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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Crime really doesn't pay!

"So, the tl;dr of this is:
  • We're going to take all your stuff if you cheat
  • Buy PLEX, don't be a space butt
  • We're keeping an eye on all sorts of fun places to pull numbers and graphs from and we'll provide them in a separate blog
  • We love you if you don't cheat"
- CCP Sreegs

It's easy to mistake someone else's game play style for a crime against our beloved EvE. Whether your a ganker, carebear, PvPer or whatnot - I've no doubt nearly everyone reading this has had mean thoughts concerning players of diametrically opposed styles. It's only human. It's okay.

The true crime against our beloved game comes from those that would subvert it for their own selfish reasons. By this I mean those who use bots, those that sell ISK for real money (RTM) and those that support them. The same deleterious effects Ponzi schemers and counterfeiters have on the real world economy, BOT users and Real Money Traders visit upon honest, hard working capsuleers in the New Eden.

I am very happy that CCP takes the elimination of these parasites seriously. CCP Sreegs' blog post from today leaves no doubt about that!
"We fully intend to twist the knife on these kinds of operations and will utilize whichever mechanism we believe will cause them the most pain."
He went on to discuss reported false positives from their identification process.
"While there were reports of false positives related to this event, thus far every single valid "false" positive we've investigated was tagged because they had actually done something wrong, in most cases purchasing an account illegally or enabling RMT sellers via providing them with "loans". This is completely unacceptable behavior and in each instance thus far the purchased accounts were left closed and the loaned isk remained frozen."
I especially like the statement to which I've added emphasis. I couldn't have said it better. Just because EvE is a no-holds-barred gaming environment, behavior that can demolish the game itself is completely unacceptable. I make my EvE livelihood relying on a fair and balanced economy. So do every one of you. We all buy and sell on the same market. If it suffers hyperinflation we all lose. I applaud CCP's actions. Well done!

To outline what CCP is doing for all those that haven't read CCP Sreeg's blog:
  • Identified accounts can never be legally traded or sold
  • The banning process will occur daily
  • All illicit gains will be confiscated
  • Perma-bans for all ISK sellers and supporters without warning
  • ISK buyers will have all illicit ISK confiscated even if it leaves them with a negative balance
In summary, CCP Sreegs had this to say,
"Neither RMT nor bot-related activity have any place in New Eden any longer and the security team is willing to play chicken as long as it takes to get that message across."
Go get 'em security team! Don't forget to overheat!

Fly careful.


  1. I agree completely and to the people whining that the bots are necessary for the economy at this point, CCP has an in-house economist, I'm guessing he is aware of the extent of botting and its implications. It may not be easy, but it will create lots of market opportunities for players so we can deal with it.

  2. But crime does pay, don't you read my material? Oh, you mean -real- crime. But CCP says EVE is Real... I must contemplate this further. I heard what they do now if they catch you doing RMT is slide your wallet to the negative value of whatever it is you bought. There was a screenshot of a dude's account wallet at negative 72 billion or some such, and I think it was the leader of Pandemic Legion? Don't quote me on that, but it's worth looking up. Alliance leadership is getting nailed hard all around by this RMT stuff because they're in the best position to sell their isk for real money.


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