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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I hope to hear from Fanfest 2012.

There's a shiny new Quafe Ultra edition Iteron 4 parked in my hanger. He's all red and gold; sleek and dark. When the hanger lights glint off him in just that way, I shiver. He's beautiful. I certainly won't fly him considering what a ganker magnet they've become, but I do love spinning him.

I hope it's the start of more beautiful things to come. I'll likely watch the keynote addresses, but I bought the live stream for the ship. I bought it for the way the gold highlights the shimmering redness of it. I wanted the ship and it was easy to get. It cost less than a couple lunches at the brewery down the street from work. I can take a PBJ to work for two days.

That's what I hope to see come out of Fanfest this year. No, not the PBJ - ship skins! I don't want no stinkin' clothes. That was a ridiculous pipe dream to pull in the other 50% of the population. Clothes alone won't do that but that's another post. I don't want golden bullets either. I want customized ship skins that'll make me weep for the beauty of them. I want my own logo instead of the Gallente Federation's. I work for myself. I want the universe to know it. Not with the heat of my guns, but with the wealth in my pocket and the means to show it off.

We already know Dust 514 will be F2P. CCP is obviously going to use the model I wrote about here. That includes micro-transactions. And they aren't just for DUST 514. The HD live feed is a micro-transaction. How many of us paid for it? How many of us would do it again because it's cheaper than a plane ticket to Iceland? How many of us would pay a similar amount of money for a customized ship skin?

Actually, for a skin that dies with the ship I'd probably not pay so much. However, I'd forego an Americano with room for such a skin. I could do that a lot actually - every day of the week practically. And as many have said, CCP (and us too since we play their game) would benefit greatly from the revenue stream. So I am hopeful. The technology is falling into place. All CCP needs to do is commit. I'm hoping they will at this year's Fanfest. How about if CCP?

The ship is so beautiful...
Fly careful.

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