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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Goons, if you can't take the heat please get out of the fire.

I don't do much Twitter work. I'm not the type to give a moment-by-moment monologue of my activities. I also find the format to be substandard for my purposes. There is a place for Twitter in this multiverse but blogging isn't it. I don't even throw links into the Twitter sphere any more. It just isn't that good of an advertisement media.

One thing I do concerning Twitter is respond to mentions. So it was I received this post last week,
Elecktra Blue ‏@Azael_F0X
@Mabrick Honestly, your latest blog concerning Goonswarm is the worst article yet, you are beginning to sound like Fiddler's Edge
To which I responded,
Mabrick ‏@Mabrick
@Azael_F0X Perhaps... But my traffic stats for the blog is through the roof. *cheesy grin*
And that garnered this response,
Elecktra Blue ‏@Azael_F0X@Mabrick So basically you admit to journalistic sensationalism, as long as we are both being honest here #tweetfleet #eveonline
Now, this illustrates clearly the issue with using such a limited medium like Twitter. There is no way to adequately address an observation like this using Twitter. The format is far too short. Fortunately I have a blog. It is more than adequate to address this observation.

So, is Mabrick's Mumblings a sensationalist blog? Yeah, it is. By definition, sensationalism[1] is,
a type of editorial bias in mass media in which events and topics in news stories and pieces are over-hyped to increase viewership or readership numbers Sensationalism may include reporting about generally insignificant matters and events that don't influence overall society and biased presentations of newsworthy topics in a sensationalist, trivial or tabloid manner.
That is, in fact, one of the things I do with Mabrick's Mumblings. It is very interesting when you have a blog and you see that all your topical posts get a very ho-hum response and all your controversial pieces shoot through the roof. As proof of this fact, I offer these statistics.
These are my top 10 all time most popular posts as measured in number of page views. Throw out the Eve UI post as there are a lot of views from people looking for fighter cockpit pictures for some reason. Of the remaining nine, seven are posts about the Goons. They are obviously the desired topic of the moment. That gives me something I can use: sensationalism as a weapon.

But first, some background is in order. The Goons started this. They began by waging an economic war that threatened my livelihood and every other industrialist in New Eden. Notice my second biggest draw is the post Reward for my Hard Work is all I Ever Wanted. The Goons threw a big monkey wrench into that now didn't they? So, strike one it was.

Then, the Goons bank rolled Hulkageddon. Once again they were the provocateurs. That was not a good month to be an industrialist, but it was only a month. After that things would become normal again, right? Wrong! The Mittani decided to make Hulkageddon forever. That was strike two. That's when I decided to try and bolster my fellow industrialists by pointing out that nothing really lasts forever in my post The Legacy of The Mittani (4th most popular.)

Because of this post, Goon Swarm Federation (GSF,) the largest alliance in all New Eden, declared war against Mabrick Mining and Manufacturing - then a corporation of two. For such a large organization, they are very thin skinned. They had made threats for weeks about doing just this to those who dared say anything bad about them. That reminds me of Scientology but that is not the topic of this post. I knew there was a danger when I wrote the post. And indeed, the Goons fulfilled my low expectations. That was the third strike, and to mangle a metaphor, the gloves came off.

Now, I can't fight GSF ship for ship, but I can bring my "pen" to bare. They don't like the bad press? Too bad, I don't like being war decced. However, I accept that as part of the game. The Goons need to get real too. If they don't want the negative press they can always change how they behave. What's that Goon Swarm? You don't want to change. Then harden the frack up. You're going to get bad press when you screw around with me. I'm not going to match your thousand ship fleets, but in this medium we are equal. No amount of QQ from you will stop me.

But the facts are, I'd rather write posts about the mining barge changes that are coming (9th most popular post.) I find much more satisfaction in comments left there than some of the claptrap I get with Goon posts. To be sure, there are a few interesting comments left on those posts - but it's not where my heart is. I am an industrialist. I make things. I like blogging about making things. Blogging about Goons is not my idea of fun.

