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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A little bruhaha in Cloud Ring.

Black Mark resides in Cloud Ring. A few days ago their membership did this:
At the same time, Fatal Ascension's membership did this:
Here's the reason why:
"Black Mark used to own Cloud Ring. They were in the CFC, and made decent allies on our “southern” border for fade / pure blind. Unfortunately for them, they apparently had some serious alliance leadership issues. Last week, they were told to leave Cloud Ring by Goonswarm. They were given a week, during which they still went on ops with us and so forth. Yesterday, they apparently gave FA the finger, after several corporations defected to FA (we only let in a few – apparently some of those who were not part of the problems) and told us they were not leaving. So now we have a civilized war-game going with Test Alliance – we reset each other a week ago for fun and games, AND a “real” war against Black Mark." [1]
So it seems that the PAX Goons is not as tight as some feared it was. Of course, I think Black Mark will loose this fight. FA is too large and can always call for Goon support and Raiden(dot) and the other non-Goon alliances are not putting up much fight these days. Probably because they've had it handed to them on several occasions.

Still, this all has bearing on the whole feasibility of OTEC. There are 7 Technetium moons on Cloud Ring. Five (5) of them are controlled by Black Mark. When they need ISK, they will sell and I bet it won't be for the agreed upon cartel price. Goons will have to take those moons to keep that from happening. Sooner or later, they Goons will overextend themselves and the game will change again. To be sure, I'll be around to see that happen.

Fly careful.

[1] Anonymous sources should remain safely anonymous.

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  1. Controlling Cloud Ring will not overextend the Goons. They controlled it before giving it to FA and Black-Mark, and will simply give it to someone else. There is always another alliance willing to partner with the Goons in exchange for a few Tech moons.


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