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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Low-sec delivery.

"Boys and girls take warning, if you go near the lake
Keep your eyes wide open, and look for sneaky snake
Now maybe you won't see him, and maybe you won't hear
But he'll sneak up behind you, and drink all of your root beer!"
Sneaky Snake by Tom T. Hall

Say hello to the latest addition to the stables.
Sneaky Snake
I've considered buying a Viator for some time. However, I bought an Occator, Cab-over Pete, first because it had larger hauling capacity. I also wanted to get my cloaking skills to level V before making the purchase. I've had my skills to level V for several months now and could have purchased it at any time. I just didn't have the impetus. Then this came along.
As I've been working on my Federation standing I wanted the mission. But I had no ship that would haul that much and still have a good chance of crossing two low-sec systems. Instant impetus resulted.

I decided to purchase at Dodixie where I'd seen some fairly good Viator prices recently. Imagine my surprise when I got there and there wasn't a Viator left in the entire region. Yeah, the prices were that good I guess. Maybe I remember wrong. Regardless, the prices in Genesis and Verge Vendor were unappealing. Some of my modules were also at home and I wanted to fit them before I left to accept the mission. I ended up buying the ship at Algogille. I picked up most of the remaining modules in Oursulaert and the final two in Yona. Who knew shopping could be so hard. If I hadn't waited for impetus, I could have picked up everything at Jita for 10 million ISK less. Oh well, support the local economy I always say (especially when impulse buying!)
Soon I was on my way to Jovainnon with a very full hold and a fast cloaky. I have thought about turning off the jump warning lately but that strikes me as a very un-carebear sort of behavior. It'd be the same as unchecking the option to travel only in hi-sec regardless of route length. It's not like fuel costs anything unless you own a POS. Maybe I'll turn the warning off for Griefergeddon... providing HB ever surfaces again...

When I jumped into Hevrice there were two pilots in local. Neither were at the gate unless cloaked. I hit warp and recloaked a second later. I was off to the races without a bleep on the instruments and they'd not catch me at a 9 AU warp. I hit the gate to Joviannon and immediately jumped.

There was no one in local. I had a clean shot to the station and I took it. I was docked less than a minute later. I contacted Agent Gere and completed the mission. Just as the cargo handlers removed the last crate from my hold, one of the capsuleers from Hevrice showed up in local. Was he looking for me? I know they had to see me in Hevrice local. The last thing I wanted was to get pinned against the station where my cloak couldn't engage. Sneaky Snake is fast but thin skinned like his namesake.

I slammed the hatched shut and undocked. There was no one nearby as I selected the gate and mashed the warp button. I was gone and cloaked before anyone arrived to spoil my day. I landed on the gate and was still alone in space. Whatever the others were doing, they were either cloaked themselves or not interested in intercepting me. To bad for them. A Tornado could one-shot Sneaky Snake easily enough. The gate activated.

I made haste for the next out gate. I didn't encounter the other fellow but that didn't keep the adrenalin from flowing. Not knowing where they are is worse than knowing IMO. I hit the out gate and didn't wait to find out. Soon I was home and ready for a nightcap. It took two before I fell asleep.

Fly careful.

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