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Thursday, February 23, 2012


I like to keep this blog about EvE Online. That's why I started it. That's mainly what I'm interested in pontificating about. But I have to stray somewhat this week. To those who like their EvE reading pure, I apologize. However, this week's Jerk of the Week, or I should say Jerks of the Week, has a direct baring on us, the gamer. Why? Because it has happened in our game too. It happened last summer. It resulted in a perma-ban (that was not so perma it turns out.) What am I on about? Read this article and find out.

So, this week's Jerk of the Week award goes to all those piss-ants who "humiliated, defiled, and verbally attacked" Jennifer Hepler. I hope every single one of you are hauled into court, held accountable for your unacceptable behavior and then banned from the online gaming community forever. I doubt that last is very likely, but hopefully Bio-ware will follow through on the promise.

This more than anything else is why I see noob griefers as extremely bad for EvE Online. It is a short stroll from that behavior to the behavior outlined in Gamespot two days ago. The same personality type commits both actions. I think of Helicity Boson as the poster child for that. People exhibiting such behavior may think they are just having fun or using acceptable Internet slang, but it is nevertheless wrong. That behavior is unacceptable anywhere and I will not give it consent through silence.

In a world that comes electronically closer and closer every day, we cannot abide such behavior from those with whom we associate. If you accept this even once, you give your consent for it to happen again. The abusers will take your silence for agreement. They will continue to heap their verbal vomit upon undeserving developers and players alike, and endangering the game we all love in the process.

Fly careful.


  1. Posted for Bel Amar

    @bel_amar mentioned you: @Mabrick A reply to this Can't reply on your blog, as I don't have appropriate accounts with this char and you have no non account based posting options. In any case, your black and white approach to the situation completely misses something. I joined EVE /because/ it offers the behaviour you dislike. I don't scam, but I enjoy knowing that people can scam me. That's more interesting than any NPC. I don't gank miners, but when I did mine, I enjoyed the fact that I had to be on edge. That stuff MAKES the game for me. You want to present it in simple black and white and declare that it's all bad, but it's simply not like that. And quite frankly, EVE is one of the only places I can find a game that offers me that. You can find overly protective MMOs everywhere, but EVE is unique and special. And you effectively want to call the element I enjoy wrong, and tell me that the only game that offers it shouldn't do so because it's "BAD". Your moral campaigning on the "new players behalf" completely ignores the fact that your perspective is not global, and that you are trying to trash a mode of gameplay that can't be found anywhere else

    1. I appreciate your point of view and I too like being on edge. I just don't think that will take EvE subscriber level to the next level. I also believe that if subscriber level don't increase, EvE will die a slow lingering death. Then you won'y have any game that does what you like. I don't want protection for all who don't care to be on edge. I only want protection for new players until they know what they've gotten themselves into and appreciate how cool that is. As things are now, many new players leave before they learn to love the harsh reality of EvE. That is what I consider wrong. Just don't kill the noobs unless they shoot first. A little self-restraint on the part of veteran players is all I ask. Is that so much to sacrifice if it means subscriber levels go up and EvE thrives?


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