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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Moving to WH Space - Lesson #1

Among the many web sites and blogs I've read concerning wormholes throughout the years, and especially the past month, perhaps the most helpful technical site was (and still is) A Guide to Everything Wormhole. It is a great primer for anyone considering life in a wormhole, carebear or not.

Of the many recommendations and pointers it gives, one I especially paid attention too is Ships you should Bring. Everyone knows there are no market hubs in WH space. Bringing the correct ships is essential to your initial survival. Forget about profitability at first. You can't make a profit if you can't survive.

The article does a really good job of running down what a perspective WH dweller needs. I will not belabor the point. Go read the article if you are interested. You won't regret spending the time. There is one thing missing in this treatise though. It is something that I didn't even think about - big surprise eh? Before I clue you in on this crucial information, let me give you the run down on my move preparations. Perhaps you can catch my mistake as you read. If you are not interested, skip to the end.

As a complete aside, I think every established player should walk out on what they know and try something completely new from time to time. There is nothing with as much potential for personal growth as becoming a noob all over again. This doesn't mean you should give up your preferred play style. I still plan on being an industrialist and a carebear. The only difference now is that I'll have to fly even more carefully. And I'll expand my horizons as a player for it. But back to the subject at hand.

So I followed the advice in the article. I got all of my ships ready. In all, I prepared several T2 scanner capable ships. I prepared an Exhumer. I prepared a blockade runner. I prepared a PvE ship. I prepared a salvage ship.

When everything was ready, I staged the ships to a high-sec system near the K162 for my new home. This took many round trips and I was glad it was only nine jumps and not 39 jumps. As it was it took me nearly four hours to stage.

On the last staging leg, I decided to jump clone back to my home base. I know that life in a WH is frought with danger. I will lose ships. I'll probably get podded sooner or later. Jump cloning back formy last ship  would keep my current implants safe. That is the common logic of doing such a thing.

Have you guessed my mistake?

The last ship I moved was my Viator. Everything looked to be in order and staging was complete. It wasn't until I actually started to move ships into the WH that the problem showed it's ugly head  - and the pun is intended.

Have you guessed my mistake now?

If not, remember this please. For the love of all that is good in Eve online, don't forget to take into account implant bonuses to grid, CPU and capacitor BEFORE you jump clone out of a body. The ships you flew before may not work afterwards. This small warning, perhaps as a foot note on what ships to bring, would certainly prevent a lot of noobish head banging once inside the POS shields of your new home.

So, last night I spent my first full night in a wormhole looking for a good exit to high-sec son I could correct this oversight. There were three connections. One was our static out and the other two were K162s that led to C2 systems. They both had static high-sec connections.

The first C2 was several tens of jumps from any market hub. It turned out to be a high-sec island on the edge of null-sec. There were 14 low-sec gates between it and the closest Empire system. The second C2 had nine force fields on d-scan. As Falstaff said in Henry the Fourth,

To die is to be a counterfeit, for he is but the counterfeit of
a man who hath not the life of a man; but to counterfeit dying,
when a man thereby liveth, is to be no counterfeit, but the true
and perfect image of life indeed. The better part of valor is
discretion, in the which better part I have sav'd my life.

We bubbled the second K162.

The best route was our static. It was five jumps through low-sec to Empire. Then it was hell and damnation far away from where I needed to go. I suppose I could have jumped into my original body from the butt ugly end of high-sec, but I decided to wait for a better connection. Perhaps tonight will be the night I can put my error behind me. Until then, at least I am getting some good scanning (direct and otherwise) practice. Not much else is going to happen until I resolve my implant impasse.

Fly careful.


  1. Lots of towers doesn't have to mean lots of trouble, or even lots of activity. Check for silos first, and if there are plenty then the likelihood is that the system won't be active at all, as it's just set up to run a large number of reactions.

    1. Ah, true enough and Tur even said as much. He educated me that they could also just be there to stop ninja POS emplacements. However, it was late and he decided to just bubble it. I was able to correct my implant impasse last night and bring another ship in so all's well - for now.

    2. You'll get your w-space legs over time, and probably sooner than I did. I was a scared bear for months when first moving to w-space. There is a lot to learn.

