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Monday, August 13, 2012

Do Carebears have Claws?

I am a carebear. More than that, I am a high-sec carebear. But even more than that, I am an Eve blogger. As such, there is a certain trust between myself and my reader. The trust is simple. Without it, anything I say could be held up to the light and found to be as thin, as substantive as a sheet of cotton candy and just as likely to dissolve in a light rain. What is this trust? Jester has it in spades. No, it's not the ability to write blog posts while asleep. It is the expertise to backup what what I write with experience. They trust I am an authority on that.

I am an authority on high-sec industry. I have mined. I have manufactured T2 items. I have run PI until my mouse button was worn through. I have made profit on all those things. And I have done it with little or no risk. Therein lies the problem. So long as I write about how to do high-sec industrialism, I am trustworthy. If you dispute what I say, it is merely opinion versus opinion. It is when I write about industry beyond the borders of empire space that I am on less sure footing. If I wonder to myself, "do I really know what I'm talking about," then certainly my readers must also ask this question.

So during the Goonswarm war, when these feelings were at their height, I resolved to do something about it. Because of that war, I made some friends. Those friends were key to helping me convert my resolution into action. Without them, I could not accomplish what I wanted to do. I wanted to leave high-sec and put my money (and my implants) where my mouth was.

From my many contacts, two solid offers came my way. Both of them would allow me to move Mabrick Mining and Manufacturing to a new system far beyond the control of CONCORD. The first gracious offer was for the corporation to take up residence in Providence. There was a system there that needed industrialized, and my new friends down there thought MABMM would be a good candidate corporation. We would have been neutrals in a NRDS area, but that was acceptable to me. The object was for Mabrick to learn and learn I would have had to do fast down there.

Then the Delve war happened. Querious fell. Catch seemed to be next on the menu. The corporation that offered to sponsor MABMM's occupation of the null-sec system in question decided to find greener pastures. They had been disaffected for some time, long before the events in Delve began. I was warned that this was a possibility and so the plan collapsed. I wish them good fortune in their new haunts and I know they are happier for the move.

Fortunately for MABMM, there was another option. While working out the details though, things within MABMM started to deteriorate. A few posts back I held up my own family as examples of whether the sandbox of Eve Online is a help or a hindrance. In that post I predicted that my pacifist brother might not stay in New Eden. That prediction has unfortunately come true. That left me with only two corp-mates. Of the two, only one is currently able to play. The other no longer has the means thanks to a very hot day and a puff of blue smoke from his laptop. It will likely be some months before my son can join me again.

Those events made the plan we were formulating impossible for the time being. It takes at least three to comfortably pull it off. Only a fool would attempt it alone and, though I have been called one on this blog, I am no fool. A single person cannot run a large POS by themselves.

So we altered the plan. This will work out much better in fact. It will give me time to learn a few things that are critical to the future success of MABMM. It also gives me a chance to not worry about my big mouth getting the fourth person in MABMM, the one who can still play, war-decced. He is a noob after all, and with less than five million SP prefers the safety of high-sec industrialism to where I am going.

Yes, Mabrick has left Mabrick Mining and Manufacturing. I have turned the CEO position over to my trusted friend Kao Jai. During my absence, I know he will continue to run MABMM well and profitably. I certainly left them with enough of a grubstake to see that happens.

I myself have joined a new corporation: Hiigaran Bounty Hunters Inc. I am joining Capt. TurAmarth ElRandir and his clan in their class three wormhole. I will spent time with these wormhole veterans learning how to live there; learning how to run a business there; learning how to make a profit there. The resources are vast. The profit potential is great. The risk is tremendous. I have already suffered my first loss thanks to a Tengu and a Sleipner, but I am undaunted.

So begins Mabrick's journey to become more authoritative in what he writes. I already know life in a wormhole is dangerous. I know it is an unforgiving expanse. I know I will have to defend my new corp-mates and our home with every ounce of my ability. I know what must happen. I have to grow sharper claws.

Fly careful.


  1. Good luck with the move Mabrick! I've spent a little time in WH space. And I too have lost a Tengu in there. But I also made enough isk in one visit to cover the Tengu and then some.

    Do care bears have claws? Yes, some of us do. As I'd posted the other week, not long into my Eve career (less than a year of playing) I joined up with a low sec group in an interesting location. Did my mining and industry, and defended our little pocket of space, even through a war. Heck, I was in the top 5 on our kill board for two months, and I'm not a kill board watcher (my corp mates were though, and they felt I was no longer a care bear). I am prone to being a care bear, but with my experience in low I've learned how to protect myself, my assets, and still be profitable while running multiple POS's.

