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Monday, March 26, 2012

All in a day's work.

Business had been busy lately. I'd needed to make a Jita run for several weeks but just hadn't had the time. It seemed every time I had the time, something came up that needed my direct attention and the run got put off again. Saturday I swore I'd get there regardless of interruptions, distractions or plain old tom-foolery.

But first, I decided to take a spin around the home system and see what was up. I jumped into Space Ghost II and soon had scanner probes blanketing the system.
There were only two results that really interested me. One was the WH. I always find them interesting. The other was the radar anomaly: a Serpentis Minor Shipyard. Not only do radar sites often have decent loot, this one required me to go all the way to 0.25 AU with my probes. That is very unusual. I activated warp and visited the radar site first. Fireworks greeted me.
No, it wasn't rats. Another capsuleer was already clearing the site. If I'd just been a few minutes sooner... I had to know who my competition was. The overview gave me my answer.
You use a Loki for 0.8 sec radar anomalies Caterpil? Really? REALLLLLY? I'd have run it with Space Ghost II and my single drone. Why the hell do you need a Loki? Talk about swatting flies with cannonballs. At least I still had a WH to check out. I reactivated my warp drive and made my way to it.
My database showed this particular type of wormhole leads to a class 3 system. It was probably occupied. I figured I'd check it out anyway. I jumped through to the other side.
The system on the other side was a regular star system and didn't play havoc with my ship's systems. It was less than 20 AU across and my directional scanner could reach even the most distant planet. D-scan quickly confirmed my guess as to occupancy. Care to guess where the POS was? Actually, there were two: one at the fourth planet and one at the fifth. There were also several ships in system. I wanted to know if they were piloted or not. D-scan soon told me all the ships in system were at the outermost POS. Making sure they were unoccupied was my next goal. I warped to the first moon of two. I was not in a direct line of flight between any known bodies within the system. That would hopefully keep me out of warp bubbles. I also landed a good distance away. Some of the ship types I'd noticed could have considerable range. If I hit a bubble and decloaked, I'd be toast. I was glad I did but not because of bubbles or trouble. The view was awesome!
Now isn't that a site to bring tears to your eyes? I mean, think of all the ISK to be made selling them fuel and ammo! I watched long enough to know that none of the ships were manned. It looked like I'd come in during their sleep cycle. 

I didn't know if there were any cloakies about though. Before I popped probes I wanted to see if there was anything worth scanning down. A few seconds later I had my answer: nothing. The system was very well maintained. Whoever lived here probably groomed it daily for the loot. I figured there was no sense popping probes when there was no safe place to do it from and probably no anomalies to make the risk worth it. I still had a Jita run to make so I headed home. 

After I reshipped, I began the journey to Jita. On the way there, as often happens, I approached a gate sporting a Concord tiara. You know the type I mean - the ones that result from someone committing a criminal act and being "not tolerated" into radioactive dust?
Anyway, it didn't concern me and I continued on my way. Not much later I was leaving Jita: my business complete and a cool 50 million ISK richer for the journey.
Getting out of Jita is always interesting isn't it? I made my way home and docked up for the night. Later that evening, I read about this incident from Kane Rizzel. I went through that exact gate 9 minutes and 3 seconds before Keira.
[ 2012.03.24 22:29:01 ] (None) Jumping to Stargate (Hatakani) in Kassigainen solar system
I have to agree with Kane. Always fit a tank. Life in New Eden is dangerous and fate is a fickle bitch.

Fly careful.

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  1. Reminds me of when I had an autocannon hurricane instagib me on a gate near Amarr while I was hauling a few tech 2 component blueprints in my Merlin. He ended up with something like a 25-30 million isk killmail, and in return lost his hurricane and standings. It confused me more than anything.


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