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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Goons did screw up - if not for all the reasons I gave.

Back in October, I said the Goons Screwed Up on their Ice interdiction. This is not something I've forgotten to follow up on. As an industrialist whose fortunes are tied directly to the markets, I have a vested interest in such power plays. I've had my ear to the ground concerning this and my efforts seem to have brought a sort of confirmation. This report comes from a safely anonymous source because I don't want to threaten his current position. I  trust him, and always will trust him, with my life - literally. He's an honorable man, a vet and a brother. I share bonds with him that transcend blood.

But I know that means little to you, the skeptical reader. Just so you know that he knows what he's talking about, here is what he told me yesterday (emphasis mine) about the recent BDEAL story.
"About 6 weeks ago, <redacted> leadership came to us and said that BDEAL was about to crater and fall apart, and that it appeared that TEST was unhappy with them. The decision was made to leave BDEAL and Fountain."
He's in it up to his gun turrets. He knows what's going on. In his own words, "yes, we are Goonswarm pets, sadly." So, without further adieu, here is what he told me about the Ice interdiction.
"...the interdiction cost them a lot, and they were [sic] evaluating it. Even though they had null-sec ice (and Deklein where they live has Amazing sec status systems (-.75, -.80, -.92) – ours in <redacted> and <redacted> pale by comparison (-.25, -.03, -.07)), they still paid bounties, and they were apparently affected by the higher prices too."
He went on to say,
"...they postponed and are debating whether to ever do another ice interdiction until they evaluate the impact it had on the alliance and how much it cost. Seems it hurt them too. They are also apparently waiting on the price of oxy isotopes to drop below $1000."
Since isotope prices are already below 1000 ISK, I have to put more weight on "the impact it had on the alliance" portion of his statement. This has evidently caused a fair amount of disagreement within the Goons. In fact, it may be the key reason Hulkageddon has been in a state of information blackout. Could it be the Goons are tired of the cost and the bad reputation it's bringing them? Okay, they probably only regret the cost. I can understand that. I'm an industrialist.

But the fact remains, the Goons did screw up. Now it only remains to be seen if they screw up again.

Fly carefully.

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