So here's the deal Goons. You leave me alone and I'll leave you alone. You stop declaring war against me and my way of life, and I'll put away the +4 Sword of Sensationalism. Otherwise, get used to the literary abuse.

Fly careful.

[1] This is not to be confused with Yellow Journalism. This blog does not dip to that low. In order to be Yellow Journalism, these five (5) aspects must be met.
  1. scare headlines in large print, often of minor news
  2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
  3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
  4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
  5. dramatic sympathy with the "underdog" against the system.
I typically don't use pictures and they are certainly not lavish when I do. I never fake interviews, use misleading headlines, use pseudoscience (quite the contrary) or use "outside experts." All opinions are my own. And I almost never blog on Sundays, today being an exception. If you must have a comic strip here is one of which I am quite fond. Enjoy!


  1. I was bumming about youtube a few days ago when I came across this:

    At first I was disheartened, because I realised that the SoCo would probably lose the war for Delve. But then I realised, that for the same reasons, the goons could also be defeated. Not just in Delve, but in EVE.

    Goons do not like being called the bad guys. It was a strange realisation, but increasingly they are striking out at people who, like you, point out their evils. This struck me as strange to start with, I had always assumed that goons revealed in the chaos they created, or did they? The CFC leadership might enjoy the negative attention, but does the average goon grunt?

    At around the 7min mark methods for breaking the will of the grunt are discussed. The thought occurred to me that the Achilles heel of goonswarm might be their grunts perception of themselves and that this might be why the goons are striking out against dissenters in highsec.
    GSF leadership might not care if people like you point out why they are bad people, but I am quite sure that the average grunt does not enjoy being called a bad person because of the people and alliance he or she chosen to fly with.

    Mabrick, your blog posts on Goonswarm have been very insightful, even keeping in mind your status as an armchair psychologist. I sincerely hope that you never allow yourself to be silenced by goons or anyone in the CFC, because one day, I hope to point back here and say "this was the pinprick that started the cascade".

    1. I think you don't understand your average Goon or CFC member as well as you think. Being one, I'll have you know that pieces like this (that come up all the time) are shared around and chuckled about by your average member. Most of us revel in being "bad". Derogatory statements about us are taken as compliments.

    2. As I say over at The Edge, most Goons are decent souls, if prone to mischief. I call no few of them friends. In fact it's the goodness in their nature that makes them such loyal souls and prone to being led astray by Mittens and his more cynical brethren. Misguided as the rank and file Goons are, I expect no few of them to stand between me and Mittens when I come calling.

      Any hurtin' I will put on them in the course of this fracas will grieve me no little bit. Sad times, I tell you, that they must reap the sorrowful harvest Mittens has sown for them.

      Ah. It breaks the heart.

  2. If one spends anytime on the Eve-O forums you quickly start thinking that all of Eve is like the goons. The prolific “bad posting” by the goonspin department is bent on creating that perception, and to be honest they are very good at it. But honestly that could not be further from the truth. Once again the silent majority is misrepresented by the vocal minority.

    I really enjoy experiencing the breath of fresh air one receives when reading this blog. I was actually introduced to this blog by reading Fiddler’s Edge :) Another class act I love to follow. I will forever see Mittens as the guy with the “chin pussy” *chuckles* that image will forever dominate my view of him! As far as Eve-O, CCP Blogs, anything Soundwave says, they only receive a cursory overview anymore. One already knows the predominate tone of what will be said before it is even posted.

    So thank you Mabrick for your willingness to pen the “literary abuse.” Your "stepping up to the plate" along with Mord's and a few others,keeps hope in me alive for another day. Refreshes the understanding that Goons will fall, New Eden is worth fighting for, and there is plenty of fun to still be had in Eve Online. Just not the kind of fun some pinhead developers and their supporters are demanding at our expense.

