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Friday, June 8, 2012

D-Day Plus One

Day two of GSF versus MABMM and I'm still alive and full of implants. I left dock in a new ship I christened HMS Hood and drilled for about an hour. I'll not say how or where or what I was drilling because that's just dumb. Remember...
So I'll just keep the tactical details to myself thank you very much. I didn't see a single red the entire time. I was getting bored so I finished 5 Helios manufacturing jobs, four Helios BP invention jobs and reset my planetary production lines. It was almost like a normal day - except I kept checking local every 5 seconds.

What I will talk about are some of the really cool things that have happened as a result of this war-dec. Now, I've asked for no assistance in this war. Nevertheless, several small corporations have offered their aid pro-bono. I'd gladly accept such offers if those corporations were not already at war with GSF. Accepting their offer only produces a notice which says, "[ally] is already at war with [aggressor]." I've not decided if this is a bug or a feature. I suppose it doesn't matter much.

What does matter is that today's offer came from none other than Mord Fiddle! Sir, I am honored to accept. One of my little non-tactical secrets is that your blog played a big part in starting my blog. Yours was one of the first I came across so many years ago and I've been following ever since. It's been an inspiration; thank you.

Some other cool things that have happened arrived as emails. The first today came from Zos Tarkross. He recommends I join him and other like minded capsuleers in Providence. He points out that it's currently controlled by CVA who have an NRDS (Not Red, Don't Shoot for any rookie pilots out there) policy in place. They are also sworn enemies of Goonswarm. His is a very tempting suggestion. If I'm going to fly around looking over my shoulder for Goons all the time, I may as well be in a location that provides a larger income potential. Of course, that goes back to that The Mittani winning thing. But really, is it a loss to change venue? It's not like I'm rage quitting or pulling some self-destructive cut-off-your-nose-to-spite-your-face stunt. People move to new locations all the time in Eve. And, if the Goons still want a piece of me they can find me there just as easily. It's definitely worth thinking about!

The second email I received is, to be honest Zos, more intriguing. However, the sender specifically requested secrecy and I agree it's necessary. You all will have to wait on that one. I've got some thinking and some consulting to do with corp mates (and you thought MABMM was a personal corporation - tsk, tsk, tsk... okay, there's just three of us and we all know each other personally. It still counts.) After I discuss it with them we'll see what happens. It could be big news (for me at least.)

The last interesting thing that happen today, while I was drilling in fact, was this:
LF.C is part of GSF. The description lists it as an "alt corp" and it has one member, TheSalvationArmy. I'm not sure what this spin off will accomplish. I'm sure it's not good news for me and the other two corporations with whom the LF.C is still at war. Does anybody have any idea what they're up to?

There is one more thing about this that really, really irks me. Goon dudes, pay attention!
"LIMA FOXTROT" is the brand name adopted by Lakeshore Foundation (Birmingham, Ala.) to describe what has become one of this country's premier, comprehensive, year round, sport, fitness, and recreation programs for severely injured members of our Armed Forces. Initiated in 2006 in response to the significant numbers of injuries from conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, LIMA FOXTROT has served over 1,000 injured servicemen and women and their families, from thirty-five states and territories. Through LIMA FOXTROT these young men and women use lessons from sport and recreation to learn how to pursue life after injury.
Be dicks all you want in Eve, but use your brains and check your corporation names first to make sure you're not insulting something much greater than your silly internet spaceship antics. I know that might cause unbearable throbbing between your ears but trust me, it won't kill you. Here's a web site you can use to check for name usage in the real world. Shut up and do it.

Fly careful everyone but GSF.


  1. I could actually see the GSF choosing that name deliberately with the IRL association. If so, LF.C would be an alt corp their members can move to to prosecute wars on their targets while avoiding the other wars that have been brought to bear on GSF by the White Rose Conventicle and others.

    From their perspective, naming the corp after an IRL sport and recreation program for wounded soldiers would seem fitting for that purpose, I think.

    Just my tuppence.

    1. This just supports my statements that it was an individual goon that bought the wardec. Thanks.

  2. Maybe I wasn't paying attention but what is the reason GSF declared on you?

    1. He had the temerity to suggest that some day Mittens might fade into obscurity and no longer be notable.

    2. An individual goon paid a director to wardec mabrick. It wasn't The Mittani. Repeating myself and watching hilarious Krixtal-esque conspiracy theories is annoying. Especially when I saw what happened.

  3. The Mittani actually tweeted about my OP on the Forums. I thanked him for the advertsing, and he did not like that at all :D

    The Mittani‏@TheMittani

    FORUM ALERT: I am literally Hitler; hisec miners are JUST LIKE Jews in WW2. You can't make this crap up. #tweetfleet

  4. Okay, the post has been corrected. No more "personal corporation". :)


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