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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My good deed for the day.

Corelin over at Mad Haberdashers wondered about the stupidity of Eve players now that Hulkageddon has started. I can't say that I disagree with him on that one - except it's ignorance if they don't realize something. It's stupidity if they know and do it anyway.

Fortunately ignorance is easily dispelled. It just takes a little effort on the part of the informed.
[ 2012.04.29 18:48:23 ] P**** > Hello Mabrick
[ 2012.04.29 18:48:25 ] Mabrick > Hi. U Bait?
[ 2012.04.29 18:48:34 ] P**** > for what
[ 2012.04.29 18:48:52 ] Mabrick > Hulkageddon started yesterday.
[ 2012.04.29 18:49:07 ] P**** > yipes
[ 2012.04.29 18:49:19 ] P**** > thank you
[ 2012.04.29 18:49:26 ] Mabrick > My pleasure. Good luck!
He warped out of the belt immediately. Interestingly enough, he's been a capsuleer as long as I have. I'm glad I found him first.

BTW, I've set Fancy Hats to bad standing in my contacts Corelin. There'll be no sneaking up on this industrialist. *GRIN*

Fly careful.


  1. awwwwwwww. And at this point you have to be stupid to not know Hulkageddon is going on.

  2. @Mabrick Good for you!

    @ Mad Or just not part of the forum/blogging community. I play Minesweeper every now and then. I have absolutely no idea about any important Minesweeper community events. I don't think that makes me stupid.


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