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Friday, September 21, 2012

What Legendary Norse Creature are You?

It's time to have a little fun. I want all of you to go into the weekend with a chuckle in your throat or at least a smile on your lips. To that end, I present legendary creatures I feel best fit the various play styles of Eve Online.

I use the various professions as documented on the official web site. Those are the the ones least likely to cause validity arguments. We Eve Online players tend to be a quarrelsome group don't we? I hope to avoid that today. Save it up for your roam later. *wink*

I am restricting this list to Norse creatures in honor of CCP's homeland. I have taken the descriptions from Wikipedia and altered them to conform to our chosen environment - the cold, hard places of New Eden.
  • Loyalist - Odin's Einherjar
    The New Eden einherjar are those who have died many times in battle and are deemed worthy to fight for Empire or alliance forever. They are brought back by clone vats. As in Norse mythology, this half  are the einherjar. They hone their fighting skills courtesy of the four Empires' long simmering hatreds for each other or the constant struggles beyond Empire space. They prepare daily for the final battle, when they will advance throughout New Eden to settle once and forever who will rule human kind.
  • Freedom Fighter  - Freya's Fólkvangr Warriors
    This half of New Eden's capsuleers are the half nor suited to be einherjar. They hate both empires and mandatory CTAs equally. This fuels all the conflict they could ever desire. These pilots prepare daily for their final battle, when they will throw off the last shackles of oppression and liberate humanity from those who would subjugate it forever.
  • Empire Builder - The Rå
    A New Eden rå is a keeper or warden of a particular system or region. The different species of rå are sometimes distinguished according to the different spheres of space with which they are connected, such as holesrå (worm holes) and goonsrå (Technetium systems).
  • Fleet Commander - The Valkyrie
    In New Eden, a valkyrie is rarely a female figure but still decides who dies and lives in battle. They're selective appraisal of fighting skills often determine which half of those who die in battle go on to be loyalists, and fight for Empire or alliance in the final battle.
  • Bounty Hunter  -The  Fylgja
    A New Eden fylgja is a capsuleer who exists in connection to another's fate or fortune. Fylgjur usually appear in the form of a red flashy icon and commonly appear during AFK moments, but the sagas relate that they could appear while a person is actively scanning as well, and that seeing one's fylgja is an omen of one's impending death. However, when fylgjur appear in the form of women, they are then supposedly fair game for every lame come-on in New Eden.
  • Pirate - Trolls
    New Eden trolls are said to dwell in isolated systems, sometimes live together (usually as father-and-daughter or mother-and-son), and are rarely described as helpful or friendly. It is rumored that they are Jötunn gone bad (or possibly mad.) Read this ancient comm signal transcript and judge for yourself:
Pyrat kalla mik
trungl sjǫtrungnis,
auðsug jǫtuns,
élsólar bǫl,
vilsinn vǫlu,
vǫrð nafjarðar,
hvélsveg himins –
hvat's pyrat nema þat?
  • Explorer  - Huginn and Muninn
    New Eden's ravens  fly all over known space, and sometimes unknown space, to bring  information to capsuleers. Sometimes this is information about an enemy. Sometimes it is long lost technology. The information is always highly valued.
  • Planetary Industrialist - The Landvættir
    Landvættir are spirits of the land. They protect and promote the flourishing of the specific worlds where they live, which can be as small as single planet or as large as an entire planetary system.
  • Manufacturer - The Dvergar
    New Eden Dvergar are capsuleers associated with minerals, luck, technology, craft, metal work, and greed. They are sometimes identified with Svartálfar and Døkkálfar when they work only for Goonswarm and TEST Alliance respectively. 
  • Trader- Dragons
    The typical New Eden dragon protects a transport or freighter filled with gold and treasure and is often associated with a great pirate who tries to "slay" it. Though a capable pilot, the Trader is generally to be found in its station lair, a Captain's Quarter that identifies it as an ancient creature of greed and wealth. 
  • Salvager - The Hamingja
    A New Eden hamingja refers to two concepts; the personification of the good fortune or luck of an individual, and, secondly, it refers to the odd appearance of the Noctis, a ship frequently used by them.
  • Miner - The Jötunn
    Living among the rocks, the Jötunn of New Eden operate in isolation or sometimes small groups. They are perhaps the oldest profession in New Eden. There is no empire built without them. There is no star gate that doesn't depend on them. There is no capsuleer who does not owe their own profession to the Miner from whose minerals all things come.
And now, here is a bonus.
  • Dust 514 Player - Skræling
You can look that one up yourself and draw the inference. *grin* I hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Please fill free to make other comparisons from other mythos in the comments. I look forward to reading them.

Fly Careful

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