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Monday, October 29, 2012

Re: "Check this kill!"

This will be short and sweet because the day has been crazy, but I at least owe you something.

A Nyx was killed by Fatal Ascension over the weekend. This was already reported by you know who. There was a bit of derision there when he mentioned FA did it I think. Wonder what's up with that.

Well, it's not my place to comment on the reasons for this kill. However, I can share this report from one of the pilots involved in the kill.

"An alliance member called a fleet - they had tackled a Nyx (Supercarrier) in one of our systems. I jumped and ran, then shipped into a maelstrom for DPS. 
We waited for everybody to get there to get on the kilmail. Then the FC said, fire, and we volley-fired the last 12% of his structure in one shot - I did 10,645 damage with that shot. 

The emphasis is mine. That's your new definition of kill mail whoring.

I do have one question left unanswered though. Was their final volley just enough to take out the last 12% of structure or was it total overkill? I might be able to answer that myself with a couple assumptions. Assumption #1, the damage my friend did was average and representative of the damage done by the other ships (yeah, I know - big assumption.) Assumption #2, there was no hull reinforcement going on beyond the Damage Control II. So, here we go with the equations. Hang on!
10,645 dps x 78 ships = 830,310 damage done
(480,000 structure (Nyx) + (480,000 x .60 from DC II)) x .12 = 92,160 structure remaining
Oh yeah, it was way overkill. They did about 10 times the amount of damage necessary. You know, if I was writing the code at CCP, I think I'd slip in a little bit that allows pods to be insta-popped if the ship has that much extra damage done to it. You know, sort of like damage getting past battered shields and into armor. I mean, talk about breaking an egg with a wrecking ball. Wouldn't it stand to reason with that much extra damage nothing would remain intact on the inside?

Fly Careful

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