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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Followup on Moon Goo manipulation possibility - another industrialist weighs in.

I said in my Thursday post, Minerals might not be the only thing to worry about, that I could not see any definitive evidence either way as to whether or not some entity was manipulating the moon goo components used in manufacturing Photon Microprocessors. I think that today we do. Over on A Scientist's Life in Eve, a fellow industrialist noticed the decidedly decreased volume of Nanotransistors available at Jita. Have a look for yourself:

Fly careful.


  1. I'll give you my opinion, for what that's worth.

    The big picture in the Eve economy is that production is about to go down. Less gunmining, less botting. Less stuff will be made.

    At the same time mineral prices will rise.

    So everything else is going to get cheaper. Constant moon goo and less stuff being made should cause cheaper moon goo.

    Not only that but there's a hint of moon goo becoming a rare mining drop.

    These manipulations are the last dying spasms of some of the clever monopolists in Eve attempting to cash out their stockpiles.

    If you can wait them out you will be able to buy moon goo related products at market crash prices within 3 months.

    1. Update: I was wrong about this. Completely wrong. Tech is going up. Akita T, regarded as one of the best posters in the Eve O Market forums confirmed what Goons have been saying (which I thought was a troll) that universal stocks of Technetium have run out and The Mittani has announced a Tech cartel.

      Oh dear.


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