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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mabrick's Link Stew

Having a hobby can be a seriously time consuming undertaking. I have several hobbies and I can attest they all take considerable planning and commitment. Fortunately, many of them complement each other so I can combine them in the time available to me. Not that it matters, but my hobbies of hiking, amateur geology (aka rock hounding) and photography nicely dovetail with one another.

Thus it is my summer weeks are spent alternately wishing I could get out into the wilds to pursue those hobbies or doing home maintenance. When you live in a 126 year old house that can be a full-time job in itself. In between all this, I have the RL mortgage payment plan known as a job to hold down. All this leaves little time to find out all the things I want to concerning Eve Online and the people who play it. It becomes a little easier during the rainy and cold season as my other hobbies dovetail with this blog more easily - but only a little.

Why am I telling you all this? Because I know many of you face the same issue. Between your other pursuits and RL commitments, your time with Eve Online becomes precious. You have a choice: catch up on the gossip as it were or play the game. Who wouldn't rather play than search out all the juicy meta-game rumors and controversies? That's why you're here, at least partially, right?

So I want to help. Aggregation is good. Who doesn't like the one-stop-shop concept at least in theory? I figure anything that helps shorten the time you read and increase the time you play is a good thing... at least in theory. I am aware that I could just be drawing you deeper into the meta-game and thus preventing you from flying Internet spaceships. If that is the case, may I suggest mining in high-sec while you read? That way you can still feel like you're not neglecting your Internet spaceship responsibilities. *wink*

So today starts Mabrick's Link Stew. In Mabrick's Link Stew, I'll try and bring you links to things concerning Eve Online that perhaps you haven't seen on other news aggregators or blogs. I'll try and keep the links unique, unless they are particularly smashing. I'll discuss what it is about the link that makes me want to make you aware of it. Hopefully it will be of value to you. So with all that said, here we go with the first link.

          Sink or Swim: Markets and Money in Online Games by Connor Sheridan

The first link is a GameSpot article on MMO economies. In it, Eve Online figures prominently. It starts off talking about Dr. Eyj├│lfur Gu├░mundsson and his small team of economists who work for CCP. It compares and contrasts various MMO economies starting with Ultima Online. It gives a sort of evolutionary view of MMO economic development over the years. Have you ever wondered what "sink and faucet" actually means? What really got my attention in the article though was the last section. Can virtual ever replace physical? In some ways, I hope it can. More jobs are always a good thing. But it may be a very frightening future to those raised in the more traditional view of manufacturing.

          Valve's Big Picture is going live on Steam by Trent Nouveau

This piece on TG Daily isn't specifically about Eve Online. In fact, Eve Online isn't even mentioned. However, Eve Online is available through Steam and the possible implications of what this article discusses really grabbed my attention! What would you give to play Eve Online without a PC of any sort? What if you could play Eve Online through the gaming console already linked to your ginormous television? That's Big Picture for Steam. That's awesome with sauce. It's in beta this month.

Well, that's it for this first edition of Mabrick's Link Stew. It's a bit on the short side being the first one and all. Blame the lead in if you like. Next time there will be more. I promise. What I'm not promising is a regular time span between Mabrick's Link Stew posts. They will come as I have links to share. Until then...

Fly Careful

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