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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Barge Changes now on SiSi!

Some days it just sucks being on the west coast of North America.

I got this link from Morphisat's Blog and am sharing the wealth:

Kudos to Nuadi for putting this together so quickly!

My first impression? Gods, I love the tank on these barges! The Skiff shows an Eve HP of over 86k. Even a nano-fit Skiff has much thank as my current Hulk. Well, that really throws a wrench onto the gears of perma-geddon. I can already hear the wails...

The Ore holds are looking good too. No longer does a miner need an alt (or trusted buddy) with an Iteron V to haul out the ore. These barges can haul.

As soon as I can get onto SiSi (5 more hours at least damn it) I may have more to say.

Until then...

Fly Careful.


  1. Yes, a lot of effort went into that reddit post ! Very well done. Looks like the Hulk is getting a bit of the short end of the stick. It might get buffed a little more ?

    Otherwise it might be safer to mine in a Skiff. The mack sure looks good now as well. No longer is it just an iceminer.

  2. Another problem for permageddon is that Goons will really feel the pinch once Platinum Technite alchemy is in full swing. CCP Fozzie just announced that the new system will use a more generous ratio than had initially been stated.

    Here's what a Goon finance director had to say:
    "Yeah, it's going to be a significant reduction. Gonna have to figure out what to cut to get our expenses to a reasonable level. "

    Ever since Goons started messing with Mabrick things have gone from bad to worse for them!

  3. The curse of the Mabrick :). I like it.

  4. Looking forward to the updates! Now how do I get on the test server.....?

    1. Follow these instructions Rich:

      It's a bit of a bear - no pun intended.

  5. Thanks Mabrick. I'll try and check it out tonight. West Coast time zone, so seems like I'm always on when everyone else is off!

    1. Eh there's a few of us. Look me up sometime... EVE time is gradually (but very, very slowly) increasing to nearly-able-to-do-something-more-than-update-skills ... and for being part of SoCo, I spend the majority of my time in lowsec and even some in hisec. :-)


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