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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Flying Dungeness

A little less than a week ago, I was scanning the day's sites and wormholes because our static was "down" and I'd seen a Tengu briefly on d-scan. We were playing hosts once again to uninvited guests. I quickly identified a nice fat signature that could only be a K162. While determining it's exact location, a Scorpion showed up on d-scan. Then it disappeared. Scorpions don't cloak, I remember thinking to myself.

When I got the 100%, I warped to a safe distance and book marked the actual hole. There was no sign of activity. I watched the hole for a while moving out to pounce distance. I created a pounce book mark and, seeing no other sign of activity, took to the system map again to septangulate our low-sec static. Just as I arrived a safe distance from the static to book mark its actual location, the Scorpion showed up on d-scan again. The timing was impeccable. I remember thinking, Scorpions don't cloak... do they?

The static recorded, I warped back to the pounce. Nothing was going on so I traded my scan rigged Helios for a more properly fit Arazu. Perhaps the Scorpion has friends, I thought to myself. No other HBHI member was in the hole at that moment. I waited at the pounce.

Five minutes went by and nothing happened. Ten minutes went by and nothing happened. Fifteen minutes had not quite expired and the event horizon flared. A second later, there was the Scorpion. Then it went back through again. Right, it's a hole closing operation.

I was still hopeful that the Scorpion might have a friend, and that the two of them might be as sloppy as the last uninvited guests. I hung around. The Scorpion took its own sweet time. After 40 minutes of (set to the appropriate music,)

The scorpion goes in, the Scorpion goes out, the Scorpion plays pinochle as you pout...

Okay, that's a lousy filk but you get my meaning. After 40 minutes of this the Scorpion repeats and the hole drops to half it's size. This is it! I get ready. The event horizon flares again. A second later I see this...
These are two pilots who have evidently done this a lot and are leaving nothing to chance. I watch as first the Scorpion slips in and then the Tengu. The hole collapses leaving only the Tengu's ion wake to prove I'd not imagined it all.

This was the second time I'd found myself in no position to do anything to confirm our claim to this worm hole. Of course, these two weren't raiding but isn't that just a technicality? I mean, aren't worm hole denizens supposed to be mean and nasty and merciless? Okay, you can stop laughing now.

A few days went by and I woke up to find we had a really decent static with one jump to high-sec and 12 to Dodixie. That day was THE day. I made a transport run to sell wares and obtain supplies. I then returned in a shuttle, just as Sisters Combat Probes appeared in the hole on d-scan, to remedy my problem concerning uninvited guests. 

Tiye Q had actually recommended the solution in my last post about uninvited guests. Thank you very much for the excellent suggestion Tiye! But tell me true, doesn't it look just a bit too much like a flying crab?

Fly Careful (and carry a large bomb!)


  1. Replies
    1. LOL. That's the FIRST thing Tur made me do. He has a bombing practice run setup outside the POS with a giant can as a target. We managed to not blow each other up which he said was a excellent.

  2. It's the Cylon Raider for the next series.

  3. Mab in a bomber! How wildly things have changed since I started this game! No wonder I can't put the damn thing down.

  4. Mab, nice to see you in a bomber, but please, buy a Proteus (please not a scanning one - buy a 1000 DPS BRAWLER), next time jump after the collapsing BS and kill it...
    Fly Reckless

  5. Yes, practice, practice, practice (as was already mentioned). If you haven't already done it; training CovOps to lvl5 might be one of those skill trains that you would not regret. Especially now that you've taken up w-space life.

    Personally,(I know...nobody asked I prefer the Manticore, and the Hound, but the thermal damage bonus that the Nemesis gives is great for exploiting that thermal resistance hole in most ship setups.

  6. There can always be cloaky around, even if you're here for a while, it happened to me also.
    I was watching cloaked a guy farming in my system for a while, thinking about how to kill him, when he switched to a noctis I though it was finally the good time, moreover I had bm-ed all his loot so... xD
    but 5sec before I uncloaked and began my attack, 3 tech3 cruisers uncloaked and killed him before. man I was watching in for like 40mn, and didn't knew at all I wasn't alone...
    After that you always doubt being alone ^^

    also you don't need a BS to kill a wh. if you don't want to use orcas, you can simply use tech1 cruiser with an active 100m mwd ; it cost nothing, and it's pretty useful to finish the thing when you're beginning to wonder when it will close, or if you're on unsafe territory.


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