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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Space Ghost is for real.

After attending to PI business last night I decided to undock Space Ghost, my Helios, for a scan of the system. I got two blips on the results. That was just right. I had about 30 minutes until some invention jobs became ready for retrieval.

The first site I scanned down was a Serpentis radar site. There was only one data cache and it proved to be nothing of note.

I hoped the second site was a better use of my time. I quickly had a K162 scanned down. As usual, I used pjharvey's guide on wormholes to try and identify it. I decided it was a W2.

What do you know, I was right! It was a small system but a quick look at the six (6) customs offices showed at least 3 corporations in the system. Yeah, I love that new feature. There may be no local, but between corporation IDs on customs offices, DOTLAN and EVEWho I get a fairly good idea of who I'm dealing with when I enter a wormhole. I decided I'd err on the side of caution this time.

D-scan told me there were 2 towers and an Orca in system. There was only one planet out of D-scan range of most of the rest of the system so I started there of course. I warped to the third moon of the system to find it unoccupied.  That meant the other two had to have the towers. I warped to moon #1.

I almost hit a warp disruption bubble. I didn't de-cloak so I don't think I actually hit it. Still, I vectored off and but some distance between me and the bubble. 

It took some time to get a clearer perspective.

It turned out to be two bubbles. On the other side was a Caldari tower. To one side was another bubble. I didn't see any other bubbles but I'd seen enough. The Orca wasn't at this tower. I decided to check out the other tower.

I landed over 200km from the Minmatar tower. There were no bubbles in site so I warped into visual range.

It's a nice setup, obviously geared for pills and PI. The Orca was also there but no capsuleers in sight. Of course, they could have been cloaked, just as I was. I decided I'd seen enough and started to head for home. That's when one of the artillery batteries alpha-obliterated Space Ghost.
  Listener: Mabrick
  Session Started: 2012.01.05 05:22:30
[ 2012.01.05 05:22:30 ] (combat) <color=0xffbb6600>Small Artillery Battery belonging to Wormhole Industries places an excellent hit on you, inflicting 1129.9 damage.
Space Ghost is for real a ghost now. As I warped my pod back to the wormhole to return home, I tried to figure you what happened. There were no ships around. There were no objects to de-cloak me. All I can figure is that I inadvertently hit a command on my ship's console (read user-keyboard error) and de-cloaked my ship by accident. How stupid is that? No, don't answer that! I already know.


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  1. Warp bubbles themselves won't decloak a ship, only the hardware in the middle of them can do that, so don't worry about flying in to the edge of one. Or, indeed, through one.

    As for losing your ship, sorry to hear that. Our corp has lost a fair few ships to mystery decloaking incidents. I think some are due to flying through a deadspace signature or structure when entering warp and not realising it interfered with the cloak and deactivated it. At least, not until the next tower we land at starts shooting, much as you found out.


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