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Monday, May 7, 2012

What hi-sec carebears really need.

During World War II, a group of civilians built airstrips on coral atolls for the U.S. Navy (and many other things.) [Edit: my mis-communication - as Corelin (?) correctly points out, they were all uniformed servicemen. I should have clarified they were civilians with specific skills the Navy actively recruited for the war effort.] The Navy referred to them by their acronym. We call them...
Their motto? "We build. - We fight."  They didn't wait until the bullets stopped flying to build the airstrips. They didn't wait until the coast was literally clear. They raised their bulldozer blades as shields and welded steel plates to their grader cages. The sooner fighter-bombers got onto an island the faster the island became secure; the faster they could move on to the next island; the quicker they got to go home.

When suddenly confronted with combat, they Seabees did not run away. When the fight was thrust upon them, they grabbed their rifles and joined the defense. They did not shrink away like cowards, complaining that life was unfair.

Hi-sec has been attacked. The war is upon us whether we want it or not. How will carebears respond? Shall we cower in Empire protected stations and hope the enemy eventually goes away? Or, will we become the Seabees of hi-sec?

Here is my answer to that question.

                    [Seabee Orca][1]

                    2x Medium Shield Transporter II
                    Medium Remote Armor Repair System I

                    Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
                    100MN Afterburner II
                    EM Ward Field II
                    Thermic Dissipation Field II

                    Reinforced Bulkheads II
                    Damage Control II

                    3x Large Core Defense Field Extender I

                    5x Medium Shield Maintenance Bot I
                    5x Light Shield Maintenance Bot I

                    [Seabee Hulk][2]

                    3x Modulated Strip Miner II

                    Medium Shield Extender II
                    2x Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
                    Upgraded Thermic Dissipation Amplifier I

                    Micro Auxiliary Power Core II
                    Damage Control II

                    Medium Core Defense Field Extender I
                    Medium Ancillary Current Router I

                    5x Hornet EC-300
                    5x Light Shield Maintenance Bot I

These are not inexpensive fits - and they require some fair skill to fly. They do not maximize mining yield. They maximize survival. This Orca should be able to protect a small mining fleet against a small griefer gang. The Hulk pilots can protect each other without the Orca. Together, they are a formidable force that can protect less experienced miners. Throw in a few noobs in mining catalysts, et al, and you've got a task force. What griefer gang would bother a fleet like this? No alliances are needed. Only a common purpose and the will to resist. The choice is yours. I've already made mine: they are my default mining fleet fits.

Fly careful.

[1] The Orca is based mostly from the supertanker Jester posted here.
[2] The hulk is fitted courtesy of ideas from Agony Unleashed as posted here.


  1. A good post. Too many players are whining about why CCP doesn't do anything to protect them. CCP has done plenty. The only guarantor of YOUR security in EvE is YOU. And even then it is far from a watertight guarantee. Still you can do all this, you can watch D-Scan and you can protect yourself. I've seen Hulk groups protected by Basis and Falcons, and others with ECM and RR drones out and active. I know it sounds corny but when shit hits the fan the best ship is friendship. Even if it's just to give the bad guys someone else to shoot at.

    Also: Seabees were sailors in the Navy (Seabee = CB = Construction Battalion.) They were construction workers before the war but put their skills to use doing what they did best. Had they been civilians they would have been subjected to summary execution by the Japanese. Of course the Japanese mostly would have done that anyway, but we were at least trying to follow the laws of war.

  2. Good post. I tried to work something out for Hulks too, but its pretty tough to make a legitimate tank for them. I might switch out the remote armor rep for a siege warfare link (I've got the Shield Harmonizing II in mind), but outside of that, this looks like your best bet.

  3. For a larger hulk fleet the orca is better of doing what it's designed to: to boost the fleet. A Warfare link-shield harmonizing and Armored warfare link - passive defense would give more help than those shield transporters.

    1. You are correct Gevlon. I just can't fit those modules... yet.

  4. Personal note for me in relation to this post. I served 8 years in the US Navy as a enlisted man in Engineering. The first ship I ever served on was the USS Marvin Shields FF1066 stationed in San Diego. Served on it for 2 years from 1990-1992 before it was decommissioned. Shat ship was actually named after a "Seabee" Marvin Glenn Shields who was the only Seabee to receive the Medal of Honor for heroism during Vietnam War under enemy fire assigned to his batallion unit. He was mortally wounded in the day long fight to beat back the enemy and protection of his unit that earned him the Medal of Honor. He was a "Seabee" and seabee's do fight.

    So i was quite proud to serve on that ship during the last 2 years of its life in early 1990's That was a awesome ship with a great spirit and i always remember the good times. That ship had a motto as we all used to call it the "Can do" spirit. That attitude helped us earned many navy awards for shipboard operation and engineering excellence in operations. The ship logo emblem for the ship was also a "Can do" spirit that came from the fighting construction bee.

    So when I saw and read the post, it threw me back a few years remembering my first navy ship assignment to a ship that was named after a Medal of Honor Seabee and i think the only one to received that award during that War Era.

    Now if all the small scattered construction and manufacturing core in high sec can band together for a good cause, just maybe it could get interesting.

    1. I salute you! And thank you for sharing your personal history. I very much enjoyed it.

    2. I hadn't heard of the Seabees before. It's quite something to discover this fascinating and inspiring unit, but also to discover that though you, AD, we have a very tenuous connection with them.

  5. Thanks Mabrick, I'm not great at fitting tanked ships as when I played EVE my first time around I didn't do any PvP :S This will really help for when I get back :D

    1. I recommend you add at least Jester's Trek (see link at bottom of post) to your blog list then. He has a Fit of the Week and does an excellent job of explaining the whys and the wherefores of them.

  6. My preference is to use 2 Rokhs for mining an Orca with the 2 good mining links and a Siege Warfare Link - Shield Harmonizing. I can get 160k EHP on each of the Rokhs, and over 260k EHP for the Orca. It's not technically gank-proof, but it's close enough. In the worst case, if some (large) group actually manages to gank me I've got a good story!

    Of course the nasty bit about Rokhs is having to move ore to the Orca every 30 seconds or so. You have to counter-cycle the mining lasers just to make sure you don't overfill the hold each cycle. It's a lot of micro-management.


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