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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Let's talk G/UI -or- Please take my poll and pass it on.

I've been thinking about the Unified Inventory question a lot. Specifically, I'm curious as to why some hate it and others like it. I find myself wondering if the difference is in how we interact with our favorite internet spaceship game.

To the right you will find a new poll. Please take the time to add your input. I will post the results next week. I think it will at least give us something to think about.

If you like, please elaborate on your selections in the comments. I for one would like to know why you configure your GUI one way as opposed to another. What are the benefits you get from it. What shortcomings does your configuration address.

*WARNING: shameless request for referrals coming next*

If you would, please pass the link to this post and the poll around the EvE-o-sphere. The more results we get, the better the conversation will be. If I am totally ignored, I will ruin the economy by selling everything for 1 ISK! ...

Only kidding, this is just to quench my own curiosity. Participation is not compulsory. This is not Goonswarm.

Fly careful.


  1. Per your request, I use two monitors, running 2 or 3 instances of Eve in windowed mode so I can easily move between the monitors. I tend to try to keep the center of the screen clear in space with the right side taking the overview, targets, and formerly my hold. The left side is chats and fleets.

    As for the new inventory system... It's slow as hell, which sucks. For simple use it's fine. Shift clicking is ok, I guess. The tree format each screen space which is not good. I'm torn. It's really one of those things that is great for certain use cases and horrible for others. I dabble in missions, exploration, market trading and industry, so this change is a mixed bag so far.

    1. Uh, I don't find the new UI slow at all. It's just as fast as the old one was. But then again, I'm running dual 1GB Nvidia 580GTX cards. I bet there is a rendering/coding issue going on here similar to other video related slowness issues CCP has had in the past. You'd think they'd have that all sorted out by now.

  2. I play on a 37" so I tend to have everything spread out while in space (chat & hold on left, overview on right). In station the screen is pretty much filled with organized chaos.

    At first the new G/UI kind of drove me nuts and I'm still trying to get everything settled to my liking but after an evening I didn't mind too much. I first tried integrating items and ships into the station menu but that felt like wearing shoes on the wrong feet.

    I noticed my salvaging/looting speed isn't as good as it was but I'll get used to it.

  3. The point is we had posted our feedback for 5 WEEKS on the Sisi test server site about every single problem over and over. One toon even made videos for CCP to show them this disaster in opereation. IT was all utterly ignored.

    Now they just seem mystified that there is a sh**storm about it. It's CCP's own fault.

    This was easily avoidable. All of it.

    It was just the last straw in a string of reasons developed over the past year that has me closing all 4 accounts.

    Have fun playing EVE folks.


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