    Never put down the pen sir o7

  3. "+4 sword of sensationalism" i love it ^_^. they are bullies and like most bullies they are hypocrites and guilty of all of the things they accuse their targets off.

    1. Except many of the people accusing Goons of being bullies exaggerate. A lot. You can look at any "Goon-hate thread" and the chances that the OP there is exaggerating is roughly 10-20 times higher than the chance of the OP understating what the Goons did to them (and in some cases, it's not even the Goons who did what they're accused of. I've seen that too).

      No, I don't support GSF or CFC and I'm never going to support them. I just think it's important to get the details straight.

  4. You're really taking yourself way, way too seriously. I can't speak for them, but there's literally nothing you can say that would have an effect.

    It's about finding stupid people with terrible opinions and shooting them, not "silencing dissenter" like you insist.

    I know you need to puff your chest and "I didn't want to undock anyway" but this works against you.

    1. Funnily enough it was the over-reaction by the Goons that really put Mabrick on the map. You can't war dec the bloke and provide a real validation for his stance on things and then go and say he was "puffing his chest".

      Goons did this and then goons dropped the WD after what was basically an embarrassing no show. No amount of ostrich behavior will ever change that.

    2. Obvious goon troll is obvious.
      See, just by voicing disapproval, just by saying something, he is having an effect. A small one, perhaps, but an effect none the less and these things tend to start small.

      PS: "Finding stupid people with terrible opinions and shooting them" is a really long-winded way of saying "silencing dissenters". Just saying, ya know.

    3. It's too late to claim nothing Mabrick could do will have an effect. He's already provoked the Goons into attempting to hound him out of the game. Fortunately, unlike some of the other people Goons have picked on, it's only making him stronger.

      He's the rifter hero against the evil space empire.

    4. The evil space empire that flies LOTS of rifters.

    5. So they're trying to force him out of the game, trying to "silence" him, but they also couldn't be bothered to turn up?

      Pick one and run with it, the argument will make more sense.

      Fact is it's amusing to watch someone like Mabrick go through a daily log of watching everyone who comes into his system and blah blah whatever because the reality is if you have your head screwed on the threat to his EvE activity is low. Miniluv fleets are like 10 guys in cheap ships.

      Their perceived "threat" of his blog and any reaction to is is fabricated in his own head.

  5. Mabrick, might want to take a look at your post on EN24. The twitter quotes on the white background look horrendous.

  6. Goon Troll Alert...
    OMG LOL "It's about finding stupid people with terrible opinions and shooting them... " really? In a game where eveyone is IMMORTAL.. that dog just don't hunt.

    Naw, Mab and Mord's textDPS is vastly moar effective than ANY ingame DPS will ever be against the Ebil Borgoon... LOL

    Look forward to every post Mab... and the 'arrangement' we discussed still stands. ;]

  7. The average member of Goons doesn't care what you think of him, neither does the average member of TEST. The CFC is a different breed of animal then the rest of Evil. We play the game differently than you and because of that we tend to look down on the rest of the Eve community, and thus the opinions of a "pubbie" isn't going to influence our morale. When has Goons ever not being able to take the heat? Ever since they were founded they've been generating heat just got the laughs. They had large segments of Eve brand them as a cancer and attempt to stomp them out. They are a oppositional alliance, their core foundation is that that they are different, and better than you. Just because they strike back at you doesn't mean they are hurt by your actions, it's just that you painted a target on your chest and they happen to be looking for something to shoot.

  8. You blog would be interesting if you actually spoke from an informed position rather than one of simple bias and bigotry against a entire and very diverse group of people. The best are the posts where you try to find some real world example to support your bigotry. BTW, Rush Limbah and O'Riley are very popular as well and they lie so much that you can't even sue them for libel. Not a very good indicator of if your writing is any good or not. Looking at it from a more informed perspective.. it seems little more than thin rationalization for your own personal hatreds.

    You are a great example of a throw back to simpler times when we hated people based on their skin colour, their religion or their political affiliation.

