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Monday, December 3, 2012

Operational Security Means...

New Eden is a very, very large place. There are 5000 known star systems and another 2500 known wormholes. Though there are tens of thousands of capsuleers flying their ships at any given time, the chances of running into a particular pilot on any given day is pretty small if you are not known to fly in the same region.

But I now live in a wormhole system. That means that I find myself flying in different regions every single day. If it isn't our low-sec static leading me there, it is any number of other connections doing it. Though I can't quote you the odds, I'd say a wormholer's chance of running into someone specific tends to trend higher than your average stay-at-home capsuleer.

So it was a couple days ago that I found myself with some extra time and decided to scan down for the corporation all the new signatures in the wormhole. Unlike the other's in HBHI, I actually enjoy scanning. I suppose it's the reiterative process of the whole thing. That appeals to my CDO oriented grey matter. What's CDO you ask? It's like OCD but the letters are alphabetical - AS THEY SHOULD BE.

So anyway, I scanned down our static and went through to find where it exited. It was a lovely hole, only one gate to high-sec and seven jumps from Dodixie. But that's not the first thing that caught my attention. As I switched to local, something I don't use a lot of these days, there was an eye catching red skull in the list - and it was someone I instantly recognized so I said hi.
For those who do not know him (and if you are reading this I'm certain you do so please forgive me,) Rixx is another blogger. He maintains Evoganda, one of the finest blogs out there. He is also a Tusker and a pirate of no small skill.
So, we had a short conversation in local.
21:53:15 ] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Lisbaetanne
[ 2012.11.30 21:53:33 ] Mabrick > Hi ya Rixx!
[ 2012.11.30 21:53:42 ] Rixx Javix > ello
[ 2012.11.30 21:53:59 ] Mabrick > Fancy meeting you here!
[ 2012.11.30 21:54:21 ] Rixx Javix > yeah i can get around
[ 2012.11.30 21:55:24 ] Mabrick > Ditto. Nice to see you though. *grin*
[ 2012.11.30 21:56:03 ] Rixx Javix > what r you doing here?
[ 2012.11.30 21:56:45 ] Rixx Javix > unless you cant say ofc
[ 2012.11.30 21:58:05 ] Mabrick > Can't really say. *wry smile* Can say I didn't expect to see you in local. New Eden is such a small place at times.
[ 2012.11.30 21:58:19 ] Rixx Javix > it can be
[ 2012.11.30 21:58:28 ] Rixx Javix > no worries im moving on shortly
[ 2012.11.30 21:58:36 ] Rixx Javix > in less than one minute lol
[ 2012.11.30 21:58:48 ] Mabrick > I'm sure you can read about it later too. Good luck!
[ 2012.11.30 21:59:04 ] Rixx Javix > yeah u2
[ 2012.11.30 21:59:08 ] Mabrick > thx
And that's when it struck me. I am such an IDIOT. I just told a highly skilled pirate, who has lots of highly skilled pirate friends, that I was in the system doing something I didn't want to discuss. Now, if he reads my blog at all, he has to know I've moved to a wormhole. If he had the time and inclination he could easily deduce what I was doing in Lisbaetanne in a Helios. Did I mention I was in a Helios? I just potentially made our excellent static connection a pirate's dream come true. I fully expected the find the K162 camped next time I came through doing that thing I couldn't talk about.
Fortunately it was not camped. Rixx must have had better things to do. That was very fortunate for us. This was a lengthy fleet operation. We made enough transits of our static that we left it critically destabilized. Rixx could have had a field day. I feel damn lucky. And I've a good reminder of an important lesson I learned a long time ago in a different life. Operational security means keep your mouth shut.

Fly Careful


  1. Its a very cute story. :). But I also see that you are not understanding pirates well. :)

  2. Well, if I may Sugar, it is not that Mab was "...not understanding pirates well." We have had... um, 'business' shall we say? with The Tuskers before... costly, to us, business, so he did have some cause for concern.

    If yer interested, I wrote up our previous 'business' w/ The Tuskers here...
    Scroll down to the heading: "Then we get camped"...

    Good guys though. I have a lotta respect for The Tuskers... an honorable pirate corp if ever there was one. =]

    1. I'll still suggest that there is a cultural difference :)

  3. OPSEC is important though,
    I like your example because you nicely highlight the consequences. Made me think of Guiding Hand Social Club of old that had raised exploiting of operational security or lack thereof to an art form. To bad Eve lost that type of play in a way :(


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