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Friday, August 17, 2012

One War the Goons haven't Won

From Google:
An interesting thing happened a couple of days ago. A new Eve Online news site hit the inter-webs. For certain, it is a flashy site and very eye catching. promises many things. Here is specifically what the creators of the new site have promised:
  • "Balance, or what passes for it" (From the About section.)
  • "EVE Online, not Final Fantasy XXV" (From the About section.)
  • "Behold: real news, real quality. It's about time." (From TheMittani's twitter feed.)
  • "Our goal at is to set a high standard for the quality of writing on this site." (From the About section.)
I don't doubt they can pull off that last one. They claim to have twenty people working on the site. I believe it. That's an Internet start-up worth to be be sure! There are certain to be editors who check articles before they ever get posted for grammar use, etc. That's one luxury the average Eve blogger doesn't have. The new site is quite an endeavor. That got me to wondering why Goonswarm felt this was necessary at all. There are plenty of PvP and even Goonswarm oriented blogs already on the Internet. This new site is too large an effort to be a passing fancy. Why did they do it?

I decided it isn't a desire to make advertising money. In fact, there are no advertisements on the main page. I don't see any ads anywhere on the site and it's not just that I'm running Ad-Block or some such program. I'm not. So the reason isn’t money.

[EDIT 8/17/12 21:30 Eve Time: As evidence that things can and will change quickly, there are now ads all down the right side of the site. They were not present on Wednesday when I wrote the post. So they will make some money on this site. My opinion isn't changed by this new fact. - Mabrick]

Is the reason ego then? Perhaps, even though that isn't part of the goon definition above. Moreover, we all have egos. We wouldn't be bloggers if we didn't. Anyone who tells you they have no ego is selling something. So sure, it might be for ego’s sake, but TheMittani is already leader of the largest alliance in the game. He’s already been CSM chair. Thousands look up to him. He is already larger than life in New Eden. No, he’s got enough ego stroking and doesn’t need to roll out such an extravagant site to get more. Besides, they say it themselves, 
“Mittani himself wanted the site to be called something very worthy and descriptive like ‘Internet Spaceship News’ or the like: dull enough that I genuinely can’t remember.”
So if it isn't about money and it isn’t about ego, what is it about. The obvious answer is they get a ton of bad press and want to "set the record straight." I think I've even read those exact words more than a few times. 

If I were them, I'd want to do the exact same thing. It sucks constantly having the definition at the top of this article thrown in your face every time you show up. But is that all of the reason? All things being equal, I doubt that would be enough motivation to bring all those people together to pull off this web site. So beside being fed up with getting beat over the head constantly with the definition of goon, there has to be more going on to motivate such an extravagant new site. 

Here's my opinion. It’s about not losing the war of words. The Goons and their allies have been very successful in all their endeavors this year. They control more systems than any of the Empires. They have more ISK than any Empire bank. They have succeeded at everything they've tried except one thing. The one thing they have not been so successful with is the war of words.

Since Burn Jita, there has been a decided bias against Goonswarm and the actions they’ve taken. Anyone who denies this is – well, in denial. We all love to slay them with the pen because we can’t do it with the sword. From my point of view, the Goons brought this upon themselves. I’m sure they thought they were ready for this new challenge. They weren’t. They’ve taken a shellacking.

There is a reason the pen is mightier than the sword. It’s because the court of public opinion matters. When public opinion is against you, how good does that make you feel? How would you like to come to work every day only to hear your co-workers telling your boss, and anyone else who will listen, what a horrible and lazy person you are? It makes your job much, much harder and the stress becomes intolerable. It’s no fun whatsoever.

That’s what it’s like to be a member of Goonswarm these days. It isn’t all fun all the time. Those damn pubbies keep saying mean things about them. They're the bad boys of Eve and not in a good way. They are harassed on the forums. They are harassed in my blog. They don't get much space on Eve News24. It’s very hard to change people’s opinion and get the respect you feel you're entitled to when you have no soap box from which to shout. What’s a Goon to do?

They do what Arianna Huffington and Roger Ailes did. They start their own news outlet to get their side of the story published. Whether you agree with Huffington or not, she succeeded. The same is true for Ailes. I see no reason why the Goons should not think they will succeed as well.

I'm certain they will to some extent. I doubt it will completely swing the New Eden court of public opinion, but it should level the playing field. Those who like what they say and the way they say it will gravitate to their site. They'll revel in it in all likelihood. Those that don’t, won’t. That’s how people work.

I will make one prediction about it all though. The Eve Online community will be stronger for it. Too much inbreeding is as bad for a social engine as it is for a species. Diversity is the only true path to success for any society whether it is real or just Internet spaceships. We will certainly have more diversity in the Eve blogosphere thanks to this new site. I am sure TheMittani will see to it. Lastly, I commend those who have undertaken this endeavor. So I'd like to say, from one journalist to another, well done.

Fly careful.


  1. Atleast to me the entire right side has addvertisements, these are all game related but still there.
    For the rest i agree, i will be reading it but will make sure to read other articles about the same subject aswell.

  2. To me should be compared to News Corp rather than the Huffington Post: they have more resources than any other Eve news sites or blogs.

    While it might be good for the whole Eve community by giving players an easy to browse news site with loads of articles, the Eve blogosphere might be like the local newspapers facing News Corp tabloids: only a few will survive (hopefully the best written ones).

    1. If this were all about money, that might be true. It isn't fortunately. Besides, it wasn't the tabloid that killed local newspapers. It was the Internet. Right?

    2. By resources I meant skilled people who have time to contribute to the site, as well as money, infrastructure, everything you need to fuel one's endeavour. But I agree money won't be deciding factor in this case.
      It depends on which side of the Atlantic you are :)
      Maybe = Internet, EN24=tabloid, individual blogs=local newspapers?

  3. If you are right, I am not too sure how successful they will be. The initial effort so far comes across as a mix of infomercial and religious sermon. There is a risk they could end up just preaching to themselves while the rest go elsewhere with a reinforced old school view on what the Goons are.

    1. To be fair, it depends a lot on which articles you read. The one about Rydis is actually very well written and interesting. But the one about destroyable stations was pure goon propaganda.
      But at the very least it gives us something new to talk about :D

    2. And I do love to have something to talk about! 8D

  4. “Mittani himself wanted the site to be called something very worthy and descriptive like ‘Internet Spaceship News’ or the like: dull enough that I genuinely can’t remember.”

    One of the first things manipulators learn in Manipulation College is how to get other people to do what you want them to do, while thinking it's their own great idea. For instance:

    Mittani: we need a great name for the site something with a real brand that's already familiar to Eve players.
    Endie: yeah right
    Mittani: how about, oh I don't know, all I can think of is Internet Spaceship News but that's so dull.
    Endie: hey! how about we call it - everyone's heard of you!
    M: do you think so?
    E: yeah it's a great idea!
    M: well I dunno..
    E: go on, it'll be awesome!
    M: well..... ok then.

    Seriously people do this all the time. All the freakin time.

    And even if it didn't happen quite like that you're taking the word of the second biggest liar in Eve and current head of the GIA about something the biggest liar in Eve said.


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