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Saturday, September 29, 2012

"I'll Take Yer Bait," and Raise You an Ambush

Tur already posted about our little dust-up at the static exit to low-sec the other night. Ignas Stankaitis recommended on my post The Flying Dungeness I should get a 1000dps Proteus and just dive in, more or less. Actually, this had been on my agenda since I moved into WH space. I was just wanting to earn the ISK to buy it before I actually bought it. I'm funny that way. I think it has to do with the industrialist mindset. I HATE red ink on the books. *LOL*

So, when I squeaked past the two small warp bubbles and emerged into known space, I had a choice. I could try and sneak back through or I could show up in something unexpected. As the plans were already on the ledger anyway, and the funds were sufficient, I purchased "something unexpected" and made my way back to the K162 into our WH.

Tur did a great job of describing the action. As much as he fumbled things so did I. My biggest challenge was landing in range of the hostiles. The Proteus isn't exactly known for it's ranged combat. During the last skirmish of the evening, the one involving Tur's Drake, I finally managed to lock Mr. Monkey, scram and web him (in that order at least) and heat up the blasters. I was close to fall-off range though and no DPS landed before the Hound warped away. That was fairly much the end of it. However, it is not the end of the story.

The next day I was able to log in and scan down all the day's exits early. We had two low-sec connections: our static and a K162. The static was 12 jumps from Dodixie with several low-sec crossings and the other was 11 jumps from Rens with two low-sec crossings. I logged for a few hours and, as the day was slow otherwise, I decided to go get the Viator I'd left at Dodixie the night before.

I logged back in and jumped in a shuttle. I left via our static into Dour. Everything was going well until I got to Oulley. D-scan told me there were a half dozen ships, including several Amarr battleships, sitting on the gate. It was obviously a gate camp. There wasn't much I could really do about it. The worse that would happen was I'd be podded and end up in Dodixie faster than I'd thought. I barreled through.

[ 2012.09.28 20:44:36 ] (combat) smidster (Large EMP Smartbomb II) hits you for 296 damage
[ 2012.09.28 20:44:38 ] (notify) smidster: You have foolishly engaged in criminal activity within sight of sentry guns and must suffer the consequences.
[ 2012.09.28 20:44:41 ] (None) Jumping to Oulley in Orvolle solar system

I made it through the gate with shields stripped but armor intact (well, mostly intact, there was 9 ISK repairable damage.) Shuttle for the win!

I got to Dodixie, jumped in the Viator and made for Assah, the other low-sec entrance to home. It was a long haul to be sure. I had plenty of time to think about the shortcomings of my Proteus fit. It was too slow and lacked range was it's biggest issue. I came up with another fit that helped the speed issue and I determined having several types of ammo in the hold would help the range issue some. I stopped at Rens and made some more purchases. When I got home, I put my plan into action. I refitted the Proteus, warped to a good safe and logged off once more as "things" otherwise were no longer slow.

That evening, I was once again floating in our hole and watching Scan Probe Is fly around our system. I used them as d-scan practice for awhile. That lasted until I saw a Crane show up. I had a fairly good idea where it had come from. One of the other two WHs I'd detected earlier in the day was from a Class 4 with only a Class 3 exit. I positioned myself at a pounce 170km from that K162 and waited.

Not too long after, the Crane returned and made it's way back into the K162. The pilot was from an industry corporation not from Unacceptable Behaviour. However, he wasn't the person I was after. Not but a few minutes later the person I was really waiting for made an appearance. I just knew he couldn't stay away.
He disappeared into the K162 after the Crane. Many minutes later, the Crane reemerged and warped toward one of our low-sec connections. A minute later Mr. Monkey followed. I knew what was going to happen and I was very happy about it. However, I couldn't let my industrial brother be the bait without letting him know so I sent him a communique.
You are being stalked by a hound.
From: Mabrick
To: [redacted]
I live in [redacted] which you are now using to move goods to known space. I have been watching your K162 in our system. On your last run you were followed be a TAZ D Monkey. He's been camping our hole with Stealth Bombers along with Psychic Moose.
Be careful, they are on to you.
I got an acknowledgement and waited. Then I waited some more. Then I waited some more. Fortunately, my prior military training has prepared me for this. Ambushes are always 99% boredom and 1% pure adrenalin. Sometimes the percentages are tipped even more toward the boredom side of the equation. I continued to wait.

Suddenly the Crane shows up outside the hole quickly followed by the Hound. They both go through. I kicked my warp engines into gear and positioned myself 5k off the hole and waited, my fingers poised over the cloak and scram controls.

The wormhole flared. I disengaged the cloak. Mr. Monkey was being a wily SOB and held his cloak as long as he could. It was going to be a race! I activated the scram and it dutifully waited for me to indicate a target.

The Hound shows itself...

I target the scram on it...

The targeting cursor pulses!

It was now all up to the electronics. I'd either get a lock and pop him or I wouldn't.

[ 2012.09.29 03:51:47 ] (notify) You failed to target nothing.

And that's the way it goes. His align was faster than my target lock. Damn those Stealth Bombers are quick. I reengaged the cloak and warped to a safe just in case he decided to bomb the hole. Then I noticed my message indicator blinking.
Re: You are being stalked by a hound.
From: [redacted]
Sent: 2012.09.29 03:53
To: Mabrick,
Has just returned to your WH, thanks for the brief, I was able to adjust for speed and passed him going through the WH, in which he followed and I made it safe.
Well, at least I had denied Mr. Monkey the pleasure of popping an industrialist. I took some pleasure in that as I finished up the day's business, made sure the ship was safely tucked away and called it a night.

Fly Careful


  1. First...
    Welcome to the club of Them What Try and Kill Others. You do realize you are no longer 'just' an Industrialist, right?

    I have a saying about PvP... I call it 'the Dance'.
    If you dress for the dance, and you show up ready and willing to dance... whether you end up out on the floor or not is not the point, it's that you 'would have' if the chance came up, and that's 90& of the game.

    You intentionally fitted a PvP ship, you had a target you WANTED to kill, and you took the steps you felt would give you that chance... I salute you. o7

    And, in an ambuscado, one or more SeBo's are ALWAYS in order, especially agianst frigate class ships. Bombers are paperskinned things and hence fast... If you could have insta-lock-scrammed him and then webbed him, your chances to kill him would have been greatly improved...

    Says the Expert at PvC... =\

  2. You warned another wormhole pilot about a possible ambush?

    You are such a sweet guy :)

    1. Correction, I warned another INDUSTRIALIST about a possible ambush. If he were just another capsuleer I'd not have bothered. ;)

  3. There was only one occasion that I warned another w-space pilot about activity in a wormhole, and that was only after we both popped out of an exit at the same time. He convo'd me and told me that they were only moving goods to hi-sec and were not looking for any trouble.

    Sometimes those things happen. Most of the time, they don't.


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