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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mabrick's KotW

... or is it?

The night before last I'd had enough of 17% tax rates. The C3 HBHI owns has more InterBus owned orbital stations than HBHI owned orbital stations. It's a damn annoyance to be sure. Last night Tur and I decided to start doing something about it. In a WH that's risky, but you have to do what you have to do.

The tough part is that Interbus Customs Offices have 10,000,000 shields, 2,500,000 armor and 2,000,000 structure. I don't think I really appreciated how much that was until we started getting down to the business of blowing one up.

Tur was in a Typhoon Fleet Issue and I was in my blaster fit Dominix. It might not be able to get close enough to kill sleepers, but it has no trouble hitting customs offices. Tur was using Warden sentry drones as well. I had out a flight of Ogre Is. After about 30 minutes, Strigon Leader, our fleet commander, joined us in a Machariel with 800 artys and more sentry drones.

Two and a half grueling hours later we were greeted with a beautiful explosion.
I even got Final Blow and Top Damage! Go me! <Sarcasm> It only took about 10,000 rounds of ammo. </Sarcasm>
If this is what a POS bash is like, I'll leave that to Goonswarm. They at least have the numbers to make quick work of it. And to think they call mining a mind numbing and boring past time. Good grief!

Fly careful.


  1. Interesting comment on structure shooting. Although I would imagine that most people who shoot them would say they do it to get more pvp.

  2. Get a Dreadnought. If you have battleship 5 from any faction, you can get a dread in no time.

    1. Coupla things Gevlon, getting a dread into a WH is not always that easy, half the time you have to build it there. If you do and you decide to leave the WH you have to self-destruct the Dread and you will get the minimum payout. Kinda harsh for a "convenience" item. Even if you can move it in (and can reasonably expect a chance at getting it out) bringing a dread to a POCO bash is a terribad idea.

      If a cloaky scout sees you (and in a WH you always operate on the theory that SOMEONE is there unless you know for certain there isn't) you assume someone is watching. A dread in siege can't move, and can easily be tackled by Hictors or even by standard points as it ends siege. Not really worth it for a POCO bash especially when the escort happens to be 2 other guys.

    2. One more comment about having to explode them in the hole: if you built it in a hole, you get no payout. You can only insure ships in high-sec. If you can't fly it in, you can't fly it out.

      But if I COULD get one in, I'd sure as hell do it. It would have been worth it to do just about anything else for two hours!

  3. Welcome to the Wonderful World of Structure Bashing!!! The single biggest snorefest in EVE! =]

    And FYI, to any who read this, I took the next one down to 50% shields.... solo. Then Mab joined me and we finished her off. Whew... =P


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