members had to go to bed because RL > EVE. Then they arrived in three Oracles to shoot the POCO.

Well, that's hitting an industrialist where they live. I couldn't just let it go unchallenged could I? I talked Tur into doing something rash, not that it was all that hard to do. Some of you who've been reading this blog awhile may remember my first and only assault frigate purchase, June Bug. Well, I brought her into the hole with me and re-purposed her. As the old saying goes, "a ship is safe in port, but that's not why ships are built."  I decided it was time to let her do what she was made to do.

Here is where the lesson starts. I now have a list of what you DON'T do in a situation like this.
  1. DON'T forget to fleet warp.
  2. DON'T try and target your primary before warp ends.
  3. DON'T forget to launch drones.
  4. DON'T forget to verify you are shooting at the correct target (see #2.)
It is obvious I am a rank amateur at this sort of thing. The most embarrassing thing I discovered when reviewing my ship's records is I messed up the targeting of the Talos. I was instead shooting at an Oracle completely out of range - AND DIDN'T REALIZE IT. Derp.

It was a total noob fail. I don't care. It's not something I've invested time learning so I'm not ashamed to be a noob at it and make noob mistakes. What I do care about is learning something. Here is what I learned.
  1. PvP isn't as bad as you think it will be.
  2. Remaining calm is the first step to success.
  3. With a little forethought about the opponent's weapon fit, you can figure out where the best warp in is for an immediate engagement. I practically landed on the Talos when warping to 10km on the POCO because the Talos WAS blaster fit.
  4. Speed tanking works - until they get a web on you.
  5. And last but not least, you will learn nothing by not trying.
I've one regret. It's too bad I was spewing my blaster ammo into empty space. I'd have liked to see how much damage they could have inflicted on the Talos during the short time I was orbiting it. Anyway, just so there is no misunderstanding of this event, I captured it for posterity's sake. You can see all my noob mistakes for yourself. I present to you, How to Die in a Fire, by Mabrick. Be sure to switch to full HD for best lulz. Enjoy!

Fly Careful


  1. Kudos to you guys to bringing the fight anyhow. That should get you a bit of love from the wormhole crowd. Time for a fight wing on the industry corp!

    1. They do what they do to protect their space, and play the game the way they want. Not for approval from the 'wormhole crowd'.

    2. Well, actually, you are both right. I did it to both protect our way of life and to show I deserve that way of life. Had I sat there and done nothing, I might as well go back to hi-sec.

  2. Uh... now I gotta speak up. I was with Mab... and due to poor judgment, too much coffee (and gremlins… yes, gremlins…), I too DIAFed warping in behind my corpmate and friend just in time to watch the Sabre blow a bubble as Mab assploded... unlike Mab I actually DID make to fire upon the target I had chosen to feel my wrath... I just din't last long enough for my Wrath to amount to much... ‘twas FUN though!!

    As for not lookin for approval from the 'wormhole crowd'… so Tiye... No, that was not the REASON we Leroyed in... (especially this time as Mab and I tied on the hachimaki headband with the HBHI logo in red, drank the ritualistic shot of 150 y.o. Ruum, and bowed east for reasons we know not... keeping in mind "east" in space is a slippery concept at best.. add a too tight headband an’ a shot of 200 proof Ruum... and... well, you get the picture...) … what was I saying?

    Oh yea... but as we ARE in the 'wormhole crowd', so yea... approval and kudos from our Brethren, and Sistren few though they be, in Holes mean quite a lot to us... =]

  3. Lol, gf man :) You know what, you never learn if you dont try.
    Did you see how much time you had to adjust the strategy? You could have even canceled warp i guess, when the no fleet warp was called on comms. And then later you could have locked up the other guys, ecm them. Or just run away...
    Also what dps do you do? If i fit myself an oracle i have about 30k ehp easy. So even if do 300dps you need to survive some 2mins to kill me.

    And about the wh crowd stuff. I consider Mar& company wh crowd already, they sure dont need approval.

