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Thursday, February 2, 2012


He's been a capsuleer for 936 days. His victim was 6 days old. To get this kill, he had to travel to the noob birth place of Cistuvaert. It's probably the only place he could get a kill. The noob was flying a Velator and one of his high slots was a mining laser. He had nothing in the mids and lows. Who is the "brave" pilot who dared take down this 6-day old veteran flying a no-fit rookie ship? Why it was none other than...

louis roscommon
Did it take you those extra 930 days to work up enough courage louis? Or, is it simply that you don't really know how to PvP? Perhaps you are one of those losers who hangs around the station in Cistuvaert begging for fake pew-pew from everyone. Are you so desperate for recognition that you believe popping a Velator piloted by a capsuleer not even out of trial will get you some?

Well, in that one thing you are correct. Here's your recognition. You're a jerk. You're a baby killer. Why don't you pew-pew with someone who has a chance against you. Your Taranis could have tanked that Velator all day long. Why'd you have to grief the noob? You endanger the future if EVE with such thoughtlessness.You're pathetic.

Fly careful and watch out for louis roscommon, the baby killer.

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