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Thursday, June 7, 2012

H-hour Minus Six

I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. If I refuse to PvP in high-sec and turtle up, The Mittani wins. He'll have stopped one more carebear from ruining his PvP utopia fantasy. If I undock and fight, The Mittani wins. I'll be part of that PvP utopia fantasy he dreams about. Either way, he accomplishes his goal.You know, I never said he wasn't shrewd or calculating. Regardless of how you feel about his vision, you have to respect his play. It's good... damn good.

Fortunately I've always been of the opinion that without PvP, without the risk, EvE would be just another lackluster MMO. Until Eve I'd never played an MMO for more than 18 months. The one I played longest was  Ultima Online. I'd like to say that was because there really wasn't anything else to play. However, I have to admit that it was probably because it was not boring. Danger never is. Eve has danger in spades. That makes accomplishments worthwhile. In Star Wars Galaxy, I was a triple-master done the hard way of the original skill tree. I ranked in the top 1% of income earners in that game. In terms of Eve I was as wealthy as the Goons. There was nothing I couldn't buy. But all that wealth was a hollow victory. Without blood, sweat and even a few tears on them, those things have no real value. They are just numbers on a screen or things in a can.

So, four years down the road and two years after starting my small business, I find myself at a cross roads. I am war-decced by the largest alliance in the game because I dared to speak my mind. (That was very Soviet Union of them. Are we sure they aren't DRF in disguise?) I've read the horror stories about how this goes. James can give you the personal account. He hasn't been able to undock since his corp was war-decced by GSF.

Now I have a choice to make. What shall I do? Stay tuned to find out.

Fly careful.


  1. Don't discount the option of selling your character and purchasing an anonymous replacement. I think that's what I would do if on the death list.

    Or then again do what I did and move to w-space. In the remote contingency the goons decide to kill me they'll have a pos bash in sub battleship size ships in some remote wormhole. Oh and it's a large pos generously decked out in ECM.

    Another option is make a 51 day alt and just skill queue/station trade with your main while doing faction war or something with your alt.

    Good luck, I'd be sorry if you had to leave Eve completely.

    1. The idea that someone else has the toon named Mabrick just doesn't appeal to me. I'm an odd bird in that I have one toon and that's the toon I play. I'll just have to keep soldiering on. As for leaving Eve because of the Goons, that's not happening. There are many other things that would have to happen first - like hell freezing over.

      The idea of moving to WH does have appeal - and not because it avoids GSF. It's like that old movie Das Boot: plenty of suspense and danger. Living by one's wits is just as appealing as living by one's business acumen. You just might run into me there one day.

    2. Another thing with w-space is it messes up character locators. You get a message the character is in some unknown place. Savvy players will know that means w-space but unless you leave a trace on the internet (like a kill or loss mail on a publicly searchable killboard) or give clues in your blog (eg my w-hole has 3 plasma, 2 gas and 1 temperate planets) then they have no idea where you are.

      Even if they determine where the hole is, why would an alliance that groans at the prospect of bashing poses with dreadnoughts want to pos bash in tengus?

      On the other hand if you really piss them off or feed them entertainment they have the resources to take out / hunt down anyone.

  2. It's a pity the NRDS Coalition isn't big enough to stand up to the CFC. Or *somebody*.

    If I give the Goons credit, that may be what they're trying to provoke. They're being true asshats in a way that's supposed to create as much broadbased anger at them as possible so that enough of the EVE population will organize and provide them with a real challenge.

    Of course, I'm not one to give the Goons credit. Almost certainly they're going around picking on the little guys because they can, and because it satisfies their inner childish bullies. They talk about "emergent game play" as if it were something interesting, but of course it's ultimately bullies being bullies. And, if somebody like the NRDS coalition did stand up to them, you'd hear all kinds of whining about how the game was being turned into "Hello Kitty Online".

    Still, as more and more small folks like you get wardecced by the Goons, either people will slowly leave and EVE will fade, or eventually, somehow, those of us who don't want EVE to be a Goon-dominated "sociopathy online" will actually manage to organize and stand up to the Goons.

    I predict the former, though. The easiest way to get a heterogeneous bunch of people to organize is just to be the biggest bully on the schoolyard, and that's how the Goons go their prominence. The fact that Goons can dominate any nullsec they want now indicates that they've already won that war.

  3. This could be a disturbing trend in the community and as it relates to the game. This takes Metagaming to a whole new level as well. By daring to speak your mind and thoughts on your own blog the one place where you supposed to have sanctuary to write and speak your thoughts the result is that you get War Dec by the biggest alliance in the game. That's very disturbing!

  4. It's heating up :

    Also, today's server graph (a Friday) barely hit 39,000. Wow.


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