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Monday, December 24, 2012

... To Those Who Wait

The night started out like any other. I woke my Nemesis from it's slumber, made sure the cloak was working properly and then checked d-scan. Sisters Core Probes in the system, at least seven of them. Looks like we had company. A quick check of corp COMs confirmed I was the only one awake so I set about ignoring the probes.

I've got PI into a good groove now. Production is sufficient to stock for four days without cross-leveling. This allows me to sit at safe, restart my extractors and restock the factories all in the comfort of my pod as hostile probes fly all over the system. Ah, that's the life eh?

It took no time at all to reset my livelihood, but I wasn't ready to go back to my sudoku. I decided to see where the ships were coming in from. Since it was late evening for me I doubted I'd see any of my corp mates but it's always nice to leave them accurate bookmarks for the morning.

I'd just scanned down my first WH signature when our corp CEO logged in. I quickly warned him there were hostiles in the hole and I had probes out.
[ 2012.12.23 03:46:26 ] Mabrick > Hostiles in the hole.
[ 2012.12.23 03:46:38 ] Mabrick > I have probes out. They have probes out.
[ 2012.12.23 03:46:45 ] AINeumann > thats always fun
[ 2012.12.23 03:47:09 ] Mabrick > I've seen no ships though, just probes.
[ 2012.12.23 03:47:25 ] AINeumann > i have a drake on scan
[ 2012.12.23 03:47:33 ] Mabrick > That's new.
[ 2012.12.23 03:48:45 ] AINeumann > what type of probes do you have out?
[ 2012.12.23 03:48:54 ] Mabrick > 5 sister core probes
[ 2012.12.23 03:49:05 ] AINeumann > ima launch combats
[ 2012.12.23 03:49:14 ] AINeumann > 5 of them
[ 2012.12.23 03:49:19 ] Mabrick > kk
[ 2012.12.23 03:51:23 ] AINeumann > just launching those should scare them away... but we shall see
[ 2012.12.23 03:53:26 ] AINeumann > no ships on combat scan
[ 2012.12.23 03:53:51 ] AINeumann > musta ran when he saw the proteus on scan then the combats out
[ 2012.12.23 03:54:09 ] Mabrick > Hmmmmmm, got some new anomalies. 4 so far. One is a radar...
[ 2012.12.23 03:54:44 ] AINeumann > it looks like we might have two whs besides the stat
[ 2012.12.23 03:55:06 ] Mabrick > At least...
[ 2012.12.23 03:55:32 ] AINeumann > if not 3
All totaled we had Two low-sec connections, one high-sec connection and two connections to higher class WHs. Both the higher class connections led to systems controlled by Russians. This was definitely not their prime play time, so we turned our attention to the other WHs. I checked out our static and the high-sec hole while AI finished up with the two Russian connections and turned to the other K162 low-sec connection. That WH led to Tama - shit. We went on team-speak.

I warped to an appropriate distance from the hole while the CEO jumped back. The WH flared and he was back. Then the WH flared again and I sat up straighter. A bright red buzzard began moving away from the K162. AI engaged. I closed the distance, uncloaked and locked him up. The Buzzard was fast and not trying to get away. I thought AI had him disrupted. I should have asked.
[ 2012.12.23 04:24:59 ] (notify) Approaching Quake590's Buzzard
[ 2012.12.23 04:25:10 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from ∴ Buzzard  Quake590's Buzzard | [T3S] Rocky3  - to ∴ Proteus   HDF Sneeky | [AST] AINeumann  -
[ 2012.12.23 04:25:23 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from ∴ Buzzard   Quake590's Buzzard | [T3S] Rocky3  - to ∴ Proteus   HDF Sneeky | [AST] AINeumann  -
[ 2012.12.23 04:25:44 ] (notify) Keeping Quake590's Buzzard at range (1500m) (...oops...)
[ 2012.12.23 04:25:56 ] (notify) Keeping Quake590's Buzzard at range (20000m)
[ 2012.12.23 04:26:11 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from ∴ Buzzard   Quake590's Buzzard | [T3S] Rocky3  - to ∴ Proteus   HDF Sneeky | [AST] AINeumann  -
[ 2012.12.23 04:26:34 ] (combat) Warp scramble attempt from ∴ Merlin   Tri-Bush | [T3S] Datary Orti  - to ∴ Proteus   HDF Sneeky | [AST] AINeumann  - 
A Merlin appeared on the overview followed by another Buzzard. Soon they were joined by a Blackbird and a Maelstrom. This skirmish had suddenly turned completely lopsided. AI's Proteus was triple scrammed and and jammed so hard its tracking computers fused. I doubt the Maelstrom had to fire more than an alpha at that point but I wasn't there to watch the final blow.

