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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Some days profit just falls in your lap.

Yesterday morning I took Space Ghost II out to see if I could find any WH anomalies. There were none. However, there was a mag site (useless) and a radar site (whoopee!) It was early in the day so I was hopeful the radar site was still intact. I returned to dock quickly and got Peeping Tom, my exploration Arazu, to do the actual checking.
This looked promising. I proceeded to the site ready to take it from any Serpentis guarding it.
Being blinded by the bright-shiny I found myself in when I dropped from warp turned out to be the only threat. The site was completely unoccupied. That bothered me. Unoccupied sites typically are unoccupied because there is nothing of value left to guard. I was certain someone else had beaten me to the site. Still, there were three Info Shards to hack in order to know for certain. I got to work.
I successfully hacked the first Info Shard on the second cycle and was happy to discover there was something there after all. The site had not been looted yet. I quickly burned over to the other two Info Shards and liberated their contents. There was no opposition to my plundering. It was easy ISK. I only hoped there'd be something of value in the haul.
And howdy was there! ISK doughnuts is what I call Engagement Plans and Collision Measurements. They look like doughnuts but they taste like pure profit. No ammo used. Less than 15 minutes expended. It'd take me longer to move them to market than they took to acquire. Fortunately I had other things I needed to move to market so the trip was already in the plans.

It took me a bit over two hours to get the price I wanted for the Collision Managements but demand is good. The prices are even higher (like everything else) than the last time I made free ISK like this.
Sixteen and a quarter million in profit - now that's something to smile about. Too bad it isn't that easy every day.

Fly careful.

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