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Friday, April 13, 2012

Followup to Photon Microprocessor Problem

Last night I jumped into Keiko to make my PI rounds and couldn't resist taking a quick peek at the market to see if anything had change with Photon Microprocessors. Sure enough, someone had dumped about120k of them into the hub a Oursulaert. To make matters worse, they were selling them for about 45k ISK each. That was about 80% of what I'd paid the night before. Needless to say, I was wondering if my observation and theory concerning the Photon Microprocessors might have been a bit of over reaction.

I'd need more followup though before I was willing to admit I'd read things incorrectly. So tonight, I logged in to see what happened to that large uptick in supply.
They were all gone, every last single microprocessor. Purchased at 45k ISK apiece. That was nearly 5b ISK (that's b for a billion) worth of them - snapped up like they were a light snack. The Covert Ops Cloaking Device II uses 20 of them in its construction. When you have 5b ISK worth of microprocessors, that's a lot of cloaking devices. It would take months to run out of stock. Of course, the Helios requires considerably more to manufacture - 110 to be exact. That'll use them up faster but how many Helios can the market absorb? There'd be no margin left with an over supply like that. In fact, wouldn't that be the issue with any ship production? And if these were for ship production, wouldn't we see more purchasing in the other Gallente ship components? That isn't happening. I am pretty certain it isn't about ship production.

Of course, this was only one large buy in one small region and surely things aren't what they seem. I am certain more than a few of you are asking that question. I mean, there is a bit of skeptic in all of us and "who's this Mabrick fellow anyway" I can hear a lot of you asking. If I were in your pod, I might ask the same thing. Fortunately, I have more evidence.

Aura, by Aideron Robotics, is an awesome tool. If you've an Android phone and don't use this app do yourself a favor and install it. Then do us all a favor and donate! Anyway, back to the topic at hand. One of the things I love about Aura is it tracks the market - all regions, at once. The lists can get long and they aren't always 100% up to date (what is?) but it's all there. That and a handy screen capture app named No Root Screen Shot It and you can now see what I see right now (or at least 30 minutes ago or so.)
Now, check my math here, but aren't there fewer Photon Microprocessors on the market everywhere than were purchased in the last 24 hours in Essence alone? Oh, and the sellers are catching on fast. You see that last price in Jufvitte? That's where I sourced Photon Microprocessors two days ago - for less than a third that price. Are you still skeptical?

Fly careful.

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