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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just taking care of business.

I've been busy taking care of relations lately. I ran Space Ghost II two days ago and came up with exactly one anomaly. It turned out to be a wormhole leading off into W2 space.

Since there was nothing else I decided to have a look. It was nothing special. It was an average system with average planets. On the head's up the customs offices were corporation tagged so I knew it was an occupied system.

I took a quick look at the local orbital configuration. The last planet had a dozen and a half moons and it was out of d-scan range of anything else. That'd be where the tower was. I warped to lucky 13 and quickly identified the moon with the tower - no probes needed.

These folks were serious about their defense but they had no bubbles up. With so many approach points from all the moons of this particular planet it would have been futile. They invested their ISK in more cannon, etc. After losing Space Ghost the original to an inadvertent de-cloak and very similar defenses, and seeing no sign of activity inside or outside the shields, I turned for home where I had a business to run.


Early the next day I probed the home system again. The previous night's wormhole was gone but two more took its place. There was also a Serpentis Lookout on scan. I'm looking to increase my credibility with the Federation so decided to take it out with Brutus.

I arrived at the gate to see a Heron sitting next to it. I activated the gate anyway and sure enough, it'd already been cleared out. That goes to show you, you got to get up pretty early but unfortunately my pre-capsuleer circadian rhythm is set much later than most other capsuleers. That is both good and bad. It's bad in that the juicy stuff is typically gone. It's good in that there aren't many traffic jams at the gates that late - if you know what I mean.

Having determined the Serpentis were no longer a threat, I swapped back into Space Ghost two and departed to make my R and D circuit. Four of my agents are in Gallente space where my standing is excellent. One of them, though at a Gallente station, is several jumps into Caldari space. This is becoming a bit of a problem. It seems that in the brashness of my youth I'd interfered in State business a few times. The Caldari have no sense of humor and hold grudges forever.

It also didn't help that this time, I got a job offer to retrieve some reports from Reblier. The two Rifters and the Thrasher sitting on the hi-sec side of the Reblier gate had no chance of catching Space Ghost II before he cloaked and sped away. The Federation was very pleased with the timeliness in which I completed their request. The Caldari State on the other hand seems to now have me on a watch list. Anytime I do anything for my own people they hold it against me.

I've been putting off correcting this issue for a while. Now I'd better start doing something about it. I'm just going to have to try and ingratiate myself to them. As such, I located one of their smaller mining corporations and got a low ranking agent to finally talk to me. Did I mention Caldari hold grudges forever?

He explained they had recently had a station taken out by an asteroid. Fortunately, the asteroid's core turned out to have ore valuable than the station or the employees they lost. And I thought the Amarr were cold hearted. I fetched Blue Bucket, my Hulk, and was soon looking at the wrecked station.

In no time I had the rare ore in my hold and not long after that a little more ISK in my wallet. Good will from the Caldari will be a lot harder to obtain. I have a feeling this is going to take awhile. You know, I can always find another R&D agent who's not in Caldari space. Jita on the other hand cannot move. This'll have to be done, even if working with the somber-faced Caldari could drain the fun out of just about anything.

Fly careful.

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