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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Rebuttals are Right On

As a blogger, I feel it is not my duty to always be correct. It is my duty to get the community talking about things; thinking about things. With this in mind, I put my Fog of War post, Getting Round to Make Eve more Real, out there for the community to consider.

And consider it they have for which I am greatly pleased. What's more, both TurAmarth and pjharvey have written two very good opinions on the subject on their own blogs. You should go give them a read. It is quite worth your time.

It’s Muggy Out Thar…

Adding to the fog of war

Honorable mention needs to go to Chirality Tisteloin, for first mentioning in her reply the idea of new modules that could create FoW.

FoW is something I was required to study at great length in another RL life (read another profession.) It is a very complicated concept. Not only does it simply exist as a by product of combat, it is also an environment that can be tactically and strategically manipulated to gain an advantage. Thus, what I say and what Tur says and what pj says are all true, from different perspectives. I must say, after reading the responses, that I feel giving players the ability to create FoW is probably more appropriate for Eve Online than stripping out the overview entirely. Still, I truly love the idea of HUD based tactical displays, so bring on the mods CCP!

And to all those FCs out there working their asses off to win engagements, I proffer my sincerest apologies if I have offended   It was not my intent. What you do is a skill no less than any other. Just because I have this (arcane?) vision of combat revolving around the hydrophone operator a la Hunt for Red October as opposed to the radar operators who actually fought the Battle of Britain, it should not for one second make anyone doubt your contributions to our community. Thank you for your dedication no matter whose side you're on. You enrich our game by doing that which most will not. Bravo!

Fly Careful

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  1. Fog of war should be a gradual slide. When a ship warps in it should just be a bogey - a radar contact if you will. As time elapses (maybe based on a skill or mods on your ship or both) the ship type clears up and you can see what type of ship it is. The more ships the longer it takes your crew (which most of our ships have) to ID the ships. In the EVE lore a drake has a crew of several hundred and capsuleer who is wired in as the brain of the ship. This makes it so when 78 ships drop out of warp it might take a few minutes to ID all of the ships. Basically the amount of information your ship could process would be limited based on what type of ship you are in (command ships might get a buff here) and the mods and skills you have.

    All of this begs the question if a capsuleer flys with the same ship and crew for days and weeks, should the crew not get better, faster, at least somewhat more able? They all die in a fire right before/after/during your pod ejection. Ship stats!


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