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Friday, December 14, 2012

Freakin' Wormholes

By now I hope everyone is comfortable with the idea I now live in a wormhole. I know I am. It was something that I'd thought about doing since the first time I ever wandered into a wormhole. That was not long after they started opening their tortured maws in New Eden space. To be honest, my first foray into wormhole space didn't end to well.
[ 2009.03.27 02:59:42 ] (warning) If you go through this wormhole you will end up in the far reaches of space. Concord will not be able to help you there!
Do you wish to continue?
[ 2009.03.27 03:00:10 ] (notify) Warping to J122803 I

[ 2009.03.27 04:25:10 ] (notify) Speed changed to 370 m/s
[ 2009.03.27 04:25:14 ] (combat) Argos misses you completely.
[ 2009.03.27 04:25:14 ] (combat) Argos misses you completely.
[ 2009.03.27 04:25:14 ] (combat) Argos misses you completely.
[ 2009.03.27 04:25:23 ] (notify) Speed changed to 805 m/s
[ 2009.03.27 04:25:29 ] (combat) <color=0xffbb6600>Argos barely scratches you, causing 495.3 damage.
[ 2009.03.27 04:28:18 ] (info) Your Escape Capsule does not appear to be fitted with an on-board scanner.
[ 2009.03.27 04:29:46 ] (warning) If you self-destruct your ship you will lose it! Are you sure you want to initiate the <b>2</b> minute self-destruct sequence?
To cancel a self-destruct sequence you should select self-destruct again (if any of your ships are already self destructing this will cancel it).

[ 2009.03.27 04:31:49 ] (notify) Your Capsule self-destructs.
Yeah, I forgot to bookmark the exit hole. *facepalm* I was a year old. I'd recently lost my first ship to pirates. Now I lost one to stupidity. Well, it was only a T1 frigate. Yeah, I went into a sleeper site in a frigate. What the hell did we know about them back then anyway?

Since that first adventure I've been fascinated by wormholes. I often played the tourist in wormhole space. I poked around. I practiced being stealthy. I wasn't always successful. I lost a Helios to a POS gun when I inadvertently uncloaked within range. Sometimes I got lucky. I once "salvaged" a bunch of POS modules from a station that'd possibly run out of fuel. As my curiosity about wormholes grew, I even ran an experiment on the profitability of becoming more than a tourist. I think I always knew I'd end up in a wormhole.

But it's not all wine and roses. There are some very annoying issues in wormhole space and I don't mean other capsuleers. I don't mind them. It's all part of living in wormhole space. What really irritates me are the program bugs that still exist in wormhole space.

None of them are inherently dangerous... well, there is one that prevents modules being turned on and off but I've not experienced that one in months. It is rare, but that one can be fatal under the right circumstances. Then there is the two-thirds readout issue. You log in and your shields, armor and structure bars all stop at two-thirds full. I never think to take a screen shot of it either so can't show you what it looks like.

Then there is the issue we've run into the last two times we've Ventured out to a gravimetric site. We lose the mining laser graphics and even the turrets themselves don't show up on the ship. I DID get a video of this issue last night. Have a look for yourself (and I apologize for the static in the audio - must be a wormhole bug.)
I think Tur summed it up quite nicely, "freakin' wormholes." Perhaps one day CCP will get around to addressing these little annoyances. Even if they don't, I don't think I'm leaving - not for some time, if ever. I  really like our freakin' wormhole.

Fly Careful


  1. Go look up infinite tracking. Everytime CCP tries to "fix" a wormhole issue they create 5 more, usually worse.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  2. The 2/3 Shield, Armor, Hull things hsppens when undocking from Station occasionally even. It used to be once a wee starting in October, but is quite prevalent (and startling at first) now. Reported as Bug. Filtered and informed me "We are aware of the issue blah, blah, blah. That was last week.

    Really wish CCP would get on that.

  3. Wormholes really are the place-to-be for small gangs, especially as a 'good' small gang can support a Deth Star easily (the ISK really is that good) and it is much more supportive of soloist and small gang play than Hi, Lo or Null... May not seem like it on the face of it, but once someone gets that hang of the Tao of Holes, it really is...

    Not that it's "safe", nowhere in EvE is "safe", but it is far far less crowded... and I'm just a country boy at heart... love the wide open (and devoid of asshats) spaces... =]

  4. The mining laser issue isn't restricted to wormholes. I get that also when mining in low and high sec.

    1. That's good to know. That means CCP might actually fix it.


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