    3. I am really interested in the industrial part of WH.. Ive rather recently (only a couple months) started an industrial alt but I find the lack of "danger" of highsec is not really pulling me off my combat main enough. I however am really interested on the paranoia and such of WH life would infuse in an industrial char, and also the fact that producing stuff inside the WH means not having to go to market hubs and as such, is a big help for the whole operation. (also I have that "why build it for 9 isk when I can buy it for 10 isk which also keeps me away from building stuff for my main which was going to be the main focus of that alt).

      Anyway, Im really interested on how your foray into WH industrialization will pan out and Im looking forward to more of your posts.

  2. Soon you will learn how to roll your static for a favorable static ;) good luck though I have been doing a class 3 for over a year on and off it can be both boring and exciting depending if you don or do have surprise visitors


  3. Welcome to the last frontier in space and by far the best crowd of pilots. After a while in WHs you will see /local in Empire as cheating and press d-scan even if you are docked. Fly dangerously and hope to see you soon one one of your PI runs ;-)

    1. LOL I always think it is sooo damn funny when I find myself suddenly realizing I am in hisec, have been there a while, passing thru a 1.0 system and I'm cloaked, spamming dscan and looking for probes in the sky... sheesh... =]

      "A year inna hole changes a man..."

  4. I've actually got a pair of identically setup Jump Clones. After getting my head cut off in a class 4, and then being podded to add insult to injury I made a pair of JC's that are set precisely the same. Expensive? Yes, but worth it. The next time I pop my head in a WH and wonder if Mabrick is going to end my visit I at least know I won't be having to rebuild a JC.

  5. Ouch - yeah, that's the problem with the fitting implants. You get used to them, fit ships so tightly that they get crippled without the implants, and then once they get blasted out of your skull in a podding, you're left with half a hangar's worth of ships that you can't fly anymore.

    My solution was simply to make sure I can fly my fits without implants. There's only a limited number of Genolutions out there, for one thing, and that six-slot can also be used to make your ships do more interesting things...

  6. Heh, I was thinking and thinking and thinking and then I gave up and read on. Then I realized why I could not guess it. I have given up on implants other than +4 attrribute ones after i moved to WH space, I think I even forgot for some time that they exist.

    Then again, I am the person who would see that 12 jump lowsec route going through Rancer, Amamake or Tama and think of running their gatecamps as a fun challenge, and when I'm really feeling frisky late at night I decide to do experimental things like whether I can break a gatecamp with one ship.

    You get weened off implants that way, I can tell you :)

    1. I never paid them much never mind. Then CCP gave us those the CA-1 and the CA-2. Wow, free implants! Popped them right in. Yeah, I think I'm going to forget about them after these are gone. Heh, heh... they'll probably go with the ships I can't fly right without them come to think about it. None of this would have been an issue if I'd just stuck to transports and mining barges.

  7. Welcome to w-space!

    I've really enjoyed it and am still learning tons of stuff. I might be heading out of W space now as soloing it is very isolated indeed.

    One tip that might help with fitting issues - quite often a module can be offlined. All offlining does is stop you from benefiting passively or activating it quickly which is not needed for some modules. A lot of my ships carry offlined probe launchers. If I'm scanning I'm probably ok to wait 60 seconds to get it functional. With something like a Viator all it really needs are cargo expanders and a cloak. You could probably dance between offlining the prop mod to turn the shields on (handy for hi sec afk autopiloting) and offlining the shields to use the prop mods.

    I'm writing a series of posts on W space life at the moment - the next one is about tips for scanning using probes. That should be up today or tomorrow.

  8. Did you pack some shuttles ? Always pack shuttles ! (By the way, some != 57 shuttles ... If I ever find the corpmate who thinked it was good to import a 50+ strong batch of shuttle in my corporate hangar !)

    Also add a lot of T1 astrometrics frigate, and if you can, a good practice is to include a little alt in a T1 astrometrics frigate for probing the way again in case of accident :)

  9. Its a interesting subject Wormhole space, I has more appeal to me then low and null, looking forward to read more about it.

  10. Mabrick, this is a lot more interesting than you mining in highsec. Keep it up.


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