I had warped to a nearby safe to break the locks on my bomber, cloaked and returned to an appropriate distance from the K162. They all hung around the hole like bright red Weihnachtsschmuck. After 30 seconds or so, they appeared to be moving back toward the K162. I aligned, uncloaked and launched a bomb. Per my training, I didn't stick around but I did see it go off just before I entered the warp tunnel.
[ 2012.12.23 04:28:36 ] (notify) Approaching Wormhole K162
[ 2012.12.23 04:28:53 ] (combat) 1450 to Rocky3[T-3](Buzzard) - Scorch Bomb - Hits
[ 2012.12.23 04:28:53 ] (combat) 0 to Deadspace Signature - Scorch Bomb - Hits
[ 2012.12.23 04:28:53 ] (combat) 0 to Wormhole K162 - Scorch Bomb - Hits
I returned to the scene hoping for another run but the hostile fleet was gone. I suppose they had no stomach for bomber games. I don't blame them. There are no GFs in a wormhole: only survivors and wrecks.

Rocky3's capsule hung in space not far from the K162. I could have easily taken it out. That's not my style. I let him go. He bookmarked the K162, warped off and a minute later returned to zero and jumped back to Tama. The hole was critical at that point and we'd easily collapse it in the not too distant future. At this moment in time, I got to loot my first ever PvP kill.
[ 2012.12.23 04:34:43 ] (notify) Approaching Wreck of: Quake590's Buzzard [1]
Happy Holidays to me!

Fly Careful

[1] I hope Rocky3 at least replaced the apparently borrowed Buzzard. Oh, and thanks for the 7+ mISK bounty!


  1. Congrats on your first kill. Probably pretty rare that a players first kill is from a well done bomber run :)

  2. Congratulations! Do you have the taste for blood now?

    1. Taste for? No. Acceptance that violence is a necessary part of life? Yes. Understanding that it will happen again and I'd better be more prepared? Most certainly.

  3. and Ima add... I sadly wasn't there for the early fun-n-games but proud of our Padawan... no, wait... Mab is Padawan Learner no more... proud we are of our newly proven Anoikis Guardian. =]

    Plus, as was related to me, during the mass closing Ops that followed...
    Strigon Leader > we were closing a WH to a occupied C4 - Orca got stuck, scanned myself down a new C3 exit
    Mabrick > that
    Strigon Leader > Imicus kept following me in the C3
    Strigon Leader > found the U210 got out to low
    Strigon Leader > 4 jumps ran it by myself
    Strigon Leader > now I’m in high sec
    Strigon Leader > HDF Kuun-Lan
    Strigon Leader > best Orca fit ever lol
    TurAmarth ElRandir > so how hell? dint lose ship, good ending to another wormhole adventure sounds like to me... =]

    PLUS we (ok, they) had closed all extraneous K162s, we knew where the U210 was and as it had not been popped, once again HBHI had full Hole Control and we were theoretically as 'safe' as a corp in W-space can be... so we ran a total of 16 Combat Anoms & 1 Combat Sig, 16 sites total... the EvEnings take, ISK 858,000,000.00... close to a Bil without so much as a ghost on scan.

    Whatta good night to be in EvE and in the hole with our corp. Merry Christmas Mab, and once more, congratulations on your First PvP kill... and Merry Christmas to one and all. =]

  4. Mab, you gotta check this out! Drackarn over at "Sand, Cider and Spaceships" has blogged recently of the guys you got your 1st kill on... Quake590. He says and I quote in part:

    "...Quake590! You may remember me talking about this guy before. He's my "bogey opponent". I had never beaten him in a fight ever. He likes 10mn AB Thrashers which are a pain to counter."


    "Quake590 is... a cold, hard killer."

    Interesting... =]

    1. I did see that yesterday. However, I popped Rocky3 who was flying a Buzzard named Quake590's Buzzard. I didn't take Quake590 himself out. However, the coincidence was a good lulz.

  5. Ahhh... and I pay once more for typing and showing off my ignorance... =\
    Teach me to RTKM first!

  6. Using a completely untanked Buzzard as tackle ship?!

    Those guys were lucky you only had that one bomber and not more. Too bad you didn't have a webbing ship available, your Proteus would have vaporized that Buzzard.

    After doing some training exercises with such setups I can only recommend adding a Rapier to your standard repertoire. It is amazing how fast things die if they are webbed to a standstill.

  7. Congrats to the kill! You wouldn't be the first one who turns from a peaceful miner into a bloodthirsty killer. Gerandor over at made that transition while flying in our C2.

    So, congrats and I am doubly happy that you did it with my favourite ship! ;-)


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