    1. Hey Matt, I write a blog about a game. It's fiction. Lighten up. I don't dislike the people themselves let alone hate them. I consider some of them my friends RL (and yes, I know Goons and Goon Pets.) When I write about The Mittani I ALWAYS use his full name (go ahead and check the blog.) He deserves it. He does lead the biggest alliance in Eve Online after all. I never use the diminutive nicknames (or the insulting ones) that others have hung on him. That's what you do when you respect someone. Just because his avatar and my avatar don't see eye-to-eye doesn't mean I hate him. Launching a personal attack against me and assuming I am like your vision of Rush Limbaugh (you spelled it wrong BTW) and Bill O'Riley is ignorant. You don't know me personally so have no basis by which to make such judgments. The only thing you can conclude is that we all three draw audiences through controversy by using sensationalism. Those are journalistic tools - not personal beliefs. Rachael Maddow and Jon Steward do the same thing. So please, dial it back - no one here actually hates you and we'll all enjoy it a lot more.

    2. You are correct when you say I do not know you personally, but I do know your writing, and I think that you let your bias over come you to the extent that you do yourself a disservice. I also think that calling this blog "fiction" is being disingenuous. It is about real events in a fictional universe. The characters that you are speaking about all have real live humans behind them. If I write a story denigrating the character and casting aspirations on the members of the Royal Shakespeare Society, I do not have the recourse of resorting to the "fiction" defence and nor should you have such recourse here.

      "Goons" and the CFC comprise some 50,000 people. You have interacted with a small fraction of them. It sounds like you have had some bad experiences, but when you publish articles which use language such as "Habits of the Genus Homo Goonus" you move from making a involved commentator who is giving his observations, to one of bigoted fear monger who attempts to tar people with a single brush. I am a member of the CFC (one of the original Dredditors in fact. Day 1.), and I take offence to your bias and will happily call you out on your miss information. I especially loved the article where you try to tar nearly 50,000 people as "Non-cooperators" even though the fact that they have built such a large organizations puts immediate lie to your theory (That and the very well informed post on EN24 that just demolishes everything you said in that post. From someone who is a professional in anthropology of course).

      Your posts take on a tone of "Carebears good, nul-sec corps bad!" and one that is moral in tone. You present yourself as a commentator, when in reality you have a horse in the race and are advocating in your own self interest. If you wish to present an accurate and fact based picture about the motivations of the CFC and why they act and work together the way they do, it isn't hard. You just have to put the work it to get the real story and not the story that "feels" real to you. All you have to do is ask.

    3. Thank you for your opinion.

  9. TEST Pilot here. I find this post absolutely baffling. And kind of funny. It's like someone playing for the Blue team in TF2 decided that they'll only kind of inconvenience the Red team, but certainly not kill them or take ammo packs on their side of the base. That would be evil! And then they proceed to pontificate on the poor moral character and shocking lack of e-honor to be found on the Red team when they fail to reciprocate treatment in kind. I mean, it's just so profoundly absurd that it makes me giggle.

    I read this ( where you attempt to summarize the "pew pew pilots' psyche." Setting aside for a moment how silly it is to claim to understand the motivations of a large group of (rather poorly categorized) individuals you've never met based on the affinity of a subset of them for a particular practice (i.e., killmail sharing), ummm ... no? Killmails can be entertaining, but many of us pew pew because pew pewing is intrinsically fun. It's a rush - for the same reason blowing up spies is fun in TF2, except spaceships and actual things someone built and paid for are exploding to sweeten the deal.

    All of that said, in order to care significantly about what you've got to say, I'd have to subscribe to your ideology (at least a bit) and value your opinion. Actually I do care a bit: in the same way a collector cares when he finds a new and interesting species of beetle. An intellectual curiosity to be certain, but the opinions of the beetle aren't terribly relevant to me.

    That said, if I can get a group of dudes to find you and blow you up, will you write a blog post about us? I might even print it out and frame it. It would serve as a steady reminder of just how loopy life out there in the wild gets.

