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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Last Night was Relaxing

Last night we relaxed - well, as much as you can relax in a wormhole. We did a little of this.
While Spiral and I worked on the Arkonor 'roid, Tur kept a lookout and spammed d-scan. It's always a risk, but it has to be done because... well it just has to be done. Why do other pilots take out Rifters hoping for the 1v1 GF? Chances are they will be thrashed at a gate camp but they do it anyways. It's no different for miners. At least we can realize a little profit from our venture.

Anyway, I was a little late to the party and only got in three runs. Oddly enough, I hadn't actually refined ore at our POS so wanted to see what my rates would look like. Tur put the Medium Intensive Refining Array online and I loaded some Arkonor into it and hit frappe.

It processed 1400 units of Arkonor in 90 minutes with no direct indication of yield or feedback of any sort. It is completely different than high-sec stations that's for certain. It's a good thing most industrialists don't suffer from immediate gratification issues. I returned after the 90 minute refining period and found this waiting for me.
A 200 unit batch of Arkonor, if perfectly refined, yields 333 Megacyte, 166 Zydrine and 300 Tritanium. Extrapolating for a 1400 unit batch would yield 2331 Megacyte, 1162 Zydrine and 2100 Tritanium - perfectly refined. Yeah, 75% efficiency sucks, but it's better than hauling it out to refine just to haul it back in to make shit with. You might as well hang a gank me sign on your bow if your going to do that.

Fly Careful

(NOTE: Due to RL 12 hour days for the next two weeks posts will be lighter and more sporadic.)


  1. Yeah i enjoy the occasional mining, well i did when i was in uni, more for the company tho, then the isk.
    I calculated my wh mining profits is about 12mil/h, which is rather horrible. So i really dont do it anymore... only if i really derp hard :P

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  3. What u really need to do is compress it, taking it out then is much less of a chore. Doesn't take too long to pay back the rorq cost from the 25% ur waving goodbye to refining at the pos. As an added bonus the boosts r pretty insane too :)

    1. The Rorqual has a mass that is 880,000,000 kg more than our static connection to low-sec can accept. It is not an option except to build it inside the hole and get sold with the hole. TO do so would require a corporation commitment to build it. That isn't going to happen so it's just not an option.

    2. Figured u might not be willing to build it is a big corp commitment. Just saying really recommend it if a corp is going to take wh mining seriously.

      Fly safe


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