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Thursday, February 9, 2012


The Jerk of the Week [1] isn't all that experienced at only 424 days old. However, she makes up for that with a truly thoughtless act perpetrated in Amarr. Not only did this cowardly capsuleer pop a noob not even 24 hours old who was flying a mining fit Velator, she popped the same noob four minutes later who was then flying the freebie Velator! It's bad enough that she attacked a capsuleer with no skills whatsoever, but to lie in wait and do it again as the noob tries to learn EVE garners this thoughtless waste of pod goo extra special Jerk of the Week status.
Calasian - Thoughtless Hag
The only lesson this thoughtless act was teaching was, "leave EVE, we don't want you here." That infuriates me. Perhaps this noob is an alt of a null-sec warlord or perhaps it isn't. Who can tell? Well it's obvious to me.. An alt wouldn't have a civilian mining laser fit Velator would she? There'd be some funds transferred and I'm sure such an alt would have a better fit ship. It's just a rationalization to make up excuses for this sort of bad behavior on the part of Calasian. This noob may walk away from EVE because one idiot decided to sit outside a hi-sec station and repeatedly pop rookie frigates with day old pilots at the helm. How is that even fun?

Calassian, if you are that bored with EVE why don't you go back to WoW where the kiddies might teach you how to grow up while your there.

Fly careful and watch our for the thoughtless hag Calasian.

[1] For those who have questioned, let me make this disclaimer so there is no confusion. This is an EVE blog with a certain amount of role play involved. Mabrick, the carebear industrialist, is very upset that griefers use noobs for target practice. The human playing Mabrick believes this is all an integral part to a great game and harbors no ill will towards the human running the miscreant. I'll gladly buy that person a beer next time we're both in the same bar at the same time.

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