    Fly dangerously.

    1. Thank you for being creative in your put down. The beetle comparison made me LOL. That said, I understand you better than you think but that's not the point of this blog or my current play style. Feel free to start a blog discussing your POV and talking smack about carebears. Or continue to use my posts. That's part of why it's here. And yes, I'd blog about you and your buddies blowing me up if you and your buddies did it with honor, panache and allowed a GF and not just an undock gank.

    2. It's honestly not meant as a putdown of you or carebears. Seriously. You're just honestly as alien in your perspective and as irrelevant to my playstyle (as anything but an entertaining target) as the aforementioned beetle.

      If shooting lasers at rocks is what you love, knock yourself out. If it's spreadsheets, I'm a passing hand at VBA. I even get that. If a big fat wallet gives you the giggles, vaya con Dios. It's not me, but not everyone has to be me and people are not bad or wrong for not being me.

      Thing is, I don't presume to know the inner workings of every carebear's mind. I certainly don't claim to have knowledge it is completely impossible (or at least extremely unlikely) for me to have and then offer up armchair amateur psychoanalysis as to what makes others tick.

      As for this honor thing, is that where we all line up and kick one another in the shins until the person with the smaller boots falls over? Perhaps we meet at dawn, back to back, pistols held at the ready? I'm not sure how one kills with panache. I could probably manage a kill with ganache, but CCP has been sadly negligent in its implementation of diabeetus mechanics.

      Maybe you're referring to this space Bushido thing I've heard so much about. I'd be down for that if it weren't completely ridiculous. That you even say stuff like this is why I say you don't get it, and quite possibly can't get it.

      A good fight, you see, is a fight I find entertaining. It, like your enjoyment for rock, rock, laser revolution, is entirely subjective. Clearly we don't find the same fights (actions, whatever) entertaining, so we'll be forever talking past each other.

      It's the same reason alliances like Nulli make "propaganda" we find hilarious enough to repost all over our forums for the lulz. They don't understand us. Their lack of understanding is so very profound that they don't even have the context necessary to insult us. And honestly my friend ... you don't either.

    3. Now this is really starting to intrigue me. I agree, carebears are a different sort. As different as engineers are from race car drivers (unless they engineer race cars.) ;)

      I've been on the PvP side - different game though and a long time ago (UO.) Is it that different in Eve? Roams in Eve seem to be identical to roams in UO. A bunch of folks get their favorite stuff together (ships in the case of Eve) and head out into the countryside looking for trouble. Of course, there is nothing in any other game to compare to a 2000 ship fleet battle. That's something I'll get to eventually.

      So what is it about being in TEST that makes you feel different? What do you get from being in TEST that you find so appealing and unique? Seriously.

      As for Bushido, my understanding of that code is that its honor went to the highest bidder. It was the Samurai that fought for reasons of honor. But I am no expert in Japanese culture. I am quite probably wrong.

      To me, honorable conduct is giving the other guy a chance to defend himself. I personally don't shoot pods. That's the way I am. I don't expect it of others. Honor in and of itself has little application in real war. And though we say Eve is real, it isn't real war. It's something we do for fun. I may lose a fight but I at least want to learn something from that fight. I can't if my ship just explodes while undocking. In real life, you only loose the fight once.

      Killing with panache is also not a real world concept. Killing is something best done quickly and efficiently. Just get it done is the best advice I've ever gotten in that area. However, since Eve is actually a game, panache is possible. Going after Kirith Kodachi ( or defending him is panache.

      So now this has turned into a mini blog post. Time to head back to the real world. It's late here.

      Fly careful.

    4. Most of the issue here seems to be that you place WAY to much of a real-world value system on a virtual environment.

      I started off in EvE mining and mission running. I've done a fair amount of exploration. Mission running. Living in WHs. Ganking people non-consensually. Engaging targets that could fight back. Stealing. Scamming. Giving to the poor. Taking from the poor. Helping new players. Running missions with them, etc. Scamming and griefing new players. Trolling. Offering constructive advise.

