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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

No pink-green icing here.

And as is he who unwills what he willed, and because of new thoughts changes his design, so that he quite withdraws from beginning, such I became on that dark hillside: wherefore in my thought I abandoned the enterprise which had been so hasty in the beginning. - Dante's Inferno
Inferno is out and so are all the complainers. This time it's the Unified Inventory. Capsuleers are upset because it is totally useless... totally unusable... totally broken... too difficult for most things... worse than before... I give up. Why are people so upset?

Yes, it is different than before. Yes, it looks like Windows Explorer. It also looks like OS X Finder and Linux File Browser. The tree structure is the default paradigm in item management whether it be files or missiles. It has been since monitors were added to computers.  Back in my university days, our DEC, Prime and UNIVAC systems all offered tree oriented file management programs (yes, that was a long time ago - get over it.) When we started exploring the possible uses for the microcomputer (as PCs were first called) we all used XTree to manage the files on those new DOS driven devices. The paradigm is as old as you are.

So what is the real problem here? Change? Life is change. Progress is change. Everything new under the sun is change.

I am well aware that there are those for whom change represents a potential loss of control. Is that what this is all about? The loss of control? The realization that you might have to start over; learn a new way of doing something? Don't be ridiculous. That's like this famous song lyric - only worse.
(But damn, could she sing!)
CCP is damned if they do and damned if they don't. There is nothing they can do which will please everyone. But this time, the complaints are particularly juvenile IMO. Already CCP is moving to address issues (and there will always be issues going into production on anything.) We could have helped make it easier though, if everyone would have taken Jester's advice and gone to Singularity to test it first. CCP told you what was coming. How many of these complaints could have been avoided if more capsuleers would have taken the time to help with the beta? It wasn't like you weren't asked to provide feedback.

"But 80% of EvE players don't read blogs or keep up with what's coming in the game," you say. True, but they aren't the ones complaining. They don't read the forums, or post complaints - remember. That tells me the complainers are the ones who stay informed. WTF? Have you been asleep the last several weeks?

I logged in to Singularity. I ran through my normal business using UI - twice. It took a little getting used to but I found it better for the way I run things - much better in fact. I love having all my containers available in one list. It's efficient.

IMO, the new Unified Inventory is a tasty goody. It's a good recipe, and with a little care concerning the ingredient ratios and some oven temperature management, it will be a gourmet dessert - sweet and full-flavored. Everyone who is trying to make this into MacArthur Park needs to chill. You're out of line on this one.

Fly careful.


  1. I did go to Singularity. Myself and others all voiced concerns and warned that the UI in its current state would not be well received and delaying its release should be considered. We were ignored.

    It's not that it doesn't show promise, but as it exists it is a barrier to gameplay. It was not ready.

    1. I respectfully disagree sir. It fits my game play very well - no barrier at all. And, I saw your feedback on the forum so I hope you don't think I aimed that at you personally. I did not. I began this post after Jester's HTFU post but before your post today (which was a good one BTW.) My scheduled post happening right after your's is purely coincidental and not a happy one I think.

      Any way, from what I've read, players are really upset because it makes fitting ships and ship management more difficult (I include POS management in that.) However, it makes my management of loads and loads of containers and industrial stuff easier. It also frees up screen space so it's easier to have a couple market windows open as I decide what and where to sell/buy. There is a new synergy between market and inventory that I hope CCP iterates on. But back to the original observation, it looks like a shooters versus builders situation doesn't it? The more EvE changes, the more it stays the same.

  2. I hear what you are saying, but if the Unified Inventory System doesn't suit all gameplay styles, then it shouldn't exist as the single and only solution. It's all very well that it suits your chosen playstyle - great, they've made a useful tool for marketeers - but why force the same system on other play-styles if it doesn't suit them?

    One size does NOT fit all.

    1. I could say the same thing about non-consensual PvP... but I won't.

  3. I have to admit that I don't get what people don't like about the new inventory interface. Yes, in a POS, it's cluttered and a mess, I get that. But when you're in the station? When you take a few minutes to get used to it, it really is much more usable and powerful than the old way of doing things.

    I suspect that a lot of people figured out tricks for working with the old way of using things-- tricks to work around the fact that the old inventory system was a very basic, rather kludgy system. Now that a somewhat more modern system is in place, the tricks don't work.... I really suspect that if a lot of people actually spent some time with it (and not that much), and were open to learning it rather than hating it because they can't use it blind the way they've used the old system for 7 years, they might come to realize that, yes, it has advantages.

    The whining really is pretty extreme this time around, I agree.

    Oh, and, by the way, this is more like my own personal view of the Linux filesystem manager:

  4. I just don't get the point. The previous inventory was good. There was no point changing it. Currently we need to click more to do the same as before.

