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Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's the (not so) little things making me smile.

On March thirteenth we get the next installment in the "fix EvE" campaign. What got my attention most was this blog by CCP karkur. In it he made this statement,
"A number of you wanted to be able to drag a blueprint over to the Quickbar and get a folder with all the materials needed for that blueprint. 
When I started implementing this, I felt the ability to drag inventory items to the Quickbar was sorely missing, so I added that first. Then I found that there was a small problem with non-market items, as they were not allowed in the Quickbar. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to bookmark such items to do "Show info" on them later, or search for them in contracts? Well, now you can add them like any other items, by dragging them over to the Quickbar or by using the right click menu. They will be greyed out so there should be no confusion why you cannot load the market details for them."
ZOMG, will that make life easier or what! So often we get so wrapped up in the meta-game, and the big picture, we completely forget the best things are the little things - even if they aren't so little. These improvements are huge to an Industrialist's play style. Thank you CCP karkur and the entire Team Avatar for your efforts. Bravo!

Still, I'd like to add one more wish to this list. It'd be a really cool thing if not only could we drag inventory items to the Quickbar, but we could have a Buy All feature. This change will make it easier to see all the components needed for a BPO, but we still have to locate and buy items individually. Sometimes I don't care where an item is or even how much it'll cost so long as it's the lowest cost I can get. Then there are the times I'm in Jita or Dodixie. I already know the prices are good. I just want to make the purchases and get on with business.

This Buy All feature should have a couple of presets. One preset would be a filter for distance. It would work the same as the Buy order setup. A second filter would set system security prerequisites. This would be a min security and max security setting. It would allow Carebears to only buy in hi-sec and those that are sec status challenged to stay out of systems where Concord might take offense.

So how about it Team Avatar? Do you think a Buy All feature is possible?

Fly careful.

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