      I'm not a different person throughout any of this. All of this is just gameplay in a GAME, one doesn't need to look at what "type" of person one needs to be to do or enjoy any of this.

      The only time you can really see someone's real-world value system is when they insist on pushing it into the game, like you do, and making decisions based on it. You will then be seen as a carebear, because who does kill innocent people in real life?

      Fundamentally all this "analysis" is little more than you failing to understand the reason people play games at all, and placing far to much emphasis on your perceived interaction of player and game.

  10. The PVP side in EVE isn't as cut and dried as you make it seem. Nor are the reasons that people fight. While there are many EVE corps out there that are all about the kill board stats, TEST, Goons and the CFC in general aren't among them. In fact, if you care even a little bit about your kill board, I would suggest saying as far from the CFC as you can possibly get. To the point of perhaps playing a different game. It is that much of a detriment for you if you are facing off against any entity inside the CFC. If you care about KB stats, every loss is a moral blow where to the CFC a loss is just another happy pilot who got to get into some pew pew! They give no fucks about their KB Stats. Dotlan and the slope are the only stats that matter.

    One thing that you seem to be missing is that TEST views kill board warriors with the same contempt that they hold dedicated carebears and for much the same reasons. Both groups are risk adverse and, in my view at least, detrimental to an organization's ability to survive. Carebears won't undock because they are afraid of losing something and the killboard warriors won't undock unless they are assured of a win. There is only one currency that matters in EVE, and it isn't isk, it isn't ships and it isn't tech. It is active pilots who are willing to log in! If you have groups that will only do so under very restrictive conditions like KB Warriors and Carebears, then you have a major organizational problem.

    The motivations of TEST and GOONS are probably the easiest to figure out of any entity in EVE. Both groups exist to provide a community for their members to play together. That is the prime and only reason for them to exist.

    Next you have to realize that the "Carebear lifestyle" that you are so fond of simply has always been impossible for both groups. I can only speak from direct experience with Dreddit and TEST, but it is my understanding that Goons experienced nearly identical treatment. What happened in the case of Dreddit is that they were war deced from the very first day of their existence. By the end of their first month, that had grown to 4 or 5 continuous war decs by the supportive pubbies of Empire. At this time, there were rules in Dreddit against scamming, rules even about talking in local or smack talk at all! What they got in return was unending hostility and derision. So in order just to actually play this game. In order to give their industrialists a place to build stuff, their miners a place to mine and their ratters a place to rat they had to fight and fight hard from the very get go. If you go into an organization with that kind of history with the attitude that you don't want to fight, you can't expect a warm reception. Nor will you find support of that attitude from an organization with that history externally. The kind of play style that you advocate would have ment that Dreddit would never have made it past their first month and TEST wouldn't have happened at all. Your ideals are suicide and you seem to be eternally disappointed when your opponent doesn't do the honourable thing and shoot themselves in the head. Everyone said that Dreddit would go no where and the TEST was a dead end and most of those people would agree with what you say in your blog now. The reality is that there are all play styles represented inside the CFC.


  11. from above:

    What you experience external to the CFC with things like Hulkageadon and Burn Jita and the like can be summed up as "Narrative" and nothing else. Goons don't exist to make you miserable, they exist to give their members a place to play where they won't be persecuted endlessly. What you are seeing is their leadership doing things to keep their members engaged and logging in. Leadership in the CFC revolves around insuring that your members ALWAYS have something to do and friends to do it with. That means that events like Burn Jita are popular and a good way to drive group activity and build cohesion. They also serve as recruitment platforms as events like that tend to really drive new members to sign up. The fact that it makes you miserable is just a bonus really. The tears, hair pulling and wild speculation from people who, as the poster above put it "Lack the context even to insult us properly" is eternally amusing.


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