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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Profit and bureaucrats.

It's been a busy time for Industrialists in New Eden. War seems to loom on every front from null-sec to disputed low-sec systems. Even hi-sec space lanes seem to suffer from a resurgence of pirates and privateers. Profits have never been as high - nor the risks.

Fortunately, this industrialist seems to live a charmed life. I've successfully dealt with an Angel Cartel problem and pirates have been elsewhere wherever I've jumped. Of course, I've managed to avoid low-sec for the most part and that helps. I have no disillusions that will hold true.

But until that inevitable bad day comes, I continue to take care of business and business is certainly good these days. Mineral prices are up and I've actually had a chance to go back to my roots as a miner. However, these days I can't take days at a time to strip-mine belts. With more business comes more juggling and multitasking becomes a requirement and time a luxury.

Luckily I can mange a lot of business while surrounded by 'roids. I just can't be distracted with swapping crystals and running back and forth to the station whenever the hold fills with ore. I've never been one for jet can mining. The temptation is just too great for the weak minded. So, my solution is this:
It's the next best thing to BOT mining. I've plenty hold space (135,000 cubic meters!) so trips back to the station are unnecessary. I can park meters away from a mineral laden 'roid and let my five Tech 2 mining drones take care of everything. Certainly I could mine faster in Blue Bucket, my Hulk, but he's a demanding ship and requires near constant attention. Having the time to take care of remote orders and jobs while still pulling in this much gravimetric goodness...
...makes my industrialist eyes wheal with tears. Oh, did I mention that a little exploration goes a long way to making this endeavor truly profitable? Words cannot adequately express the satisfaction of watching such profitable rocks steadily accumulate. I didn't even mind sharing with the one capsuleer who showed up in his Hulk to take a share. As I worked on other matters, he went back to the station twice. I almost mined as much by remote - assuming his Hulk was cargo fit.
In other divisions, PI operations are going apace regardless of the new taxes. I finally had enough Wetware Mainframes on hand that I needed to move them to market. There is only one market for such a commodity. It looks like this.
Recognize the system? Haven't got it yet? Well, here is a sample of local chatter to help you out.
Now if that doesn't give it away you're either a noob or you've been in null-sec your entire capsuleer career. It's Jita of course. Of all the solar systems in New Eden, this one holds a special place in my heart as I've said before. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy... at least not in this universe. I docked up without delay and began selling the Wetware Mainframes. War certainly is good for profits. I was glad to see price increase holding since my last big sell.
That's the best gross profit I've seen to date. It tops my previous best by 141,868,305.76 ISK and that isn't chump change. That's an additional 345,670.7644 ISK per Wetware Mainframe and an additional 2,128,024.5864 ISK per day's PI production. But was it enough to offset the tax increase leveled by idiot bureaucrats hell bent on driving all industrialists out of empire space?
No, it wasn't. It falls 100,737,387.19 ISK short. Asshole government revenuers, in the language of my generation: UP YOURS!

Fly careful.

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