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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Definition of Community is not Blog

blog /blôg/ Noun: A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.
Originally, blog was weblog. Constant use has shortened the word already. It is a digital diary where a person writes down a series of entries in a chronological fashion. It is an individual effort maintained for individual reasons. My blog is selfish in that way as are all other blogs that fit the original definition. That is not a negative thing. It merely is.

In the beginning, blogs were not written primarily for fame or popularity, though that was never unwelcome. They were for personal edification, and the chance to record profound thoughts. But mostly they were done to write. Writing is its own reward. A writer writes. I have heard that many, many times from writers, their agents and their publishers. An author is a writer who never quit. I have also heard the only difference between a writer and an author is royalty.

Should someone value what you write enough, they will give you money for it. But this is only a secondary consideration for the author. It pays the bills, and to that end, allows the author to continue writing. That is what they truly want. But if the money were not to come, even if the writer were starving, she would still write. That is the nature of the art.

This is not the nature of journalists, who also use words but do it primarily for the money. Take the money away and most journalists will find another profession. If they don't, they were closet writers denying their nature. This happens from time to time because writing isn't always a wholly accepted way to earn a living in some families but I digress.

In our community, there are writers and there are journalists. I am not going to tell you who is which. I don't care. It is unimportant to me because I am a writer. All that matters is that I write. And I know there are others out there who feel the same way. Because of them, because of the writers among us, the EVE blogosphere will not die until the reason for the blogs end. So long as one of us plays, and writes, it lives. Whether others read it or not is irrelevant. It was never really for you dear reader - though I'm glad you've come along.

But the EVE community has grown beyond such simple needs. It needs more than just a collection of writers expounding on the esoteric thoughts we've come to call meta-game. There are now journalists in the community. There are politicians too. Sometimes they are one and the same. There is government of a sort. We even have our criminals after a fashion. And most importantly, we have members of our community who simply go about their daily lives unconcerned about the blogs or the politics; hoping not to run into the criminals. They are like the family man who gets up every morning, goes to work, pays his bills on time and spends every spare moment with his kids because he knows they'll grow up way to fast and in a few years the opportunity will be gone.

In short, we have become a real community in practically every sense of the word. We celebrate with those who have things worth celebrating. Some of us protest - vehemently at times. We grieve when we lose one of our own. We wish for simpler times past. We have hope for the future. EVE has become real in ways we didn't expect all those years ago.

I live in this community and write a blog. The Mittani lives in this community for other reasons; Riverini too. Some who lived here before have moved. Some are on sabbatical. Others have found new jobs within this community rather than leave. We've also welcomed new residents with open arms. The community abides.
com·mu·ni·ty /kəˈmyo͞onitē/ Noun: 1) A group of people living together in one place, esp. one practicing common ownership: "a community of nuns". 2) All the people living in a particular area or place: "local communities".
I will keep blogging. I hope all my fellow community members continue on their own paths unabated. And in the course of things, change will come. It always does. This is not anything to fear. It is the proper evolution of community.

The only caveat is this. We must have something to keep us gainfully occupied or we will move to another community, one with better prospects. That is what people do. Without growth, EVE will become a ghost town. And growth we have not had, only status quo, for 18 months while CCP repairs the infrastructure. At a subconscious level I believe we all know this is not a good thing. Perhaps that is what we are all sensing.

Fly Carefully


  1. "They are the knights of summer, but winter is coming"

    Don't worry Mabrick, there is a perspective for the future. Even if they have made that trollchild Michael Bolton a CCP employee (which could be considered as a sign of the end times all by itself). For now you live in wormhole space. A place that has always been lonesome in EVE, but also the only place which is truly free and still has great potential. Learn it's ways and watch as Kspace changes.

    Hopefully for the better.

  2. Enjoyable read i'll have to say. Not much is happening in EVE, people can feel that from various corners of the universe.

  3. Been following the last few posts with interest. As I've commented before, I'm a newer player with a year under my belt now......and I find myself bored. The real life friends who got me into the game have gone down the bitter vet path, and I've been off playing other games since most of my corp is AFK.

    In a year's time I have:

    -Spent a month learning the game alone.
    -Started playing with friends in their low sec corp. Found I was too new to be of help, and of course was told to get a Drake to be of use.
    -Left the low sec PVP corp and learned the meta game with a few RL friends.
    -Rejoined a low sec corp to help with Indy and POS maintenance.
    -Spent hours orbiting gates waiting for that 30 second excitement that rarely came.
    -Was at war for a few months and always told to remain docked up if my corpmates (different time zone) weren't on. So I was docked up.
    -Went off and made my own Indy corp after experiencing the extreme boredom of war with a mostly EU timezone corp.
    -Put up both hi sec and low sec POS's that I still maintain with my corp mates.

    At this point with real life, new job, etc I just don't find the time to put in any longer. I log in a few times a week, deal with PI, occasionally deal with our low sec Cobalt moon POS, then log off.

    Recently some former allies needed a hand as they had been war dec'd and needed to rep their POS. So, I came to help guard their fleet, and found myself sitting idle for nearly an hour. Yup, bored.

    I don't know if I'll continue with Eve, but it's interesting to read that there seems to be a drop off in interest beyond myself.


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