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Thursday, February 16, 2012


I'll let the noob victim, Aayla Reyvar, speak for herself this week. You can find the post this came from here.
"I just don't get it. I really want to like this game. Amazing graphics, one of the better space travel MMO's I've played.. but its just not happening. I can forgive the fact that I rarely actually do anything because the game does it all on its own. I can forgive the fact that I can only level one character at a time. I can even forgive the fact that it's going to take months before I'm capable of really doing anything at all, no matter how much I play.
What I can't forgive is the total inability to actually play the game. I'm new. I have a crappy ship. Granted, its the best I can get.. the destroyer and industrial Gallente ships given by the intro missions that is. I go out, try making money by mining. Read up on guides, decide to try it out. After all, its about the only thing I can do at this point. Put a few mining lasers on my destroyer and go jetcan mining.. next thing I know some guy makes off with all my stuff. Knew that was a gamble, but really.. the only other way to mine takes too long to be remotely feasible. 
So I keep going, figure it's probably a freak thing.. after all, who would go mining if that happened all the time? Next thing I know, some guy comes up in a ship that is triple my destroyer in every way.. picks up all my stuff, then warp scrambles me for an hour and puts himself on follow so I can't even play. Wow, what an ass right?
Third time's the charm? Nope. Some guy pops up with a yellow name. Figure I'd better go get my industrial ship and get my stuff to base this time. So, I get back.. pick up my stuff.. and he warp scambles me and two shot's my industrial ship from 25k away.
What am I doing wrong? How do you play this game? I'd love to like it.. but at this rate its so incredibly new player unfriendly (and that's being kind) that I'm amazed anyone even bothered. I haven't even left noob island and I'm being harassed, robbed, and murdered by people in tech II ships that I don't even have a chance against. 
Flame if you want, but keep in mind that new players are the lifeblood of MMO's. This kind of activity isn't in any way good." (Emphasis mine.)
I couldn't have said it better. What is the lesson in scramming someone for an hour? They don't even know to log off! Back then that would have worked. Now even that doesn't. And yes, she'd probably managed to set aggression. Taking advantage of a person's ignorance to claim "they did it first" is juvenile - grow up.

I'd like to say her luck got better. It didn't.
"So, I finally bought a brand new cruiser. Been working on it for several weeks. Nonstop harassment from other players, thieves taking everything I manage to mine, jetcan swapping and killing me when I attempt to loot my own ore, warp scrambling and trying to ransom me.. Easily the worst experience I've ever had in any game. But hey, it all paid off in the end right?
No. Not really. Took that new cruiser out and cleared out a pirate base for fun. Start salvaging all the ships, and someone else warps in and starts salvaging all my stuff. They of course turn aggressive, and I figure I'll use my shiny new cruiser to stop them. I've had enough, and won't be pushed around in my little weakling mining frigate anymore. Next thing I know a security ship warps into the system and one shots my cruiser.
I've no idea what happened, what went wrong. They stole from me, I shot, and I'm the bad guy? Where were those police guys when I was being bullied nonstop for the last few days? Nothing in this game makes any sense.." (Emphasis mine.)
"Bullied nonstop for the last few days." "BULLIED NONSTOP FOR THE LAST FEW DAYS." This is how this noob sees capsuleers. We're all a bunch of bullies. And some people defend this sort of game play? How tragic is that? BTW, the jerk-wad came back and did it again the next day when she used that goon's 50 million ISK donation to buy another cruiser as he suggested (it's in the comments if you didn't get that far.) So, who is the jerk who finally brought out the bully label you ask?
Io Remnant - more ink than brains.
What a dip-shit. This jerk seems to make it his sole task to grief noobs. Don't believe it? That a look at this list and believe. Seven (7) of his last ten (10) kills were noobs who've become capsuleers since the New Year. Of the three non-noob kills one was a repeat. To echo Aayla, what an ass.

Fly careful Io Remnant - I'll be watching for you...


  1. On the one hand, it's a bit of a necro pulling up a thread from Sept of last year. On the other hand the guy seems to be a legitimate bagadouche.

    However I should point out some information you gloss over. Cans aren't secure. In fact you have to "Jettison" the material which should hint at it being non-secure and the tutorial even tells you these days. It didn't in mine.

    There is also a warning when you steal from another player's can. I know this because I'm a ebil can flipper myself on slow days. Like today in fact. Also patches like to reset all my settings so i get warnings even if I've turned them off a dozen times. *le sigh*

    Finally there are several guides to making money early on, and almost all of them tell you that can-mining is just a terrible idea. Failing that there's always the belt protection services of my corp, keeping the belts clean of the filthy navigational hazards known as jet-cans.

    The word has been put out, don't can mine. This guy was several months old and could have been tagging along in missions with more experienced people, or mining in organized ops which are far less hazardous.

    Now all of this doesn't excuse the douchebaggery of the griefer. Preying on someone to that extent, especially going AFK with him scrammed, is really awful, there's ways around it, especially if you are in a corp, but man, that might actually have been worth a petition.

  2. I always wonder what type of asshat, griefs new players like this. When I came back to the game and was working on getting my main back, I had started some new Alts that were doing some mining and I had several players in tech 2 ships literally try this shit against my new Alts who were in basically noob frigates. I mean really? Do you think I am a challenge in my noob ship to your tech 2 jaguar? Of course I knew not to can flip back, so what did these stellar players do? The went and got autocannons fitted thrashers and wtfbbq's my noob mining frigate and promptly get concordokkened.... Btw that's my word from back in 2004 I should have copywrited it.

    Definitely there are some ass-hats in the game, I may at some point go back to griefing the griefer, but I am having too much fun out in 0.0 with my main at the moment and empire seems so far away.


  3. First off, I would so love to be able to hunt down and destroy griefers like that on behalf of new players, and show those people what real PvP looks like. Wel I wrote a whole piece on that subject for the last blog banter.

    In terms of constructive advice: I started a second account some time ago - a miner - and I was all by myself. What I did was, make a bookmark far off the warp-in point for the belt, anchor secure containers there (you know, with passwords) and put my mined ore into those. Once finished, I came back in a hauler and took the ore out.

    Jetcan mining is only advisable if you have a friend along who can immediately take everything from your container. Doing it alone is asking for trouble.

  4. The new player got told to *stop ignoring the warning boxes* and could not have POSSIBLY read anything to do with aggression mechanics yet STILL got their ass handed to them for doing exactly that.

    It's telling his/her second rage is about someone "stealing" their salvage. Well boo fucking hoo. That player needs to know straight away that salvage is to be competed for. Instead of "poor little babby, have some ISK."

    Whereas I will agree that someone who follows new players around and attacks them (and no, it is NOT griefing, since griefing is defined as actions outside normal gameplay) needs their head examining, the new player needs to know that Eve is a game where *this behaviour is allowed* and should frankly harden the fuck up.

    That player was handed money, advice and resources and took NONE of it to hand and learned nothing.

    That player is my new "RotW"

    Retard of the week.


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