    Like you we're making a change. A few real life friends who I play with are coming along with me to make a new high / null indy corp. We've found our new hi-sec home system on the edge of Providence and have a lot of opportunities. We like the NRDS policy in Providence and in a few months will work on being there as well. We've also found some interesting low sec areas to work and are just figuring out possibilities now.

    I have to say, change is good. You don't have to go out looking to gank the first person you see, but knowing how to PVP takes some of the fear and mystery out of it. It's also shown me that I can defend myself from attack, even when in an Orca, and win the day (I think my ganker was more than surprised when an Orca took his cruiser down before his friends could arrive).

    So, looking forward to reading about your experiences in W Space. And who knows, maybe we'll see you in there some time chasing us out of your system! ;)

    1. Many thanks! Good luck in your new corporation and just remember, it may be NRDS out there, put that doesn't keep the neutrals from shooting you. CVA doesn't enforce their rules when it comes to neutrals. Don't expect anyone to come to your rescue. They most likely won't. That was part of my course of instruction when I was actively working on moving to Providence. I am certain it still holds true.

    2. Oh Mabrick, I've learned the lesson well in low. Anyone not blue is there to shoot me. Mining low sec we had a few simple rules for folks with us.

      -Watch Local
      -Watch DScan
      -Notify of any +1 neut
      -Wrap up and get to POS

      If we encountered someone looking for a few quick kills it invariably went down the path of being baited in local. My favorite hostile started out with, "Hello Bots," and went downhill to a very pathetic attack on our POS.

      For your new venture, keep mashing that D-Scan button! And have fun!

      Oh, and reading below, I don't shoot pods either. Just not cool on any level.

  2. Good luck out there. I'll look forward to the tales of W-Space. Thanks for being something of a hi-sec mentor. I'm building my skills, I'll be building my crew, I'll be out there sooner or later. Don't fire too fast on nosey Space Noobs next year!

    1. Fear not Space Noob. I do not shoot tourists. I've already made that clear to my new corp-mates. I also don't shoot pods. It's just the way I am. However, be advised the POS will shoot you automatically and from much farther away than you'd think. Be careful when being nosey. The cat isn't the only thing curiosity kills.

  3. Guess I should wade in... I too have 'gone public' with the newz over on my blog.

    Welcome Mab! And whatta welcome it was huh? =P

    This past Saturday, while on that long train ride home, runnin L2 & 3 mishes in my Phoon of Deth and wafflestompin fleets of NPC frigs... (simply too funny!) I kept wondering at the Sandbox and the MetaButterfly Effect that brought us together. And how will it be, with two bloggers in th' hole... two very different perspectives on life, deth, risk & reward in W-space...?

    I look forward to the next months moar than I have looked forward to almost anything in EVE... other than getting outta null and back inna hole!

  4. Oh what a shame to have missed that opportunity to offer you a place. As you might have been able to guess, I too am a wormhole space resident and we have just set up our own independent alliance that would have been well served by having an industrialist of your caliber on board.

    Well maybe when you are looking for a new place that is slightly more upscale than C3, or maybe captain ElRandir even wants to join up with us (one can dare to hope)

  5. EP, I will allow that it was a masterstroke on my part to proffer our services. But keep in mind, we were Mab's SECOND choice... he was working on the move to NPC Null only when that fell through did he turn to this most dangewus of choices.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but as I understand it you inhabit a C4 or higher hole... would this not pose, problems, for someone this new to the Tao of Holes?

    My corpmates and I had long, long discussions on the impact a C3 would have on a dyed in the wool carebear. You may not know this but it has already cost him... (but I'll let 'im tell that tale...)

    As for me, I know not if you follow my blatherings, but if you do you should know I will most likely leave EVE before I would leave HBHI... But, please know I am sincerely flattered and honored at your kind words.

    1. True, some of us live in a higher class wormhole, but we aso have a wormhole academy in a lower class one which has easier access to empire and specializes on teaching people the first steps of wormhole life.

      Also, since I _do_ follow your writings, I also know you do not trust lightly. I would also never suggest switching corps, but we have an alliance of wormhole corporations we are building up where everyone can live in their own system ;)

      In any case I wish you and Mabrick the best of luck and maybe we will cross paths out there one day.

  6. Mabrick, its a shame your brother quit over our silly little wardec. Its also a shame that you didn't get to experience the fun that is providence. I believe you will have fun in your wormhole.

    1. Actually, it wasn't thar at all. He said it was because he didn't have time for such a complicated game. It is a shame though.

  7. Good luck with your new endevour Mabrck! I hope you'll find planty of fun, and things to write about!:)

  8. Fly careful Mabrick, may the WH bring you more joy then tears.


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