  4. This comment was sent to me via EVE mail as the post did not want to use his RL account to post - I certainly don't blame him. He was kind enough to consent yo my posting for him. Here are the comments of Tas Nok:


    I had a few thoughts about that engagement once I saw the video, and these all stem from living in a WH full time since they were released, (I recently left, due to RL keeping me away from the game)

    1. never let them see you comming, even before you warped, they prob had a cloaky scout on your tower watching, so never warp in directly.
    2. in WH space bombers are your friend, I have seen and have personally chased off much larger fleets with a series of bombing runs, 2-3. bombers prefered, do NOT stick around to use torps, launch bomb, warp. repeat asap from another direction (this requires some patience in set-up)
    4. you were corrct in your review, the talos should have been primary but you accidentally targeted the oracle, mistakes happen, also clearing up your overview with a HOSTILES ONLY tab wouldn't hurt
    5. however, once the Sabre arrived, he should have been your new primary, I'd be willing to bet he got the final blow on your ship and pod
    6. lastly I would de-clutter your desktop a bit, the less you have to focus on the better focused you will be on the bits that matter, in this small fleet (and on-comms) you have no need of the fleet window, inventory screen and people and places should be closed too. Focus only on overview and your UI
    7. drop the MWD from your... enyo? load up a AB or better yet a 10MN AB, you can still get webbed, but a scram will not shut you down. and remember to overheat and bring nano-paste.

    not that you asked... but here's how I would have attacked...
    1. undock in 2 bombers, since you only saw oracles, load EM bombs (we can get more later)
    2. warp to planet at 50 then to POCO at 100 (you do have a safe spot at each planet and POCO in your system right?) 200 km above or below is reccomended
    3. review the situation, perhaps prepare to kill the talos on the poco, or engage the oracles who seem to be about 30km away (outside blaster or web range of the talos) Prepare 2 launch points 30 km away from oracles.
    4. get ready for bombing run on oracles, launch and warp away, 2 bombs will destry shields, and go well into armor on a lightly armored BC.
    5. switch things up, return and launch bombs at the talos, if you're lucky you catch the sabre in his own bubble, he dies
    etc... you get the idea, hit and run hit and run

    Intel is a two way street, the more intel you have and the less they have the better off you will be. GL out there.

    P.S. at the very least grab a cov ops and put eyes on them before you dive in... might have saved you a trip in the pod express.

  5. Intel intel intel... there is a plenty if you start to check killboards on the hostiles.

    Everything from the people they regularly fly with along with active members, right through to which ships they favor, to when and where they tend to operate.

    Having every single one of them on a watch list is useful as far as being aware if they are online or not. Would have helped with the decision making as to engage (logonski traps still apply of course).

    If not, then you could have chosen to rep structures as needed. Play to your TZ strength and their TZ weaknesses as they did, and make it as painful as possible for them.

    The lack of location agents in a WH is a little bit of a hindrance, but otherwise suggest you use every tool you can get your hands on. No one else is shy about meta gaming. You guys shouldn't be either....

  6. As a member of Surely You're Joking, thought I'd give some perspective to our side of the fight.

    First - THANK YOU & CONGRATULATIONS on fighting for your right to be in a WH. Very well done. It's amazing how many people don't want to protect their own shit. We in SYJ are very interested in going on a roam/jihad WITH you next time so you can learn some of our tricks.

    Second - With regards to the reinforcement timer & us not showing up. What does Admiral Ackbar say? It's a trap! We had a ~15 man fleet a stones throw away from your LS entrance to try and kill your chimera. Unfortunately we waited too long and didn't get a shot at it.

    Third - There are a massive amount of basic security items that would greatly help you guys out, and if you're interested you can just strike up a convo with pretty much anybody in SYJ - I'd talk to Winter Borne - he can point you to people that know more.

    Fourth - This wasn't just a random encounter, we specifically targeted you. It took approximately 6 days to find your WH from the start of one of us saying "Hey - we're going after Mabrick". We watched you for a long time before getting any combat ships in.

    Also - Please see:
    Read the newer posts as well. That's SYJ.

    That's SYJ.

    Also - Malcolm Rennolds, may or may not be in INQ-E (Syncaine's Corp) and be the ring leader of your Jihad. The reason INQ-E joined was because of SYJ owning the shit out of INQ-E on a lot of occasions.

    Hope this helps - again kudos on everything. SYJ would really love to go on a WH roam with you sometime soon!!

    1. ROTFLMAO!

      This wouldn't be the first time my big mouth got me in trouble. Now it seems I can drag entire corps with me.

      It seems your wish may very well come true. Stay tuned!


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