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Saturday, June 9, 2012

D-day Plus Two

It's the third day of the war. I've been in space for more than 90 minutes. I'm still there as I dictate this report. I've nothing to report other than an attempted gank in a Navy Megathron one jump away. I'm not kidding, that was the report in local. It had to have been someone executing an idiot-click. I mean, who risks a Navy Megathron to Concord?

I am happy to report that Lima Foxtrot Corporation is now closed.
No, I doubt my last post had anything to do with it at all. That was evidently the intent all along. I suppose it's still possible it's a system gaming. Only time will tell on that one. It's nothing I can worry about anyway.

Tonight I've spent the entire evening setting up fast warp points outside my favorite stations. With any luck they'll keep me from getting trapped in station. I imagine that has to be just about the worst possible feeling. Sort of like being stuck in a burning building with no fire escape.

So I've been at this over two hours and it's time for some shuteye. My two other corp mates also report that there were no reds in system this evening. It certainly does make one wonder when the other shoe is going to drop. But until that happens...

Fly careful.


  1. So how does it feel to be a war correspondent?

    1. 99% boredom - 1% sheer terror: just like any war. 8p

  2. Highsec is not terribly safe for Goons flying in the ones and twos at the moment.

    An increasing number of PvPers, pirates and highsec griefers are jumping onto the Goon wardec against Honda Accord alliance. Goons that get popped by highsec pilots, particularly near Jita, are getting the treatment from their Goon brethren. As result Goon toons are getting notably scarcer in highsec.

    Remember, that chin pussy wearing' Fascist only only wins if you quit or he shuts you up.

    Stay frosty. Fly mean.


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