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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Getting Around a Bit More than Before

Living in a wormhole system with a static into low-sec has had one impact I hadn't really thought about. It impacts where I've been. This is my current systems visited map Aura presents me with when requested.
It's very obvious I was a high-sec carebear for a very long time. That region is fairly well blotted out with red spheres. I never even really got to Minmatar and Amarr space. I lived in a fairly small area.

Now there are the tendrils of low-sec visits slowly accumulated by nearly three months of wormhole dwelling starting to make an appearance. My first appearances in Minmatar and Amarr space are showing as well.

I'd be curious to know what maps look like from other play styles. Perhaps some of you other bloggers would be so kind as to post your map on your blog and then provide a link in the comments to this post. Could we identify your play style from your map? What do you say?

Fly Careful


  1. Shame I didn't think of keeping a monthly log of this sort of thing. I'll try to do that in future.

  2. Interesting... compare yours to mine...
    You, ingame 4 years; Hisec 99% of that time...
    Me, ingame 2 years; W-space 75% of that time...

    File "Tur's Travels 2012.jpg"


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