  5. I have to admit I actually like the new UI for managing stuff in stations, I think a lot of complaints on that side are pure "This is different and I don't like different" that will go away as people get used to it; in particular I've

    That said, I have a few problems of my own with it - it makes Orca management in space a bit of a pain in the backside, as the tree view only shows all or none of the corp hangars, which take up a lot of vertical space, even though I only care about 1 hangar. It also seems to take longer to populate with the contents of wrecks, and the newly opened container isn't made focus automatically which it used to be.
    To compare:
    Old system:
    Open Wreck > Crtl+A > Drag all loot to cargo
    New system:
    Open Wreck > Wait 1-2 seconds for inventory to populate > Click on item in wreck > Ctrl+A > Drag to cargo
    Not a massive difference, but quite frustrating when you have to do it over and over for 30+ wrecks.

    So yeah, it may work perfectly for you, but it's not brilliant across the board.

    1. I've not had a chance to loot wrecks yet. However, is the "Loot All" button gone?

    2. The "loot all" button works as well as ever. Better, I find, because with the unified inventory I don't have the problem of the next loot window opening before the last one closed and offsetting the position of the window a little bit.

      I'm pretty sure Hivemind is incorrect. I was never able to drag items to my ship hold before they've populated with the old system. I think both systems are: Open Wreck > Wait 1-2 seconds for inventory to populate > Click on item in wreck > Ctrl+A > Drag to cargo
      (or: Open Wreck > Wait 1-2 seconds for inventory to populate > Loot All.)

      As an aside, I would like to see the "Loot All" button available without having to wait for the contents of a wreck to be visible. When I'm flying my Noctis, the cargo capacity is (almost) never a limiting factor.

    3. I have to confess I'd forgotten the loot all button existed - I've spent most of my time salvaging for multiple L4 missions between dockings, so I normally use a cargo expanded Noctis and loot everything to a GSC in the hold to make sure I can carry it all. A corpie pointed it out to me yesterday evening, and it does still work.

      My point wasn't that I could previously loot a container before it populated, it's that the new inventory seems to take noticeably longer to populate a container, at least for me. The other point was the old system made the newly opened container the focus for key commands automatically, so as soon as it opened and populated I could just hit ctrl+a to select everything. The new inventory system requires me to click into the window to make it the focus before key commands will work. It's slightly annoying because I'm used to the old system, but it does require more clicks overall as well.

  6. I have no idea what this "improvement" is actually supposed to be fixing. It takes up more space, is still extremely glitchy, adds lag where there was none before and it still has the standard update GUI bugs. Make it's use optional like the captain's quarters. The isk calculator is interesting, but it needs an off switch too. I tried to mess around with reorganizing things in station to see how this new piece of crap could possible improve inventory management. I am still at a loss. The filters would be a handy thing to add to the old style and they need to take the waste of space for the three display options and put them in a right click menu. I would be delirious if they slow us to turn the garbage off, ecstatic if they removed it entirely.

  7. I like the new interface, in principle, but it is slower at loading (because it loads more every time) than the old system. Dragging content around now moves you to the target can on a short mouse-over (not what I want while I'm dragging) and then moves you to the target after you move (also not what I wanted). If I have a window open and then open a new inventory window (e.g. Cargohold from the HUD) it changes my current view to the window I just opened. I wanted *both* open! Yes, there is some learning (and for just moving items around, especially on my Trader alt, it is much better), but the main complaints (at least the ones I consider "main" ;)) are about CCP ignoring the feedback on SiSi and then acting surprised when people don't like what came out.

    If I move a container from the POS to my cargohold the tree view slides down so that I can no longer see my cargohold nor the container I just moved so I have to scroll up.

    Looting takes about 5x longer (we timed it) in that the loot windows take longer to load (again, because it loads more even for simple windows) for everything. The "Loot All" button is still there, but that's not where the issue lies.

    Basically, everything takes *longer* to do. And yes, these were reported while it was on SiSi and rolled out anyways, so your argument there is null and void.

  8. The point is we had posted our feedback for 5 WEEKS on the Sisi test server site about every single problem over and over. One toon even made videos for CCP to show them this disaster in opereation. IT was all utterly ignored.

    Now they just seem mystified that there is a sh**storm about it. It's CCP's own fault.

    This was easily avoidable. All of it.

    It was just the last straw in a string of reasons developed over the past year that has me closing all 4 accounts.

    Have fun playing EVE folks.

    1. I agree that most of the issues had been reported for a while on SiSi and ignored, but if you're closing your accounts over this (which, as Mabrick points out, are being fixed), good riddance.

      Can I have your stuff?

  9. Some of the rage is surely becouse of the change purely, but there are a lot of others whose gameplay has been cluttered. Like when you can't open corp hangars, but before the patch you could, or you can't configure your GSC-s so that whatever you put in shall be unlocked, or that fact that the new Unified Inventory is much slower becouse it wants to load everything on the overview, with it's contetnts, or i can go on, but you can get the idea.
    And all these and more flaws was reported on the SiSi forums. These are major flaws in the system. The new Unified Inventory came out half assed. CCP screwed up again. Most of the rage is becouse of this!


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